If the Trump and all of his cronies can make up news, I’m going to start making up words. Hence, today’s title is “Strugglation”, or the feeling of struggling in one’s life. Wait a minute! I’ve used “dangen” for years and that’s not a real English word either. Perhaps I’m just a round peg trying to fit into a square hole, which happens to be the second definition of “strugglation”.

Awash With Doubt
All weekend I waffled on my decision to let someone come over today to install a new security system. On the one hand I am looking forward to having a new system, one that uses a cellular network (for which I pay monthly of course) instead of a landline (of which I am hoping to rid myself). However it’s not as cheap as I’d hoped, and there is a three-year contract. Am I really going to be here three more years?

Anyway, the installer is due at the ITP Estate between 08:00-12:00 so I am a prisoner in my own home.

Beware Of The Ides Of March
On Saturday I received a summons for jury duty. DANGEN!!! My appearance day is in mid-March, which if I can manage to land a job soon should be about the time I start at my new company. Now isn’t that the most inconvenient time to skip work? It’s not like the county could have called me during the seven months that I have been on hiatus. At least I am not planning to be out of town during the time at which I am to report.

Because I Could
I have been working out regularly and yesterday saw me put in a good hour at LA Fitness. Afterward I wanted to sit outside in the beautiful weather and remembered that I had cycled past a restaurant in Kirkwood called The Greater Good BBQ. Upon hearing that they had but one rack of baby back ribs remaining, which may not be true and I am apparently quite a sucker for a hard sell, I ordered a half rack for a (very) early dinner.

“Good Eats At The Greater Good” (Kirkwood, Georgia, United States)
Good Eats At The Greater Good
Pictured above are my ribs, a bowl of baked beans (upper left), Texas toast (lower left), and brisket chili (lower right). Not pictured are the two SweetWater 420s (SweetWater just celebrated their 20th birthday!) that I also consumed. Everything I ate was delicious, though I thought the chili could used a few more chunks of brisket. Though the meal was expensive, especially when you drink two beers, it did momentarily help lift me out of a funk.

If You Can’t Say Anything Nice
That’s about all I will say about the play I saw on Saturday night. Hey, at least I wasn’t one of the people who left at intermission…

Gone, But Not Forgotten
I took two boxes of “things” to Goodwill yesterday. I must be continually executing this chore until all my extraneous shit is gone.

If It’s No Longer A Tube Is It Still The “Boob Tube”?
I watched a lot of things this weekend. Well, not many varied things but I spent a lot of time in my tv room.

After this weekend I have watched the entirety of the first six seasons of Parks and Recreation. I will admit to missing the show when I finish the final season, which it appears takes place in 2017 even though the series really ended in 2015.

Last night I watched Birdman or (The Unexpected Virtue of Ignorance). Suffice to say that this movie was nothing of what I expected. I am still trying to figure out of I liked it or not…

Ifs, Ands, Or Butts
If the installer gets here early enough, and the company I am trying to get an interview calls me, I will be putting my butt on my mountain bike and going out for a ride this afternoon. The goal will be to cycle over to the Decatur Public Library to return “Birdman” and then satisfy my requirements for exercising today. I realize that the library will be closed today, but I can still drop the video into the book drop. However, in order to exercise this plan so many things have to fall into place…

Happy Presidents Day.

Paulie [eatl/ga]

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21 Responses to Strugglation

  1. I forgot to mention that tonight I will have the pleasure of going through all of my paperwork in anticipation of filing income taxes.

  2. Steve says:

    Happy Presidents’ Day, indeed.

    We visited Andy Friday evening at the Kennestone Jain, er, I mean Hospital. He is ready to be sprung, even though the docs say since he can’t yet walk 20 step, he is not ready. Should only be a couple more days.

    Saturday evening was the wrap party for the Games. We did our goofy awards, mostly for people being themselves (and we caught you!), then we passed out the whisky and drank a toast to Don. We were also pleased to announce the promotions due to Dons passing. Dinner was from “The Greater Good” in Tucker! Much better the previous provider. Didn’t know they opened in Kirkwood.

    Yesterday, Debbie rode Phinney while I rode the CX bike. Just over to Bear Creek, then I went on for another 20. It was painful and my back may be paying the price today.

    At noon, a conference call with the folks in Anniston about the race in early April.


  3. Stacy says:

    FYI….your Greater Good BBQ link actually directs back to your blog again. 🙂 Well done in getting more hits on your blog (heehee). I only know this because that picture had me drooling so I thought I would go check them out. I have been craving BBQ for a while now and I’ve never been there.

    It was a lovely weekend for me. A vendor had purchased me tickets for “Atlanta Brews Cruise” last summer and I finally got to use them this weekend. We went to Sweetwater, Red Brick and 5 Seasons where we had all-you-can-drink samples (except 5 Seasons, which was just flights) and our bus driver would jump in behind the taps so we didn’t have to wait in line with everyone else. It was fun! I wouldn’t pay the $60/person for it myself, but we did have some folks in our group from California and Baltimore and I can see how it was an awesome event for them. If I were from out of town, it’d make sense.

    Came in to work today to find all my vendors are off for Presidents’ Day. Like, seriously, how come I never get this so-called national holiday off? Well, I’ll be taking next Monday off instead (use my last Floating Holiday before losing it come 2/28). Is there anything fun to do Monday afternoons in Atlanta?

  4. Well, I do believe that I am part of the greater good… 😀 Thanks, I fixed the link. According to their website they are in “Atlanta”, though I thought it was “Kirkwood”, but it may also be defined as “East Lake”. The location at which I ate is at the corner of Hosea Williams and Second Ave.

    I found the Kirkwood location by chance, while riding through the neighborhoods on my cycling journeys.

    That Brews Cruise sounds fun, and looked fun on your Instagram feed.

    Mondays are tough, museums closed and whatnot. If I were going to be in town next Monday I’d suggest lunch with me, but alas I will be driving back from Florida on that day. More on my upcoming journey later in the week.

  5. Installer is here. Here’s to hoping this goes well…

  6. Barb says:

    Stacy – that brew tour did look interesting -but yes – $60/person would be a bit much to me.

    We ended up at at RV park near High Falls State Park, as the SP was full. It was an weird place, very interesting clientele, who many seemed to be permanent residents. Most seemed nice & friendly though. Riding at Dauset was very fun, it was pretty wet on Saturday, but Sunday was perfect. I’m tired today.
    Pollen season has seemed to hit – I am all stuffy & miserable this morning. Or, I hae a serous head cold.

    • The cost of things like the brew cruise, as well as beer festivals, has kept me out of those games for awhile. I can buy a lot of beer for the cost of one of those events.

      • Stacy says:

        That’s why it’s nice to have vendors who gift them to you! 😉 But yeah, I agree. They’ve gotten way too expensive, these events. Every now and again I find them discounted on special sites and then it’s totally worth it.

  7. I’m really hoping that I am making the right call with this security system. I feel a bit overwhelmed and put off by the company’s sales tactics. I am trying to talk to the installer, but don’t want to get in his way as he does his work. Once he is done with the install I will pester him with my questions.

  8. Steve says:

    $60 for 3 stops? That does seem a bit much.

    Good news from “jail”- Andy will be released tomorrow! I know he’s ready to be “home” and get back to some sense of normal. Certainly much closer to loved ones to look after him for a while longer.

  9. Well, I’m already not a fan of the new security system because it is occasionally claiming that the kitchen door has been opened/closed, which it has not been. When the system is alarmed this mis-notification will set off a call to the alarm company. Now I get to bitch at that guy who sold me this system…

  10. Barb says:

    Speaking of alarms – our carbon monoxide detector went off in the camper at 0130am, then again at 0330am, and a 3rd time at 0430am. No idea why – when it went off the 1st time we shut off the heat – and hadn’t used the stove – so no idea why it kept going off. After the 3rd time Allan went outside & cut off the propane tank completely. That is one dang loud alarm. So, now we have to try to figure out why it was happening. And – we didn’t feel like we had been gassed, so we don’t know if we actually had a leak. We think the detector is having issues.

    • Does it have a battery? When the CO sensor I bought for the ITP Estate started going off for no reason I realized that it had been many years since I bought it and that needed a new battery.

      Now waiting for installer to return. Bike fun officially canceled. Coding/German “fun” (read “studying”) to commence.

  11. In typical fashion the door sensor has not misfired since I called to have someone come out to fix it. Yeeesh! I’m a bit of a prisoner in the house until I can get a piece of mind that this system won’t accidentally fire off a call to the police.

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