Home Coming

When you read this I am either eating breakfast with my mother, or on the road heading home. Of course you may be reading this during the time when I am at Lueken’s Liquors picking up some beer to bring home with me.

Follow Me To The Headwinds!
There is an old adage “Red sky at night, sailors’ delight”. I want to start a new one, “Gray sky at morning, cyclists’ warning”.

The gray sky yesterday didn’t inspire me to go out riding, my fat belly and knowledge that I would be a leftover eater did.

I headed out on the same route as Monday only to find an annoying headwind impeding my progress. I didn’t help my cause either by riding out the Dunedin causeway, where there is no shelter from the wind, to the entrance of Honeymoon Island State Park.

Hilariously I looked at my stats at the end of the ride and my maximum elevation was 35′, yes, thirty-five feet. My ride covered 31 miles in about two hours; at my fastest point, when sheltered from the wind I was “speeding” on the Pinellas Trail by exceeding the 20mph speed limit.

I thought that I was going to take a second spur off the trail yesterday until I noticed that I was riding though a gate with a “No Trespassing” sign attached to it.

Yesterday I saw a group ride, of about ten, out on the Pinellas Trail. I never even considered looking for a group ride while I was down here.

ITP Flickr Pic
“I Stink At Selfies” (Dunedin, Florida, United States)
I Stink At Selfies
As close as I would come to entering the park since I didn’t want to pay the $2 entrance fee.

I Eat More Chicken Than Any Man Ever Seen
Because of my mother’s poor health, specifically the pain mess she’s had to take, she slept a lot yesterday. Because of this I wound up being a leftover vacuum.

For brunch I finished off the Mexican food we brought back from our Monday dinner.

My dinner consisted of leftover KFC with some macaroni salad.

There was an inquiry about whether or not I want to take chicken with me for lunch on the road. I’m not so sure about this…

Bingo Baller
He is my winning card and the $70 of winnings that remained after I tipped the volunteer $5. After splitting this with my mother, and deducting the $20 I invested in the night, I wound up with a $15 profit.
Ill-Gotten Gains
Think of the fifteen sandwiches I could have purchased if we had been playing at the church again.

Returning Home To Restart
I am looking forward to returning home. I have many, many things to do including figuring out what I am going to do for healthcare. Oh joy!

I also need to restart my efforts to learn German and Swift.

Oh, and on Monday afternoon I have an interview. Wait, what?!?

Paulie [dunedin/fl]

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12 Responses to Home Coming

  1. I am laughing at myself because I just reread what I have written and thought about the sentences/ one-liners I planned to include today, but forgot. Oh well, probably for the better. 😉

  2. Paulie [eatl/ga] says:

    Well, the morning has changed already — mom not up to go out for breakfast. Going to have to figure out what I am going to do now…

  3. Al says:

    Looks like you took a hint from Al’s style guide for wearing bike helmets.

  4. Haha, I thought about that when I looked at the photo this morning.

  5. Well, it’s not the same but I decided to breakfast at the bowling alley alone. I need to have food in me before heading out for my drive.

  6. No photos with mom taken. Before anyone give me grief I decided that my mom’s current condition is not how I wish to remember her.

  7. Stacy says:

    Woah. I just had a trippy moment. I hadn’t realized I’d been to Dunedin before until you mentioned Honeymoon Island. I knew I had *definitely* been there. So sure enough, I just looked back and found the bar I had been to out there (Eddie’s Bar & Grill). Huh. Well I’ll be darned. 🙂

    Today started out great for me: a friend called me to tell me that she has an extra — FREE — ticket to the Packers/Falcons game on the 30th! Whaaaa? Shut the Front Door! I’m very much a happy camper today!

  8. Barb says:

    Did you see the Falcons / Packers game time has been flexed – it is now a 4:25pm start.
    Much better for some serious tailgating.
    We are considering coming into town for some tailgating – but not going to the game (uless we are like Stacy & find some free tickets of course)

    Sorry your mom isn’t feeling well.

    Its my parents 54th anniversary today. that’s a long time………..

  9. Al says:

    There’s probably a product waiting to be made for self aligning bike helmets. That or some ANT device that you put on your helmet and reports the tilt angle.

  10. Stacy says:

    Congratulations to your parents, Barb! That’s a lovely photo you posted on the book of faces. You look a lot like your Mom there. 🙂

    And I did NOT see that about the game — whoop whoop! That’s even more happiness today!

  11. Ooh, I will have to relay the game start change to the Raleigh Royalty.

    Travel Update: stopped at a Mexican restaurant south of Valdosta for a late lunch.

  12. Steve says:

    Unknown Mexican on road trip? You are brave.

    I heard tales of woe today from the director of piping regarding one particular band and apparently they have friends in high places at the games so she feels like she can’t un-invite them. I will talk to the person in high places and determine that if these idiots are actually causing problem is they won’t be back next year no matter how friendly they might be.

    Dinner tonight with my client brother Franklin at local number seven in Tucker. I wish that sort of place was much closer to home as I could be a regular there without any issue.

    I hope some of you are making plans to attend the 44th annual stone mountain Highland games this weekend and see the handiwork of myself and many many volunteers.

    Sorry for the late post tonight.


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