A Hiatus Bucket List Item Completed

I thought that in the six months of unemployment I would often walk/cycle to Kro-Bar Kroger to shop. After all, it is a mere 1.5 miles from the ITP Estate and walking/cycling would be the epitome of intown living.

Yesterday I walked to Kro-Bar Kroger (and back) for the first time. The walk was wonderful. I brought a backpack in which I put an insulated bag which had two ice blocks stored within it because I was walking to buy sour cream and parmesan cheese and I didn’t want them getting warm on the walk back. I misjudged the temperature slightly, I wore jeans and a long-sleeved technical t-shirt and found myself breaking out into a proper sweat on my return.

The walk was 1.5 miles each way, as recorded by two independent tracking devices. I accomplished the walk in each direction, the paths taken being slightly different, in about a half hour each way.

Yay me!

It’s already 9:20am? Geez! I need to find eighty minutes to ride the trainer, or maybe ride my mountain bike for awhile today. I also really need to start preparing for a technical interview. So much to do…

ITP Flickr Pic
“Hashers’ Delight” (Atlanta, Georgia, United States)

Hashers' Delight
It is the desire of every hasher on trail to find the BN (Beer Near) mark. It is a little less than exciting to find it the day after the trail was run. 🙂

I did not follow trail on my way to Kroger, but in taking a slightly different route home I stumbled upon the Beer Near on my return.

Soup Is Good Food
I had a good time last night hanging out and eating (too much) soup. It was fun and comfortable to hang with mostly hashers who’ve I’ve met before. You might be surprised to find that a person who has been single for nearly the last quarter of a century does not mingle and meet new people well.

My black bean soup was okay, even though I made a few mistakes in preparing it. All of the soups I ate were delicious. It always amuses me to see hashers accomplish something more than running through the woods and drinking beer. 😉

My First Trip To City Winery
Tonight I will be making my first trip to City Winery. The reason for this trip is to see Alejandro Escovedo, with The Minus Five as the opening act! I’m looking forward to checking out this venue, which sits in the southwest corner of the lot dominated by Ponce City Market, and am hopeful of calling this a “workday neighbor” if I can pass a technical interview.

Naturally I’ll give you all my review of City Winery in tomorrow’s blog post.

Enjoy the (un)seasonably warm weather.

Paulie [eatl/ga]

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16 Responses to A Hiatus Bucket List Item Completed

  1. Barb% says:

    Soup party was excellent- there were only 3 that weren’t for me – I think there was 12 choices? I never actually counted.
    the Black Bean soup was tasty, thought I’d personally like it better not blended so much, and leave some black beans in tact in it.

    I need to walk to the grocery store again, Kroger & Publix are almost a 4 mile round trip from our house. Maybe this weekend.

    I’m trying to decide if we want to have a deck evening friday. (do I want to invite people over?) With the weather being so nice & warm, I’m thinking grilling some steaks might be a good idea.

  2. A Friday the 13th gathering!!!

    It was my first time making black bean soup, and had I thought of other black bean soups I’ve had in my life I may have not blitzed it so much. I think I was concerned with the soup being too thin, so I wanted to break up more of the beans. Also, I skipped a step in the recipe which had me blitzing the other vegetables I added, so that was another reason I had to blitz it so much at the end. Oh well, live and learn.

    I didn’t try everything, but almost everything I did try was too my liking.

    Thanks again for letting me know about last night. These gatherings are monthly, correct? Depending on where Life leads me in the next handful of months I may be interested in being a host.

    I’m considering walking to City Winery as my exercise today, it’s 3.5 miles from the ITP Estate. The only reason I may not walk is that I don’t want to be sweaty when I arrive. Unfortunately, I tend to sweat easily…

  3. OOOH, I just remembered that my cadence/speed sensor is supposed to be delivered today. YIPPEE!

  4. Steve Brady!! says:

    “hashers accomplish something more than running through the woods and drinking beer” and I laughed out loud. I’m amazed that some can actually make it to the hash sometimes!

    A quiet evening with some riding and some pretty good pre-packaged Chinese Debbie made for dinner.

    One of my Games friends reached out to me yesterday. Apparently, he bought a ticket to the Burns Dinner this weekend which he can’t use. At first when I read his message, I thought he was asking me to be his “date”- thinking his female friend baled on him. As Debbie will be out of town chasing foxes in South Georgia this weekend, it looks like I have a free dinner! Highland formal at that!

    We’re off to get the sofa this afternoon. Debbie has an eye doc appointment and I’ll leave the orifice and meet her there if MARTA busses still run.


  5. Barb% says:

    I’m not a superstitious type – Friday 1/13 is just a day.

    Most hashers can actually cook – I’ve found this at these dinner pot lucks.
    Joe (aka F*ckeye) made a really great bacon cheddar bread last night.
    Next dinner will be around Valentine’s Day – probably at Claire & Darrell’s. I will update when it gets official.

    Steve – and where is this Burns dinner? And – you are going by yourself?
    Not that I want to go, but I’m curious.

    • I’m not superstitious either, though tomorrow’s title might suggest otherwise. 😉

      Joe’s bread was delicious, though the center of one loaf was raw; he would have gotten a scolding of Mary Berry and Paul Hollywood had he made this for “The Great British Baking Show”.

  6. Steve Brady!! says:

    I think it’s at Druid Hills CC, but waiting on conformation. And yes, he had only bought the one “ticket”… apparently his transportation died so he’s not able to attend.

  7. Steve Brady!! says:

    Villa Christina, at the Hyatt at Perimeter. Looks pretty snazzy…

  8. Barb% says:

    Paulie – Dean said people were there until 1 am, and he got c*ckblocked by Dawn. I’m just laughing over here………

    • Paulie [eatl/ga] says:

      1 am? Wow. With whom did he get blocked?

      Speaking of blockage, it looks as if my eyelid is starting to swell again. I was warned that this may be a recurring issue but shit, it’s not even been one week! I am getting depressed…

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