Changing On A Dime, Or A Quarter To Adjust For Inflation

It’s already past 8am? And there is no blog post yet? This is what happens when old Paulie goes out the night before and doesn’t write the blog when he comes home…

My BINGO winning streak has ended at two consecutive Monday nights. Last night I met up with Hank (who started at a new company yesterday, so kudos to him!) at Lucky’s Burger & Brew in Emory Village for another night of beer, bingo, and disappointment in the J-E-T-S. 41-10 loss? To the Colts? Just-End-The-Season!

Given that other than Hank and I there were only two tables playing BINGO at the start of play I was certain that my streak would continue. Oh how wrong I was. Neither Hank nor I got to yell “BINGO” last evening.

My lack of BINGO winning was the only dampener on a very damp day. Sure, I forgot to pack my dirty laundry into the Jackmobile M6 (I still can’t believe that I typed “Jackmobile” yesterday, it’s been almost two years… Thanks to brother, and ITP-Reader, Ronnie for identifying that.) but that just meant that I’d have to put off cleaning my clothes until today tomorrow.

I did accomplish a few chores yesterday. I stopped into the Kroger in Decatur and picked up the vegetables necessary for the jambalaya that I will be making tomorrow. I stopped at my primary care doctor’s office and paid my balance due. And then I drove down to Aldi to pick up some more groceries.

I have come to love Aldi and I have my friends Hank and Jyotsna to thank for this. The Aldi on Moreland south of East Atlanta is also a source of very interesting people watching…

“I’m here for the 69¢ eggs!” declared one woman loudly as she walked into the store.

I was there for the eggs (regardless of the price), some milk, as well as other items that caught my fancy. I purchased some cans of tomato soup, potato soup, kernel corn, and sliced carrots, a package of sliced cheese (smoked gouda), a couple of boxes of cous cous, a box of Wheat-Thins like crackers, a package of brats, a jar of sauerkraut, and a package of pumpernickel bread. My cost, with tax, was $18.64.

What you learn from shopping at Aldi is that you rarely need to buy “brand named” items, especially when considering staples, which is most of what Aldi sells. Occasionally you see Coke, Gatorade, Pringles, etc. but more often than not you are seeing boxes/cans that look like the brands you’ve come to know, but are not.

The other the two things you need to keep in mind are:
– You need to bring your own bags, Aldi doesn’t offer any.
– If you want to use a shopping cart you will need a quarter. Your quarter unlocks the cart from the rack, and you get it back when you return a cart.

Oh, and if it’s been a while since you’ve been to Aldi you may not know that they now accept credit cards.

ITP Flickr Pic
“Woohoo!” (Atlanta, Georgia, United States)
Did I need two more ice packs? Nope. However, they were only 39¢ each so I had to have them! And it’s not like they take up that much room…

A Change Is In The Air
“Doing laundry today Paulie?”
Nope. I’m pushing that off until tomorrow.

“Having lunch at Red Eyed Mule with ITP-Reader Barb?”
Yep. I’m picking Allan up at 11:30am.

“German class tonight?”
Yep, though I may not be ready. I’ll also be visiting the happy hour that starts at 6:00pm.

Paulie [eatl/ga]

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12 Responses to Changing On A Dime, Or A Quarter To Adjust For Inflation

  1. Oh, I forgot to mention that I have jumped off the NCAA football bandwagon. It’s not that I think that the Gators are about to enter another downward spiral, even though I think that they are, it’s because Ohio State is in the playoff. Ohio State couldn’t even win their Conference, they have no right to be in the Playoff for the National Championship.

    FUCK OFF, NCAA — not that you care that you lost another viewer…

  2. Barb says:

    Depending on how much laundry you have – you could do a load at my house – and keep Allan company in the basement. (that’s code for hold shit for him occasionally & listen to him bitch when something doesn’t go right)
    I told Allan you’d be by around 1130 – and you guys can call me when he is ready to go. JoAnna may join us – she’s unemployed at the moment – enjoying it until the new year.

    We did a coat of polyacrylic last night – decided to go with the more expensive water based clear finish, it doesn’t smell as much – whooo hooo.
    needs another coat – & then it will be time for painting the drywall.

    Aldi – I went with my parents in Iowa this past fall – the whole quarter thing cracks me up, as I’m going to return the cart & this lady hands me a quarter & takes my cart. Great idea – as people will put the cart in the correct place to not lose their quarter. I need to shop there more often, but it isn’t as convenient as Kroger & Publix

  3. Thanks for the offer. I have laundry “scheduled” for tomorrow however. Tomorrow I will also be going to the library to return the movie “Her” and coming home to cook up some jamabalya that I will be taking over to Betsy’s as we start watching this season of “Top Chef”.

    JoAnna is unemployed WITH SEVERANCE. Biatch! 🙂 We’ll holler at you when we leave your house.

    Funny, I was going to mention the quarter exchange, which happened to me and was the basis for today’s title, and then went long about all the other things about Aldi.

    While not “as convenient”, especially with Krobar near the ‘hood, it’s not far afield for me, and the cheapskate in me (see today’s photo) loves shopping there.

  4. Barb says:

    I was told that the Aldi Special K is better than the Kellogg’s version. That’s my ceral of choice when I eat cereal – so I will go there on of these days soon. I just need to plan a grocery shopping trip, instead of doing it the way I usually do, stop in for 1 or 2 things at a time. And – I can be cheap as hell when it comes to groceries, that’s why my freezer is filled with Woohoo Great Deal stickers.

  5. Stacy says:

    Congrats to Hank on finding a new gig so quickly – that’s wonderful!

    Thanks for the ALDI reminder. I, too, keep forgetting that there’s one at least *kinda* near me. It’s not super convenient but the Google gods say it’s only 7 miles so I probably shouldn’t complain about that.

    I’m with you on the NCAA crap. Ohio State my ass.

    In happier news, my cruise plans for February are finally solidifying. Doing a sort of “DragonCon on a Boat” thing that should prove interesting. 🙂 Decided to stay an extra night in NOLA after I get back (the change fee on Southwest, being $0, actually ended up we me having a 13 cent credit – ha!) and found a darling little botique hotel 3 blocks up from Cafe du Monde (and that would also mean 3 blocks off Bourbon for you drinky types). I love when plans are all set, everything’s paid off, and you’re ready to vacay. Now how to get through the next couple of months until then….

  6. Paulie [eatl/ga] says:

    Ah NOLA, I have not seen it in too long… Trip sounds great even to a person who never desires to go on cruise.

  7. Barb says:

    Allan has zero desire to go on a cruise, someday I may talk him into it – I guess there would need to be a good group of people he would want to hang with.
    I think it would be fun.
    And NOLA – we do need to get back there some day.
    GREAT LOCATION STACY……… I’m jealous.

    I bought a gift certificate for 4 for a Christmas present for Allan’s parents for the Ponce City Market (or maybe the Inman Park) food tour. With the 15% off, I think it will be a fun thing to do at some point int he spring. And – buy buying 4, they have to take us! We had a blast at the Marietta Square food tour last December.
    Website is – scroll way to the bottom to find the button to buy a gift certificate.
    the code for 15% off is HOLIDAYFUN2017 – in case anyone wants to spend some money today.

  8. Steve says:

    Last night I prepared some of the leftover schnitzel into a “pork parmesan” over sketties… it came out pretty well.

    We’ve been trying to get AT&T into the building to repair a down circuit for 2 days and apparently these techs don’t want to provide personal info so we can run a background check on them. What a PITA. Glad the circuit isn’t for anything critical.

    The auction is going on at the moment. Paulie, if you want to start driving a big rig, there are bargains to be had. All the things I bid on went for way too much money. Just as well, I suppose.

    Have fun at lunch. Tell JoAnna we love the pictures!


  9. Jenka says:

    Barb, I’ve done the Inman Park food tour before and it was FABULOUS. I’d be up for the PCM one, only because I’ve done the IP one already. But I’d do IP again as well. Each restaurant puts out something different, at some places you get little samples and at others you get plates of food. There’s always a drink, too (which usually costs money). *Off to buy gift certificate.*

  10. Barb says:

    Awesome Jenka- I really want to do more of these food tours around town.
    I found a couple places in Marietta that we really liked & just overlooked because we had our favorite places.
    Allan really wants to do PCM because it used to be City Hall East & he spent some time there with the AFD filing ppwk when he first got hired, before the recruit class started.
    Plus – perfect gift for the in-laws who need NOTHING.

    And – speaking of in-laws – the East Cobb house is sold!!!!
    They will moved & be our neighbors for sure by mid January.
    And- I’m told the pool table willb e moving sooner than later, so that means we HAVE to get that damn basement done now.

  11. Paulie [eatl/ga] says:

    Fantastic lunch with Barb, Allan, and JoAnna. And a fruitful stop at Play It Again Sports in Buckhead yielded a left-handed hockey stick that I will have to re-tape, and a pair of shin guards – total cost $35.

    Will be buying food tour tickets soon.

  12. Barb says:

    the sloppy slaw burger has still never disappointed me.

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