It’s the first Friday of Fall. Wow.

Could midtown have had more traffic, with a Tech game, the Kaiser Permanante Corporate Challenge, the Atlanta Symphony, and two plays at Woodruff Arts Center? Not to mention some fancy pants event happening at The High.

So Intense
File last night’s play, “Ugly Lies the Bone”, under “Intense”.

The premise of the play is that a soldier who is severely disfigured in battle returns to her Florida home where she tries to rehabilitate as well as return to the life she had prior to volunteering for service.

Light hearted enough yet?

Toss in some PTSD, a sister who is dating a guy she doesn’t like, and a mother with Alzheimer’s and you have the makings for hilarity!

In all seriousness the play is well acted, and kudos to the makeup artist who disfigured half of the very pretty face of the lead actress.

Special kudos to Home Depot, who have pledged to allow any veteran with a valid military ID to see the play for free.

ITP Flickr Pic
“By Any Other Name…” (Atlanta, Georgia, United States)
By Any Other Name...
So pretty.

So Busy
I have planned another busy weekend. Unemployed life is so busy I should probably give up blogging. Kidding.

Today I am attending another German breakfast, having lunch out, and then need to start putting some things in order.

Tomorrow is East Atlanta Strut day (already?). For most of the day I will probably be wandering around the village.

Sunday is a football day! My theory on my Yahoo! Pick’em Pool losses is that I am not watching intensely enough. Maybe my account has been hacked and the hackers keep changing my picks? Yeah, that’s the ticket!

Have a great weekend friends!

Paulie [eatl/ga]

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9 Responses to So…

  1. Steve says:

    It must suck to be so busy AND unemployed.

    While the play sounds powerful, I go to something like that to be entertained. That really didn’t sound like it was entertaining. I guess if I wanted to be challenged like that I would go read some nonfiction.

    The horses survived my handling last night, even though Mac was a pill. Debbie neglected to tell me that Mac is afraid of Gus and as I let them down the path to the pastor Mac came to a screeching halt at the point the trail narrows. I let Gus keep going wow Mac and I had a little chat, then he got with the program. Unfortunately Mac then went on walkabout so I had to chase him down a bit.

    I’m off to the Delta flight Museum in this morning to see what that’s all about. I will report.


  2. I prefer lighter-hearted plays, but admit occasionally enjoy being challenged.

  3. Unexpectedly checking out a new Dekalb County library. Brookhaven is closed on Friday, Saturday, and Sunday — a travesty imho — but Chamblee is open today!

  4. Barb says:

    Chamblee library is close to the lavendaria – are you doing laundry too?

    Allan started working on the electrical plan for hte basement yesterday – the whole getting started is the hard part, trying to figure out what all we need before the ceiling goes in…………

    Not sure what we are up to this weekend – thinking about doing the Wheelhopper since it is down in East Atlanta on Sunday.

  5. I did laundry on Tuesday, so not doing more today. After breakfasting at The Original Pancake House because the “breakfast” at the German breakfast was only cookies (wtf?!?) I decided to spend time at the library — only to find that it was closed today. I must admit, I prefer the Chamblee library over Brookhaven. Still wish people would speak in hushed tones in libraries though.

    Well, had I not left my mountain bike in Raleigh… Eh, I have other plans on Sunday too I couldn’t make it if I wanted.

  6. Steve says:

    Working Sundat morning and wasn’t planning on staying in town all day.

    The Delta Museum was good. Expected amount of company rah rah, but still worthwhile. Will go back when the 747 goes on display.

  7. Al says:

    Sounds like us Brazil-Germanic people have more fun with breakfast!é colonial alemão&espv=2&biw=2048&bih=1059&source=lnms&tbm=isch&sa=X&ved=0ahUKEwjsp53e9KvPAhVBJCYKHTFUB5IQ_AUIBigB&dpr=1.25

  8. Al says:

    “café colonial alemão”
    and click on Images

  9. Holy hell that looks good, Al!

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