I’m Keeping My Fingers Crossed

Or auf Deutsch “Ich drücke die Daumen”, literally “I press my thumbs”.

Building Trust
The new security system did not start off strong, by lunch the kitchen door had mysteriously opened and closed at least three times without me ever going near it. With the installation technician scheduled to occur “some time later this afternoon” I was a prisoner in the ITP Estate all day.

The installer returned, looked at the door, went down in the basement and (supposedly) fixed something in the main box, returned upstairs and tried the door several times without fail, and left. I have not had a phantom signal since noon yesterday, I am hoping that this system is rock solid and that I can trust it.


Starting Over
I am scheduled, scheduled this time, to have a phone call with a local company about employment. This call is to happen at 1pm so I am going to spend the rest of this morning brushing up on some simple things.

Hoping For The Afternoon I Am Anticipating
After the call I need to get out of the house. In doing so I will be setting the alarm for the first time. I hope that nothing goes wrong.

If I do not have to handle a false alarm I will be going to the Dekalb Public Library (in a car) to return “Birdman”, to LA Fitness, and then to German class.

If I have no issues with the alarm system then I can place (some) confidence in it being okay when I go away later this week.

I’m keeping my fingers crossed…

Paulie [eatl/ga]

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  1. HamWithCam says:

    You’ll get used to arming/disarming your system. Ours is a bit tricky, as we have an inside only pet. Consequently, certain motion zones must be excluded when we arm the system. There is also an option for arming when you are inside and want an immediate alarm (as at night) and arming when you are going away and plan to return, so you have enough time to open the door, put down groceries disarm, etc.

    We’ve stuck with the “60-second delay” when initially arming (“beep, beep, beep…”), rather going straight to arming. Creatures of habit.

    You’ll get your routine down pat in a few days.

    As mentioned, I set our alarm off every 30-45 days. Oops. It serves as a nice periodic test. Make sure you picked a code word you can recall, easily, when the alarm company calls in 20 or so seconds. 🙂

    Pro tip: Make sure when you arm your system, and you intend to “stay inside” you pause appropriately as necessary (we need to do that to wait for a beep when excluding zones, then proceed with arming). Otherwise, you can have a rude awakening at like 2am (motion zone apparently not excluded)! And will have the need to run around the house checking everything. I, errr…”heard this from a friend”.

    The Atlanta pollen count was like 1250 yesterday. Apparently only 380 today. Spring done sprung.

    Or in German: “Der Frühling ist da” <– John speak German too, like Paulie.*
    (*Inside joke from my very early days of programming the original Mac.)

    73 de JG/HamWithCam

    • My only concern was with the random nature of the system detecting that the kitchen door had opened/closed, when it had actually not done so.

      Have you added any additional devices to your system? If so, where did you buy them, or did you just buy devices that are z-wave compatible?

      • HamWithCam says:

        No additional devices added.

        Our system is a simple (old school) series of switches at windows/doors with motion detectors throughout. No glass breaks, etc. You open the circuit, the alarm goes off. Everything home runs to the panel with wires. Zoned. No wireless devices. Fortunately, our house was (pre)wired during construction. Far as I know.

        Switches are two parts; switch, and magnet. You move the magnet away from the switch (when opening a door/window) and the circuit is broken. And you get a chime or alarm (if system is armed). Simple. Same for motions, if motion is detected.

        Our panels will show a fault (open) in the system when you attempt to arm. We see this routinely if everybody is not staged at the door and prepared to exit when the alarm is being set. (Motion in kitchen, cannot arm, etc.)

        I have added additional functions (video cameras, etc.) but they are not integrated with the security system. Being an IT guy, I did that install myself.


  2. Steve says:

    For all this alarm talk, I love living in the country.

    Andy is currently being sprung from jail. Debbie was up earlier than me (!) to go meet her niece/Andy’s daughter to drive from Meansville to May-retta for the lessons in home care. Fortunately, his interim abode is fully handicap accessible.

    Knocked over trees yesterday. My back was much happier when I was wearing a hot pack (which amazingly stayed warm for a good 10 hours). No hot pack today, but feeling OK.

    And yesterdays conference call about Anniston included this little tidbit- the race director will be 8.5 months pregnant at the event! What could possibly go wrong?

    I’m parked here at the bank so I can leave for Birmingham/Nashville shortly. Glad I don’t make the whole drive every day. What a PITA.

    Good luck with the call.


  3. Stacy says:

    Are you going to the Ansley LA Fitness? I’m headed to do laundry after work and if you have time before class and want to grab a bite, let me know. I can go to the Ansley laundromat and meet you between cycles if the timing works out. (The Scout Mob powers also show that the Vinny’s location there is giving away a free slice of cheese pizza too.) 🙂

  4. Barb says:

    DAMN POLLEN – it has hit me hard. Today is a little better, so maybe my Allegra & Claritin both yesterday are starting to kick in. I hate being allegic to all the trees & grasses – I have a love hate relationship with Spring.
    I did nothing last night – due to the zombied feeling I had from the pollen. Caught up on some TV shows Allan doesn’t like.

    I hope the alarm works like its supposed to – we will never have one at our house, but I do know how to work one, as we have 1 here at the office.

  5. Well, the kitchen door just “opened” and “closed” again. Fuck.

    • HamWithCam says:

      Is that door wired, or wireless?

    • And now I await at home for a technician to arrive between 2-4. Nothing like continually putting your life on hold…

    • And the worst part of this is that it’s intermittent. The door did not “open/close” from noon yesterday to 9:40am. I don’t know why it’s happening so I’ll never feel confident that it’s fixed.

      • HamWithCam says:

        Best guesses:
        – poor positioning between magnet and switch.
        – poor connection with switch at the door (typically crimped)
        – bad connection at panel
        – who knows…

        Hopefully, the assigned tech will realize these free trouble calls are costing the company money and run it to ground. Hopefully.

        Pro tip: Follow the tech around. Everywhere. Like a chatty cat. (I do.)

        Good luck,

  6. Technician had a previous job cancel, showed up a few hours earlier than scheduled… New wireless “contact” sensor in place, let’s see how well this fares.

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