And So Ends The First Work Week In January

At least for those of you who have a job. Wait a minute, I have a job too! My current job is to find my next job, one that pays a salary.

Retail Fail
Yesterday I received an email from Showcase Photo & Video stating that at the end of February they will be closing their doors. They have been in business for more than forty years. Chalk up another casualty to online shopping…

Of course it would help if retail stores had products either in stock, or at reasonable prices as well. I went to three stores — REI, Performance Bike, and Dick’s Sporting Goods — looking for a Bluetooth speed/cadence sensor so that I could start Zwifting, none of them had the ones I was looking to buy. REI came the closest, but they only had the Cateye version which doesn’t get the greatest of reviews. I suppose I could have driven to all of the bike shops around town, but they were too inconvenient for me yesterday.

The other item I tried to buy at Dick’s, as well as Target, was a hard-foam roller (bolster) on which I could do exercise and muscle stimulation. Both stores had differing models, each at a price that was insane to me — $30+ for a glorified swimming pool noodle.

In the end I drove another dagger into the hearts of brick and mortar retail by ordering both from Amazon. I bought a relatively-well-reviewed cadence/speed sensor (this one: Topeak PanoBike Bluetooth Smart Cadence and Speed Sensor), as well as an AmazonBasics foam fitness bolster (this one: AmazonBasics High-Density Round Foam Roller – 36-Inches). The only downside to my decision is that I have to wait a week for each to arrive.

As for Showcase, I will hate to see them go, not that I’ve purchased any camera equipment in the past four years. Showcase does have a place in my heart however because it’s where I took classes when I first purchased my DSLR, a looooong time ago.

DANGEN! I Waited Too Long?!?!
Last night I tried to book a hotel in Düsseldorf. Yes, I am returning to Germany this year and wanted to stay in the same hotel in which I stayed last year. My plan, which I want to have in place prior to finding a job, is to spend a few nights in Düsseldorf, for the start of the 2017 Tour de France!!! and then make my way to Vienna (the one in Austria, not Georgia) for Eurohash 2017. Conveniently (for me) the TdF starts the week before Eurohash!

Had I booked the hotel room two months ago as I thought of doing, instead of waiting until January I’d have my hotel secured — at a decent rate as well. But no. I waited until this week and waited too long as the hotel no longer has rooms for the nights leading into the TdF. Now it’s time for Plan B. Do I stay in a more-expensive Düsseldorf hotel, or do I attempt to stay in a town that is a shortish train ride away? Decisions. Decisions.

[UPDATE: As I started researching hotels after writing this, I found one. And then, I booked air travel as well! Yes, I just committed to a (fairly) expensive two-week vacation when I currently have no job, but oh well, what the hell. Hmm, looks like I will be having a long day on the train to return to Frankfurt from Vienna. Oops. Good thing I added a padding day at the end of the trip. 😉 Now all I have to do is ensure that I get healthy enough to take the journey. I am so worried about our, or just perhaps my, future that I purchased the sucker’s bet – travel insurance.]

I Apparently Have A New Addiction
Being holed up at home has caused me to find new addictions. Well, I shouldn’t blame my laziness on my gimpy eye, but I have started watching Parks and Recreation. I know, I know, I am late to this party which ran for seven seasons and ended production in 2015. But I’m on bored now and using that Netflix subscription I resolved to cancel this month. How’s that for justifying an expense that I should be removing? Huh, I wonder if Parks and Recreation is on Amazon Prime Video too.

Anyway, over the past few days I’ve completed Season 1 and am halfway through Season 2. The show’s similarity to The Office cannot be overlooked, and certainly wasn’t if you do as I did and Google “Parks and Recreation versus The Office.”. Regardless, I am enjoying living in the past, and realizing just how much I adore Rashida Jones in the process.

Keep An Eye To The Sky, Or At Least Weather Radar
I am not sure what is going to happen with the weather this weekend. No matter what occurs, stay safe, have fun, and I will see you ’round these parts on Monday.

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13 Responses to And So Ends The First Work Week In January

  1. And my eye is not 100% better yet, but I am seeing the light at the end of the tunnel (at least I hope).

    Two budget casualties of my vacation plans:
    – A coffee table that I was going to buy today at IKEA ($125 + tax)
    – An iPad Mini 4 that I was going to buy refurbished from Apple ($380 + tax)

  2. Anyone check the Facebooks for how Barb and Allan are doing? I doubt that she will be reading this space today.

  3. Steve Brady!! says:

    Yeah, I’m worried about the party tomorrow as well. I know Stephanie has gone to a lot of trouble to keep it a surprise for Coach. I’m trying to find one of our law enforcement officers to do the test for me that I’m supposed to do tomorrow afternoon.

    This morning started off with a bang.. at 0100 Zelda started barking her fool head off, then Izzie and Brown joined in. I got them settled for about 10 minutes and they started up again. WTF,O? I got up and saw large, blanketed shapes moving through the backyard. JAILBREAK!! The latch on the gate went a bit wonky, so the boys decided to go on night maneuvers. With not much effort and a bit of sweet feed they found their way into the barn and settled down for the night. As Debbie is in Savannah, I had already planned on coming in late so I could take care of horses this morning- little did I know how early that would start.

    This place is a ghost town. Most folks working from home, as I would be too!

    What is the price point on the Bluetooth speed sensor? I’ve been thinking about one, as I’m riding with my phone running Endomondo anyway. I want to get a handlebar mount so I can see my heartrate while I ride.


    • I hope for everyone’s sake the party goes off without a hitch.

      The one I bought cost me about $42, and I get free shipping. It comes with the sensor and two magnets – one for the back wheel and one for the pedal crank – as pickups.

  4. Stacy says:

    I have never seen an episode of Parks & Rec. I think there may have always been something else on at the same time or something — most likely 2 things since I watch everything recorded and at the time only had the technology to do two.

    Netflix suggestion for you: BLACK MIRROR! If you haven’t, check it out. The first episode of the first season is pretty whack, but don’t judge the whole season by that one. Each episode is it’s own story from start to end. And some of them are just amazing.

    • Another Stac(e)y in my life, she who cuts my hair, has also recommended Black Mirror. I have yet to commit to watching it, but will consider it more now that you too have recommended it.

  5. Jenka says:

    Park & Rec is one of my most favoritest shows! Stacy, you’d love it!

  6. Al says:

    Now that you’re in the buying mood: towels, headbands, wristbands and a couple fans are a must for my indoor riding.

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