A Day To Forget

Well, the beginning and end of my day were okay at least.

One Right Made A Wrong
It was such a wonderful breakfast once I circled back and found parking at Homegrown; I was so careful not to scratch the wheels against the curb as I parallel parked. When I left the building and I watched someone potentially damage their car as they mistook a curb for a driveway and drove off the edge. And then I made my idiot move of making a tight right turn onto Memorial Drive and rammed into a curb myself. I knew that I had hit the curb hard and my fear was confirmed when I saw the rim when I returned home. And then I saw the cut in the sidewall of the tire. I had no choice but to risk driving down to the Mazda dealership in Morrow to take care of the problem I had created.

I was at the dealership until after 2:00pm. Holy shit I was there a long time…

I’m Glad That I Bought Tire Insurance
When I bought the M6 in December 2014 I was offered tire insurance. Normally I pass on added costs to purchases such as extended warranties, but in this instance I decided to go for it. It was the tire insurance that got me a free replacement yesterday. Fortunately the rim was not damaged too badly and didn’t need to be replaced. I still managed to dump $430 at the dealership for 30k routine maintenance.

I Made A Good Dinner
While I waited for my car I decided that I was going to make Indian food for dinner. I had purchased a box of microwave Madras Lentils at Costco on Monday, only to find another box of six that I must have purchased the last time I went to Costco. Oops! With that I was going to make a batch of basmati rice. The wild card was that I also was going to make my first batch of naan (bread) using a recipe that I found while sitting at the dealership.

The end result was a surprisingly good dinner, even for this non-Indian. With some things I learned yesterday I dare say that I would not be embarrassed serving my naan to Indian friends.

Gravity Bites
And for my next bonehead move…

I was listening to podcasts on my iPad Mini 2 which was atop a huge bucket of basmati rice that was on the shelf on which I was making the naan. It was after the second rise and I was flattening out the discs of naan that I would be cooking up in a pan. And then I heard a sound that sent shivers down my spine — CRASH! I looked over me left shoulder to see the iPad Mini 2 on the kitchen floor, face down. My fears were confirmed when I picked up the iPad to see that the front glass was completely shattered.

Fortunately the iPad still works, I have currently ghetto-rigged it by wrapping Saran Wrap around the shattered glass.

Unfortunately I have no insurance for the iPad and given that it is at least three years old I don’t think that it is worth the $199 to get the screen replaced.

A Night Of Paperwork
I decided to stay at home and work my way through the mound of paperwork that has accumulated in the past few months. Today I will be signing up for COBRA, though it it far from inexpensive, because I need to have some form of health insurance.

In addition to this I also signed up for a year’s free identity fraud protection offered by one of the medical professionals who have informed me that their systems have been hacked and my information may have been stolen. Ah the information age…

Paulie [eatl/ga]

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9 Responses to A Day To Forget

  1. Stacy says:

    Okay, I had to quit today’s post. Dude, you have the longest run-on sentences ever. 😉

    However, I did get to somewhere around “naan” and now I may have to pop over to NaanStop downtown for lunch today, thankyouvermuch.

    Tonight’s the wake for Murder Kroger. Yassir and I are dining at Woody’s Cheesesteaks and then walking up the Beltline to pay our respects. It’s going to be crazy out there!

  2. “Unprofessional writing since 2004.” That may be my new tag line. And c’mon Stacy, punctuation is expensive! After my gaffs yesterday I barely could afford consonants!

    My writing was inspired by the ten pages I had to read just to figure out how to sign up for COBRA.

  3. steve says:

    A sad day at the farm yesterday as we realized Maggie wasn’t coming home. I heard coyotes last night, and they could have been the cause, or possibly a hunter who got pissed at a dog barking at him, as Maggie was apt to do. A very sweet girl that possibly had 3 brain cells that worked. Rest in peace.

    And to add to the days pain, a case of vertigo which started after lunch and still lingers a bit. For those who have not had the “pleasure”, when it’s bad, you won’t rize to a verticle position and when it’s merely moderate, you’ll walk like you may have had one too many.

    Taking tomorrow off to help set up for the hunter pace Saturday. Have “fun” at the wake for MK.


  4. Stacy says:

    Oh Steve, I’m so sorry about Maggie. 🙁 And also about the vertigo. I’ve never had it, but I’ve heard it can be awful.

  5. So sorry Steve. You are the second person I know to have lost a pet recently.

    Good luck fighting the vertigo.

  6. Inspired by my run-on sentences I have decided to go out for a run.

    Lemons -> Lemonade.


  7. steve says:

    I’ve seen this out there before, but have only just watched it It’s pretty damn funny.


  8. Paulie [eatl/ga] says:

    Turns out I was more inspired by walk-on sentences. Still too much walking during my “runs”.

    And I blew an opportunity to make an “Ice-T? Lemonade!” joke in my previous comment. Poop!

  9. Barb says:

    LOVE that politcal ad.
    Very bummed about Maggie – hopefully she will surprise you on the doorstep soon.
    So crazy busy here at work……….

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