All Too Familiar

I’m having feelings from my past that I am not enjoying. Happy Friday? I will try…

Slow Poke
My run yesterday was better than the last one, but that’s not saying much. Again I was able to lumber about a mile and then cover the next 3.5 miles using a mixture of walking (70%) and running (30%). At least did something, right? Oh, and the weather was fantastic!

I will continue to attempt to run for awhile, hopefully getting better at some point. I have no delusions of being the runner I was fifteen years ago, but it would be nice to set out in the future and be able to cover 5k without stopping.

Underaged And Underdressed
I went to the High Museum of Art yesterday to join a docent-led tour of Thomas Struth’s photography that is currently on display there. It continues to amaze me that I can still be one of the youngest (at 51?) and most casually dressed people at these events. Okay, I rarely dress up so that part doesn’t amaze me.

As is the case with most photography I see in museums it was good, but did not blow me away.

ITP Flickr Pic
“Low At The High” (Atlanta, Georgia, United States)
Low At The High
Taken as I waited for the others participating in the tour to arrive.

Then One Of The Oldest
It’s that time of the month again! This morning I am going to Creative Mornings Atlanta to hear a short presentation. This month’s theme is “Transparency”. Instead of being one of the youngest in the crowd for these events I am usually one of the oldest.

It’s funny, I was once interviewed by a woman I admire greatly about what it means to be a creative person. At the time, just a few months ago, I felt creative but today I am not so sure. However, I won’t let this stop me from eating a free breakfast this morning. Hey, I’m unemployed! 😉

Am I Ready For Some Football?
The World’s Largest Outdoor Cocktail Party is tomorrow. I am interested to see which Florida Gator team arrives.

On Sunday I will be attending the Packers v. Falcons game along with the Raleigh Royalty who are driving down for the game. Let the record reflect that I was not the one who ruined the surprise that they had in store for their boys because I was able to keep the secret. Prior to the game I am going to attempt to “tailgate” at Elliott Street Deli & Pub. The weather should be fantastic, I only hope that they’ve not shut the air conditioning off for the winter inside the Georgia Dome.

Have a great weekend everyone!

Paulie [eatl/ga]

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9 Responses to All Too Familiar

  1. The sea of young’ens has started to enter the theatre. I am positioned in the middle of the back row, lurking in the shadows of you will.

  2. Stacy says:

    Last night I went to the candlelight vigil that was held for Murder Kroger and, honestly? It was quite adorable. They turned it into a food drive too, which was very cool. Pictures on the Book of Faces (Paulie, for you they’re on Instagram *grin*).

    What was also kinda really cool was walking the Beltline back home in the dark. Granted, I hate that it’s dark this early (before 8!), but it had a neat little vibe to it, especially still being so warm out as well and so many other people still on it. I’m sort of surprised no one has installed solar lighting somehow though.

    I, too, will be in attendance at the Dome on Sunday! Where y’all seated? Friends and I will be tailgating outside (brats on the grill for the win!) and we have Budweiser tent passes for more free beers and foods too. If you find yourself wandering the crowds between BBQ and game, hit me up and pop on over. All of the Raleigh Royalty is welcomed, of course. We will have plenty of snackies and drinks. I’m sure everyone is aware by now, but just in case you didn’t get the memo: original 1pm start was flexed to 4:25.

  3. We are in Section 325, Row 26.

    Sounds like it was a goof time. I will be checking your Instagram later.

  4. Oh yeah, I tried to vote early yesterday but the polling place I went to is not doing early voting until 10/31. Dangen!

  5. Barb says:

    Stacy – what parking lot are you in? I have friends in the Brown lot.
    I have a parking pass for one of the GWCC decks, but you can’t tailgate there I’m told, but really, would it work in a deck? I think not.
    We do not have tickets – just thinking it would be fun to tailgate.

    Who ruined the surprise?

  6. Paulie [eatl/ga] says:

    Apparently their cousin Autumn accidentally spilled the beans last Sunday.

  7. ITP Lurker says:

    You can (and should) early vote here:

    Southeast Atlanta Library, 1463 Pryor Road, Atlanta, GA 30315

    No waiting, quick drive there and back. It’s open today and this weekend.

  8. Jenka says:

    Stacy, there’s currently a Light The Beltline initiative going on to raise funds for, wait for it, lights on the Beltline. A google search will easily bring it up.

  9. Oooof, signed up for COBRA and as if it weren’t painful enough they tack on a $20 “convenience” fee for paying online. Who the heck do they think they are, Ticketmaster?

    Thanks Lurker. Because I can’t get to a polling place before Monday I will be cycling over to the one I visited yesterday some time next week. Of course I will also blog about it here as well! 🙂

    I am currently at the library on Clairmont in Chamblee/Brookhaven where it is very warm inside. I was planning on killing a few hours before going drinking at Benchwarmer’s but I am not sure that I can take the heat.

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