“TIL”- “This I Learned”

Yeah, you knew that, but I had to look it up.

TIL: Cycling On A Full Stomach
Yesterday’s weather around lunch time was marvelous, much better than forecast I saw all morning long.

For my bike ride to meet Darren for lunch at Fox Brothers BBQ I donned a long-sleeved technical t-shirts and yellow-tinted glasses. It was supposed to be cloudy, or so I read.

Wrong! Oh well.

Lunch was delicious. I ate a combo plate of ribs and pulled pork with fries and Mac n Cheese for my sides. Hey, I was going to ride it off.

Wrong! Ugh.

My journey home revealed that, like swimming, one should wait an appropriate amount of time before cycling. I cut my “long” ride very short and returned home nearly immediately.

No regrets because it was an enjoyable lunch.

TIL: I Love “The Great British Baking Show”
Okay, this is really “TIK” – “This I Knew”

Yesterday I completed Season 4 (US Season 1) of “The Great British Baking Show”. Attentive ITP Readers who have been here since the start of last year may remember that I have already seen this season. Correct, and I also remembered it as if I watched it yesterday, but that didn’t matter to me.

This week I will embark on watching Season 5 (US Season 2) which is also available on Netflix.

TIL: I Still Don’t Know Where I Will Land
Job options are still bubbling, I still consider moving out of the ITP Estate. Because I am single with no children I have so many options about how to live the rest of my life. But this is really “TWAK” – “This We All Knew”

Make it a great day friends. (“Machen Sie es einen tollen Tag Freunde” or something like that…)

[update: per Google Translate that should have been “Mach es ein toller Tag Freunde”]

Paulie [eatl/ga]

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24 Responses to TIL

  1. Oh yeah, I forgot to mention the wildly fun time I had printing and gathering my tax paperwork for my meeting with my talk prepare on Thursday morning. Weeee!

  2. Steve says:

    You only now learned not to ride on a full stomach? Rookie mistake. And we still have the tax thing to do… we know it will be ugly, so we are putting it off as long as possible.

    As I don’t have a usable road bike, I literally dusted off the old Bianchi and spun it for a while. Steel may be real, but I wonder why I put up with a bike that really didn’t fit me very well for so long. Add to that torture that I broke the strap on my HRM! I guess hydrochloric acid really will dissolve plastic after a while. Who knew?

    Watched the broadcast for Paris-Nice last night. Romain Bardet got pipped by the jury for having a little too much time hanging onto the car. C’mon dude, there were 4 incidents they showed on camera, one with the mechanic spraying the drivetrain with lubricant! That cost him his number, 200 SF, the team manager a place in the race and one team car. You were hosed when you crashed at 20km- you were already in the second group on the road. Take it like a man… the wind was something else. Not sure how much the echelon was helping. You could see the riders leaning into the wind. Ouch.


    • Barb says:

      I reminded Allan about the derailleur again yesterday – he is at Cycleworks Thursday – so he may be getting whatever you need then. Feel free to text him – I will send you his#.

      • Steve says:

        I have Allan’s number.. and you and TJ and Mary! Well, Mary’s just gives me TJ’s email!

    • First time that I have ever had any sort of gastric distress that forced me to shorten a ride.

  3. Barb says:

    I need to do our taxes – Allan re-adjusted things with the City last year, so hopefully we don’t have to pay a big chunk like we did last year.
    Maybe one night, but probably not tonight.

    Besides that – watched the movie – The Girl on the Train. I’ve heard of this book from a lot of people. Not sure I’d want to read it, the movie was interesting, but didn’t thrill me that much.

    • Stacy says:

      I actually just watched that too. I picked up the book in the NOLA airport on my trip back home since I had finished the one I brought with me. The book was really good! Then as soon as I finished it I watched the movie. I really liked the book a whole lot better. I think I would have been confused by the movie if I didn’t know what was going on already. Now I’m bookless and need to find another STAT. I hate not being in the middle of a book.

    • Saw the trailer for TGONT when I saw Hell or High Water last year; no interest for me.

  4. Listening to this week’s “The Forward” podcast (Lance Armstrong’s podcast). He was in the Atlanta are last weekend, rider my the Southern Cross ride. He apparently knows one of the owners of the Hawks, and gor free court-side seats for their recent game against Cleveland. Ah celebrity…

  5. Barb says:

    hey – this is still a maybe, but Sarah & Sal are thinking about doing the double century to Anniston & back the weekend of May 20th. Allan has a class that starts in Anniston on Sunday 5/21. We may drive to Anniston on Saturday & ride backwards & meet them for a few road miles.
    I case any ITP-readers want to over achieve……. contact Sarah & Sal.

  6. Steve says:

    I doubt I could put one century together, much less two. But then I don’t do hill repeats on Neels Gap, either!! Overachiever.

    • Barb says:

      Just thought it might be something for Paulie to train for.
      Or – you can always start in Rockmart or Cedartown – make it basically 1 century over 2 days.

  7. Barb says:

    We officially have 2 regos for InterAm Phoenix in October. I guess we are going.
    Next issue is to find a hotel room, its sold out as well. hopefully someone will have a room to give up someday. and – hopefully Connie will have a house or somewhere for us to crash before it all starts – so we can have some extra time in AZ.

    • Paulie [eatl/ga] says:

      I have a ergo but the hotel sold out before I could get a room. It is unlikely that I will be attending given my current employment status and the likelihood that I will have no time off available to me then.

  8. Barb says:

    I’ll see who else I hear needs a rego – its the easiest process to transfer it yet.
    I’ll worry about the hotel later – damn, I wish you had a room, that would have made it so easy.

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