The Monkey Threw Such A Wrench Into My Plan

Like a pendulum I swing from “fix up ITP Estate and live in Atlanta for a while longer” and “dump the ITP Estate for whatever I can get for it now and move on”. My mood literally swings at least ten times a day, with no solution in sight. Today I am having a security company come out and look at installing a new security system, though I am not sure why I would commit to anything long term at this time. I am completely conflicted.

I have put a baited hook back into the employment waters and am starting to get some bites. Forgive me if I worry incessantly until I actually land a job again. I will do my best to worry in silence.

Yesterday I had a less-grandeous version of “Ferris Bueller’s Day Off”. I went to IKEA at which I could only purchase three very small items because of my indecision and desire to reduce the number of things I own.

Free Parking
From IKEA I went to the LA Fitness in Atlantic Station. Because I didn’t know the parking rules of going to LA Fitness in Atlantic Station I decided to do a “shorter” workout of 45 minutes on an elliptical. I had cause for concern because the LA Fitness on 5th Street only validates parking for ninety minutes, which is barely enough time to change clothes, work out for an hour, and shower. I found out that you get two free hours of parking at Atlantic Station; this is useful information for me.

After my workout I snaked my way over to the parking deck at the Woodruff Arts Center. I begrudgingly decided that I was okay with paying $15 for parking, since I was going to be there for about six hours. I went to the High Museum of Art, ate a very expensive dinner at Tap 1180, drank a cup of coffee at Octane Coffee, and saw the play “Too Heavy For Your Pocket” at Hertz Stage at the Alliance Theatre. As a cherry on top when I was leaving the parking deck I was waived through without having to pay!

Another Play In Store
Tomorrow night I will be going to Theatrical Outfit to see “Lost In The Cosmos”.

I’m sure I have much more to say, but the security company is to be here very soon and I can’t concentrate on this any longer.

Have a great weekend.

Paulie [eatl/ga]

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15 Responses to The Monkey Threw Such A Wrench Into My Plan

  1. Barb says:

    Work has been crazy this week – I just don’t remember last Frebruary being this busy.
    TJ & Mary ventured across the street for dinner with us, I know their house is still a complete disaster, so I figured a home cooked meal (meatloaf) would be enjoyed.

    They were told thru the realtor (or somehow) that the new buyers were upset that the big IKEA wardrobes that were in the master bedroom extra room (I have no idea how to describe that extra room) were gone. They assumed they were built in. I actually couldn’t believe Mary & TJ took them out. They really don’t have a good place for them in the new house. But – that is what happens when people don’t just say & ask for what they want.

    We are going to go camp at High Falls State Park Saturday night – hoping to get down there about noon or so tomorrow. You officially can’t check in until 1pm, and can’t reserve 1 night on the website, so we are winging it & hoping we can get a site. Its supposed to maybe rain a little Saturday, so that should hopefully work in our favor.
    Anyone – feel free to join us for camping, or mtn biking at Dauset, or beverage drinking around a campfire.

  2. Steve says:

    Maybe the Ikea appeared to be a permanent attachment instead of freestanding? I think we made clear that in our bedroom, the built in closet storage would be staying.

    We went to dinner last night- couldn’t decide and finally chose Newks. OK, I suppose, but not quite nutritious as we had hoped- all these health issues with Andy has Debbie (and I) thinking about eating better. And now, Debbie’s sisters husband is in ICU for heart arrhythmia. WTF,O?

    Tomorrow we have the Games wrap up party, unofficially known as the “We Fooled Them Again Party”. This year at a new venue in the city of Pine Lake- hopefully it’s nice.

    Sunday mountain biking? Down my direction? Hmmm…. that’s a possibility. Stay dry!


    • Barb says:

      well – I personally never even thought they’d take them out, to me they looked built in, but really, they weren’t. And – I can NOT think like my in-laws, and after they buyers tried to pull a stunt with the deck needing serious repairs, I don’t blame them, but still………..

      I think Newk’s can be healthy, if you look hard enough, but they do have some things that aren’t. (BTW -that mac n cheese is tasty). Allan & I need to make some better choices with food more often as well.

      arrhythmia – isn’t that like A-Fib?

      Text me if you want to come ride – my guess is going to be 11am, but that is totally up in the air time wise. Lots of people saying they want to come south to ride, we will see who actually does.

  3. HamWithCam says:

    Alarm monitor services are high margin. Most companies will give you the equipment, so you will pay a monthly monitoring fee. Forever. Almost all existing alarm system installs can be co-opted to a new monitoring service, except ADT. As I understand it, if you have ADT and want to switch to another monitoring company, you have to change out the keypad. ADT keypads cannot be preprogrammed. The rest of the system (windows, doors, motions, etc. can remain). The house we bought had an unused ADT system (with existing wiring for all windows, doors, motions, etc) and the company we went with, changed the key pads out for free. Boo yah.

    After some research, we went with the lowest cost monitoring service (I think it’s “Alarm Monitor Service of Atlanta”). We pay quarterly, and I think it’s like $15-sh per month. You can pay a lot more.

    Our system uses a POTS (Plain Old Telephone System) line to dial out. You can pay more for cellular, etc.

    I have no illusions about the system doing much to deter a quick “smash, grab, leave” break-in. Knock wood. But it’s nice to have for overnight and when family is home alone.

    I goof and inadvertently set the system off, AKA, “test” 🙂 (usually by going down into the basement with the system armed) every 30-45 days. The service promptly calls within 15-20 seconds. I give a code, all is well. No charge. Otherwise they call the local police. Ther are also buttons or fire, medical, etc.

    Glad to see progress anew on the job search front. So I’m presuming you have revised your “Three Lists”? Maybe others have received theirs, but I have yet to receive my personalized “I’ve just recently email…”

    Never deny others the opportunity to help…

    BTW: Next week, Tuesday to be specific, is one of two times per year (February and October) you can observe the sun setting behind the city of Atlanta skyline, as viewed from the top of Stone Mountain. Great fun. Especially if you’re a photographer.

    I hope everybody has a safe and fun weekend es 73 de JG/HamWithCam

    • Ham, mine came out to nearly the same price as I am paying with my current monitoring service, but I am getting cellular coverage which means that I can get rid of my landline if I so desire.

      btw- you should be seeing a credit for referring me.

      I’ve not revised my lists nor sent out emails yet. I’m working a few leads that I’ve discovered…

      If you want to see the type of image you can take from Stone Mountain then just look at the banner image for this blog.

  4. Steve says:

    If Joe is still in the hospital, we may be trekking there. Going to see Andy this afternoon.

  5. Security system guy has come and gone. Call me crazy, I’m getting a new security system. The old one has served me okay for nearly eighteen years but it’s time to upgrade. I suppose I will have to find a way to add in the cost of breaking the contract into the price of the house if I decide to pull up stakes within the next year.

  6. Barb says:

    Coming from what has been heard many times from a firefighter – all alarms are bullshit! He hates them, he says they are all bullshit when it comes to the fire portion. They have never once had a fire on one of those calls.
    No idea on the security part & how that works.

    I’m so glad its friday. I am OVER this work stuff this week.

    • The alarm system’s job is two-fold:
      1. alert the perps that they have a limited amount of time before the police will arrive, therefore they should grab as much as they can and get out.
      2. inform me of this.

      That’s what I will pay for.

  7. Steve says:

    Or transfer the contract with the sale. All doable.

    The old farm had a security system and when we went to replace the door into the dog room, the attached sensor got disconnected and was never reconnected. The system saw that door as open and could never be armed after that. Not that we ever did… I still have everything I need to make the repair- it was on the list, then we moved!

    Correct me if I’m wrong, but there should be several days with the sunset behind the city, no? Perhaps you mean exactly between a couple of buildings?

  8. I’m now awaiting a call from an HR person from a company here in town. This is a “first contact” call…

    It doesn’t appear as if I will find time to get a workout in today. Poop. Oh well, I’ve gone to the gym or ridden the past four days, it might do me good to take a rest day.

  9. Steve says:

    Give ’em hell, Harry.

  10. Paulie [eatl/ga] says:

    With twelve minutes remaining in my “work” day it doesn’t appear that I will be getting that call today. Bummer.

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