The New Normal

It seems as if my days are bonkers right now. I continue to get calls and exchange emails about employment, but nothing feels as “right” as when I thought that I was going to be working for “The Patriots”. I must also convince myself to not leap at the first job that is offered to me, but to be patient enough to pick the one about which I feel right.

Even worse, these meetings, carve up my day the same way meetings used to carve up my programming day back in the office.

Case and Point
Today’s original plan was to:
– wake up super-early so that I could beat traffic to Sandy Springs and be at the DMV when it opened
– if the DMV took less than two hours (dreamer!) I would go to an LA Fitness in Sandy Springs
– meet ITP-Reader Barb for lunch
– go to my bank to close my no-longer-needed business account and transfer those funds to my now-ailing personal account
– go to Lefont Sandy Springs to see “The Founder” before it leaves the theaters
– return ITP

And then yesterday I had to schedule a phone meeting for “the afternoon”. Now it appears that the DMV, and most likely seeing the movie are out of the equation. I am hoping to get my shit together to accomplish LA Fitness and the bank. Lunch is the only certainty as of now.

Speaking Of Funds
During my night of productivity on Monday I gathered up all four of the American Express prepaid rewards cards I had received from iDine in order to check their balances. I was angered to read that “a $2 montly maintenance fee will be applied to cards starting seven months after issuance”. You guessed it, because I hadn’t thought to use these cards American Express essentially stole back all of the balances on three of the four via the “maintenance fee” clause.

Note to self: upon receiving one of these cards use it immediately.

I Rode Paris-Nice!
Yesterday I combined my love of watching others ride their bicycles with the necessity to ride my own. As the coverage of Paris-Nice began yesterday I waddled down into the ITP basement and put in seventy minutes of riding along with the pros.

For the tech nerds, here was my setup:
– I used the NBC Sports Gold iOS app to stream coverage to my iPad
– I used Apple’s AirPlay technology to send the video to an AppleTV
– The AppleTV is connected to a projector, which throws the video onto the screen

Except for realizing that I was pedaling less than half as fast as the images on my screen it was like being there! Well, I may have been delirious whilst pedaling…

Times up! I must move on to another task.

The weather is supposed to be great, make your day great too.

Paulie [eatl/ga]

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17 Responses to The New Normal

  1. Just added two more phone calls to my life, one at 14:30 tomorrow and one at 16:00 on Friday.

  2. Steve says:

    As you rode, you should have had the freezer door open and the shower spraying on you! That was a miserable day to be bike racing. And then the wind! Ugh. They were earning their money yesterday.

    I rode the Bianchi last night. Raising the saddle helped, though I might as well be sitting on a 2×4 for the level of comfort. And I’ve added sit ups to the workout routine in preparation for 3 days on the back of a moto in May.

    I hope to get out at lunch for a decent walk. “Spring” in ATL is not to be wasted.


  3. Stacy says:

    I use up gift cards, trivia winnings — you name it — as soon as I get them for that very reason. I can’t tell you how much free bar cash I’ve lost over the years from not using it, going back later and finding the place had closed or switched owners or something.

    A wrench has been thrown into my Fox Theater side gig, so depending how they handle it, we’ll see how long this will last. It seems they’re so short of hands that even when you ask off, you get scheduled and that’s so not going to work for me. This is a PT gig, not 40 hours a week (and they knew that). Thankfully I am in a place where I can walk away from it if it ends up being a problem – this is just for fun, to get ahead on some bills, make vacations more easy. Low stress for me. Not the case for a lot of the other folks there.

    Tonight a bunch of us are headed to Polaris for happy hour. I’ve never been (gasp! and I call myself an Atlanta city girl!) I’m mentioning it here because ITP-writer Paulie and ITP-readers all are welcomed to join us, yes please! “Us” being Terri, Frank, Claire, Jude, Gina, me so far and then whoever else sees the event in our Facebook “Downtown Atlanta Fun Folks” group page. (if you’re on books of faces and want to join the group so you’re privy to these things too, just let me know) We’re not planning on dining there – too rich for my everyday average Wednesday blood – just a cocktail or two. They open at 5pm. VERY convenient to MARTA hint hint. 🙂

  4. Steve says:

    Oh MAN! I make you look like you just got off the bus from Wisconsin and I’VE never been to the Polaris!! I might have to try it…

    Maybe the Fox folks have some folks they can schedule when they don’t request and some they can’t? It would seem these positions should be reasonably easy to fill and not be so short handed.

    • Stacy says:

      Yeah, maybe! I’m going to be one of those people if so though. 😉

      I got the scoop the other day from some long-time folks that apparently when I was hired, nearly 30 others were at the same time. Apparently a lot of the existing folk had started getting too big in their britches and refusing to do certain tasks and things…. and because it was the holidays and they were so short staffed there really wasn’t much that can be done about it. So this was the reaction: hire new people, give them all the good shifts, show them they’re expendable. Which is clever, really. I obviously don’t know the politics that happened before I got there, but it’ll be interesting to see how this unfolds.

  5. Barb says:

    last night I met some former co-workers at the WR Social House on the Marietta Square. It just happened to be Taco Tuesday, and their fish tacos were just $2 each (instead of the regular $11 on the menu, I’m guessing was for 3). AND – bad beer plus – PBR Tall Boys were also $2. Since we were just there to catch up, we decided on cheap dining – total bill (including dessert, not on special) – was $16 each. We had a very sweet waitress, so we completely over tipped her, since we felt like we spent nothing.

    See you in about 1.5 hours Paulie – looking forward to The Local – never been there for lunch – just breakfast (they have the most awesome chicken biscuit)

  6. Paulie [eatl/ga] says:

    Howdy all.

    I’ll sound like a rube by admitting I know nothing of Polaris. I’d join tonight, but Plan “C” is to go to the gym and do laundry.

    I’ve closed out the Sharpened Stone account and am now killing time in Marietta before meeting Narb for lunch around 11:40.

    • Stacy says:

      Well if Plan C morphs into Plan D, please consider joining us! Poor Frank’s the only testosterone so far…

      And you know Polaris – you just don’t know that you do. 🙂 It’s the blue revolving restaurant atop the Hyatt that was born in the late 60s, closed for a good many years, and was reopened a few years back all revitalized.

  7. Barb says:

    Tasty lunch at the Marietta Square with Paulie – I was good & did not order the chicken & French toast – damn it looked good as it went by………..
    and didn’t order the special Pork Belly sandwich – damn that looked tasty as well.
    Trying to not order the most unhealthy thing on the menu is so hard.

  8. More high-pressure phone calls about possible employment. This convinces me that I should never attempt independent consulting, because I hate this.

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