Christmas: T Minus Ten Days

Yesterday was almost a perfect ten of a day, only it wasn’t…

Yes, We Have No Internet
After a very hard and sweaty hour of stationary bike riding at LA Fitness I wandered around the corner and ruined it all by eating lunch at Moe’s. Unlike Monday I decided to eat lunch before going to the Decatur Public Library because I figured that I’d be there for a handful of hours. (side note: this morning I finally got around to putting some granola bars in the M6 so I have a post-workout snack and don’t have to resort to eating out, or stopping somewhere that will provide temptation instead of just buying a snack.)

As I approached the entrance doors I saw the sign “Internet is Out of Service”. DANGEN! I decided to test to see if their internet had come back on and they had yet to take down their sign and I was right — at least for a little while; then it went out for good. Because I was there to do some Swift studying which required an internet connection I packed up my stuff and headed toward the door. But first, I swung by the DVD section of the library and picked up a couple of new titles for me to watch — Avengers Confidential – Black Widow and Punisher, and Meru – Believe in the Impossible. I see from IMDB that the former of these two titles only scores a 5.8 out of 10; perhaps it will go back to the library sight unseen. The latter of these two titles was suggested to me by an old woman who asked me “Are you open to the possibility to watching a mountain climbing movie?” Who isn’t?

I returned home to finish my Swift studies, only I didn’t…

ITP Flickr Pic From The Archives
2008: “What, You’ve Never Seen A Dog In A Mrs. Claus Outfit?” (Atlanta, Georgia, United States)
What, You've Never Seen A Dog In A Mrs. Claus Outfit?
Another from the days of Drinksmas. This is Martha’s dog Nibbles in a Santa hat.

ITP Flickr Pic
“One Thing I Like About Churches, Their Christmas Decorations” (Decatur, Georgia, United States)
One Thing I Like About Churches, Their Christmas Decorations
While I was walking to get a package of nuts for lunch on Monday I noticed the Christmas wreaths on the church doors. You know, churches are really good at decorating for Christmas. Well, at least the Christian ones are. 😉

And In The End I Had No Holiday Spirit
In yesterday’s blog I mentioned going to Terminal West for the Chatham County Line show, only I didn’t…

As the time grew nearer for me to leave for the show I decided that I didn’t feel like going out. Instead, I stayed at home and watched The Martian, yet another DVD that I have checked out from the library. Having read the book last year I knew the complete story going in, and while I certainly enjoyed the book more than the movie, I did enjoy watching the movie.

More Nights At Home! More Nights At Home!
Merry Christmas to me! Yesterday Amazon had the Mel Brooks Collection Blu-Ray set on sale for $19. $19 for the following movies:
Disc 1: The Twelve Chairs
Disc 2: Blazing Saddles
Disc 3: Young Frankenstein
Disc 4: Silent Movie
Disc 5: High Anxiety
Disc 6: History of the World – Part 1
Disc 7: To Be or Not to Be
Disc 8: Spaceballs
Disc 9: Robin Hood: Men in Tights

Normally I’m not one for owning movies, but just look at those titles! That’s a little more than $2 per movie! Sure, that’s $2 more than if these were available from the library, but $2 per movie is also cheaper than DVDs sold at Goodwill. Soon they all be mine, well, once they arrive on my doorstep and assuming that no one takes them from said doorstep before I do when they arrive.

Make it a great day friends.

Christmas Cheers!
Paulie [eatl/ga]

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12 Responses to Christmas: T Minus Ten Days

  1. Barb says:

    We had another exciting evening……. wait for it……… painting!
    The ugly old orange stairwell is getting a lovely coat of a dark green paint.
    We still have no idea what we are going to do wth the actual stairs, getting that 60 year old carpet off the steps is going to be fun. But for now, it can get paint dripped on it all day long.

    And Steve – I have the pictures on the Shutterfly website now, not just the program on the computer. I totally forgot about that step. So, I really think you might see some pictures today.

    Sal came by to watch the Survivor finale – she had to work until 8, so she would have missed the first 1/2 hour if she’d just gone home. It is kind of fun to watch with someone else. (Allan refuses to watch, unless its a cool challenge).

    Tonight – wait for it – more painting. Ceiling should be done – so we can work on the upper section of the walls.

  2. steve says:

    We spent a good portion of the day at Bear Creek serving a lunch of tortilla soup, vegi soup and chili. Rumors of 25 turned into an actual headcount of 15 so there was plenty. And cornbread! Debbies really good cornbread.

    I have a dentist appointment in Stone Mountain today, but may try to reschedule to next week so as to not make a special trip.

    Let me know what I have to do to see pictures, Barb.


  3. Stacy says:

    Barb, I actually stayed up to watch it all last night too. I think when Adam pulled out the sick mama story at the last TC it was a done deal. What a sad, sad story though. I’m glad he got it. Kinda wished Ken got a share though too (does 2nd place win anything?).

    Long day at work today full of meetings: have a vendor in from Minnesota for end-of-year reviews. He must be glad to be out of Minnesota today though….brrrr! If I can make it through today, tonight we have cocktails and dinner at a lovely Italian place in Buckhead: Antica Posta. Seems we always go there when they come, but I don’t mind. It’s delicious and they make a fabulous martini.

    I like the church. Simple and elegant. 🙂

  4. Barb says:

    Stacy – Adam’s story was sad, and he did play a good game, but without the sick mama story, I think it might have been a little closer. Especially that she died as soon as he got home. Wow.
    I don’t think 2nd place gets anything, but I bet he gets some better modeling gigs. I think Ken should have booted Hannah & kept David, just so they could have duked it out at the finale – but I understood Ken’s thinking, maybe that big move at hte end might get him a vote or 2. (didn’t work)

    And- I’m glad Figgy & Taylor didn’t actually happen after the show, I thought she was smarter than that.

  5. Barb says:

    Steve & Debbie- check your gmail……..

  6. Paulie [eatl/ga] says:

    Just had to go outside and break up a cat fight. Unfortunately it was between two actual cats.

  7. Paulie [eatl/ga] says:

    Kicking myself because as I got to Goodwill today I realized that I forgot to get the second box of stuff that I wanted to donate.

  8. Barb says:

    Did you save me Masterpiece? (if not, its ok, really)

  9. Paulie [eatl/ga] says:

    I did! I was going to bring it up to you some day.

  10. Barb says:

    We can get art education, and remember how to play a game we haven’t played in 40 years!!!

  11. Paulie [eatl/ga] says:

    Ha. I better double-check that I actually left the game behind. Given that I didn’t go back and get the second box the odds are good.

  12. Yep. Masterpiece is on the floor next to the box containing the smaller games.

    Sat in a traffic jam at Decatur Public Library for over five minutes today. Senior buses parked in one lane, to two people had a stand off, or perhaps low-speed front-end collision in the other. This marked my third traffic jam of the day..l

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