By The Numbers

I find it impossible to believe that I’ve used that title twice before.

37 At 15
I went out for what I had intended to be a stress-relieving bike ride to Stone Mountain, leaving at around 9:30am. The first thing I noticed was how hot it was for this late in the year. Good golly Miss Molly!

I struggled with traffic lights, seemingly getting caught at each and every one.
I discovered that my Wahoo Fitness TICKR heart rate monitor was no longer working (late last night I found a fresh battery and it is working again).
I struggled with the amount of traffic on the roads.
I realized that I forgot to change my Wahoo Fitness app’s category from “Run” to “Cycle”, so my entire ride was recorded as a run (boy do I run fast when I run on a bicycle!).

And to combat all of this I took the “wrong way” ’round the mountain, read “counter-clockwise”. I could have used that short but steep, climb in the park’s outer loop for Vermont training…

I thought that I was moving at a fairly reasonable rate of speed until I did the calculation to see that after two hours I had only covered thirty miles, for a paltry 15 mph average speed. I probably could have used a second heart and a third lung during portions of the ride as well.

My ride took me about two hours, thirty minutes, and at the end I was wiped out. I was finished at 12pm, didn’t get in the shower until nearly 1pm, and didn’t leave the house again until 4pm and that was to eat an early dinner since all I ate for lunch was handfuls of almonds with a 32oz Gatorade. As I recovered it took immense concentration to not move my legs in a fashion that would encourage cramping.

The other day I mentioned picking up a bottle of Alpine Beer Company Duet IPA at Hop City on the west side. I “rewarded” myself last night by drinking the 22-ounce bottle only to see “Best By: 07-July-2016” imprinted on the label as I poured out the remainder of the bottle into my glass. I guess it never dawned on my that any beer would hang around Hop City long enough to exceed its “Best By” date.

“Inspired By ‘The Incomparable’ Podcast” (Atlanta, Georgia, United States)

Inspired By "The Incomparable" Podcast
This is a photo of the Alpine Beer Company’s Duet IPA that I purchased at Hop City. Not only did I want to document my purchase, I thought the colors on the label played well with the colors on the wall of the fountain.

I pay a lot of money to insure the M6. This is the price I pay quarterly for being a male (even though I am over 50), single, living in a “high crime” area, and having previously made claims against my insurance. I’ve looked into alternative sources of insurance, none of which are much cheaper. Looks as if I really will have to get a job again. Dangen!

Paulie [eatl/ga]

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6 Responses to By The Numbers

  1. I have yet to adjust to the fact that the sun is rising later each day. I keep thinking that it is earlier than it really is.

  2. Steve says:

    Still whipped from the weeks’ “vacation”. Was in bed last night by 9 and surely asleep by 9:30.

    Tomorrow we build some horse jumps (small ones) for the hunter pace next weekend on the Bear Creek property. This will consume some small logs I had hoped to turn into a sort of stall shavings bin built log cabin style that never happened. So much for studying the old ways…

    Terri (Sleezy Rider) will be over this weekend for some outrageously long race on the Southside (PTC I believe).

    Anyone up for a bike ride this weekend?


  3. Barb says:

    Went to a small gathering at Franco’s firepit for Sal’s birthday – trying to keep her busy since Marty isn’t around, a few of the GUTS folks showed up, it was a fun couple hours. It was way to warm for a fire, but it was fun. I made her some brownies, since she was on cake #3 at Phiddippedes earlier in the evening, everyone was shocked they were still warm. (that’s what happens when you bake them when you get home from work)

    I’m going to Ellijay for the weekend with the girls – you guys should call or text Allan about riding, he might be interested. I still can’t for a few more weeks, everytime I put any pressure on my hand/arm, it still hurts a bunch.

  4. Paulie [eatl/ga] says:

    I leave tomorrow morning for another LEAF weekend with the Raleigh Royalty. More on this in tomorrow’s blog.

    Don’t forget that the weather is predicated to be cooler this weekend (Saturday only?) due to a cold front that is supposed to pass through tomorrow.

    I was going to attempt another run today, but time has got away from me and I have other chores that must be completed first.

  5. Paulie [eatl/ga] says:

    Oops. Just realized I was looking at weather forecast for Black Mountain, not Atlanta area.

  6. Barb says:

    its still supposed to be pretty cool this weekend – that will be a nice chance – I mean really, 90 on 10/19? Damn climate change

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