Quick Hits

I have a phone interview later this morning for which I am concentrating, so I can’t spend much time on the blog today. Last July I gambled that I would be able to get another software developer job in January of 2017, I hope that I don’t lose this bet the way I have so many in the past.

I spent another eighty minutes on the trainer yesterday. With each ride I get progressively stronger. Though I need to get some sort of exercise today it won’t be in the form of riding the trainer.

Since the beginning of the year I have weighed myself on my home scale every other day. [see next section for the continuation of this.]

After working out I strained a muscle in my back yesterday. It doesn’t feel too bad, but it’s definitely an impediment to getting exercise today.

I also feel as if I am fighting off a bit of a cold, perhaps due to weather change, perhaps due to a fatigued immune system from four days of trainer riding, perhaps from something else. I can tell you for sure that it’s not from kissing someone recently. Poop.

I am not losing weight. Here’s the tale of the tape thus far:
01/01 11:15, 223.8
01/03 07:00, 223.8
01/05 09:20, 221.4
01/07 08:25, 221.2
01/09 06:30, 222.4
01/11 08:15, 222.2

I forgot to stop at the grocery store last night, therefore I will either rush out to Kro-Bar after my phone interview, perhaps on foot, or attempt to make my soup using only the ingredients I have on hand (which is about 90% of what is called for by the recipe). I hope my soup doesn’t come out ugly.

My eyesight appears to be getting progressively worse. Related: I am old.

My performance in German class was abysmal last night. I am so lost again and need to devote many hours to vocabulary and grammar in order to regain what little confidence I once had.

There have been no photos take by me this year. None!

For two days I have been attempting a Sunday NY Times crossword puzzle and I am still only about 50% complete, and am stuck. These puzzles vex me. For instance what is a five-letter word for “Poop” when when you have “F_C_S”? Naturally I put “FECES”, made sense to me. However, I was wrong. (In the iOS app you can “Check Puzzle” and see which of the answers you have right or wrong. I check my answers after getting to a point at which I can no longer answer clues.)

Make it a great day!


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16 Responses to Quick Hits

  1. Barb% says:

    Good luck with the interview.

    Black bean soup – can it really be called ugly or not ugly? It usually looks like black beans swimming in a dark liquid. (Unless you were with us once at Rocco’s, where it looked like vegetable soup, and then when Sally asked, we were told – “it is what it is” when the waitress went & asked the cook.)

    Allan is in charge of the chicken chili soup today, we are using up the leftovers from the party Saturday night. We also made pork & pinto bean quesadillas with leftovers. So – it will be all gone, except the salsa, as of tonight. I may bring the salsa & some chips, just to make that go away too.

    Then, starting Friday – I need to start cooking again – as the fridge will be empty of leftovers.

  2. Steve Brady!! says:

    Maybe the S is wrong and the word is FECAL?

    A quiet Games meeting last night. Just getting all our ducks in a row. We still haven’t set prices for this year, but should have that done by next meeting. I’m convinced we’ve maxed out all the free media we can and will start having to buy advertising. Now to just convince the old guard. We have bought electronic billboard space in past years, that pretty much no one ever saw. Now I’m pushing radio spots on Georgia Public Radio. I wouldn’t know what commercial station would suit our potential audience.

    While Debbie is out fox hunting this morning, I already spotted the fox this morning on my drive in. Tally Ho!


  3. First hurdle cleared, biggest hurdle still ahead. Current Status: nervous

  4. Was there a hash in East Atlanta on Monday or Tuesday night of this week? I just crossed over some very fresh flour.

  5. Barb% says:

    I think there was a Two for Tuesday last night – I didn’t pay attention to the start location, but it was in town.

  6. And now I think I just saw Sal’s son Stan jogging down Glenwood Avenue. I must be delusional.

  7. Steve Brady!! says:

    OK, phone interview success! Now that you have talked the talk, let’s see if you can walk the walk.

  8. Barb% says:

    probably did see Stan, and you will see him again tonight at Dean’s.

  9. First interview, sill have a technical interview and a problem to solve.

  10. Jenka says:

    I have also put the Games down in my calendar for 21-22 October. I went once when I first moved to ATL and haven’t gone since. I feel guilty about that due to my Scottish heritage. Related: Steve, you should definitely push for more advertising. I would never know it was happening if you didn’t talk about it here. I would suggest NPR.

    Good luck, Paulie!

    This weekend I’m going to make an artichoke chowder.

    • Barb% says:

      Articoke chowder, that sounds interesting.

      • Jenka says:

        For Christmas I got a cookbook called Superfood Soups. All the soups in it are made with one or several “superfoods”. It’s slightly intimidating because I haven’t heard of a lot of them. Like, I’ve heard of chia seeds and acai berries, but most of these superfoods are more obscure. But artichoke chowder should be good!

    • My father loved to eat artichokes. I must say however they are one of the foods that he enjoyed that I’ve not bought into. Hope your recipe is tasty.

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