Same Face, Different Place

Yesterday I branched out, visiting a different branch of LA Fitness. Because of my desire to park in garage due to the weather, as well as my need to visit Target afterward, I decided to visit the Peachtree Road (or is it Street?) location, the one which shares its space with Dick’s Sporting Goods, Target, Publix, as well as various other establishments. You may have started a Peachtree Road (definitely not Street) Race from this location; I know that I have.

And because I have lived in the Atlanta area since 1995 I’ve seen my fair share of gym chains come and go — Bally’s, Australian Body Works, and Crunch Fitness — to name some; I’m sure that I am missing others. This LA Fitness started its life as one of those, if memory serves it was once a Crunch Fitness. Even had I not known that there was once another brand of gym at this location I could tell by the decor that it was not created by the folks who create LA Fitnesses. Overall the experience was good but the men’s room locker doors were of IKEA quality (hey, I’m a single man so you know that I love IKEA), which are nowhere near sturdy enough to withstand the punishment of knucklehead men that workout in gyms.

I Make A Motion To Go To IKEA
Over last weekend I accomplished something constructive. SHOCKING! On Sunday I installed and added a motion detector to my security system. In doing so I have started debating converting the room that was once known as the “guest bedroom”, which may have had four different people sleep in it during the past eighteen years, into my “office”. Oooooh, fucking fancy Paulie with an office! That’s right.

While the purchase and subsequent installation of a new piece of furniture is strictly verboten I intend to sacrifice at least two pieces of furniture to account for this addition. It’s all about net negatives.

I have a dream goal, by the time I figure out where I want to live the rest of my life I want furniture to fill the following four types of living spaces:

  1. one bedroom which should be large enough to accommodate the clothing for me and a female partner
  2. one entertainment space in which I can relax and watch tv/movies/videos or listen to music
  3. one office in which no entertainment other than reading shall be permitted
  4. one suffering space in which I can set up a trainer and sweat out the remainder of my soul; if this space could also accommodate a photography “studio” that would be ideal

Sure, my next living space will have a kitchen and at least one bathroom but I don’t expect to furnish them.

Another One Bites The Dust
Tonight ends “German B1.3”. “German B1.4” starts in three weeks and since I didn’t move forward on the job which would require “up to 50%” travel I should be able to attend classes; I’ve signed up regardless.

With German B1.4 I am going to put a renewed interest into gaining enough confidence to attempt speaking to people in German. I’ve already started occasionally tweeting in German to the befuddlement of 99.9% of those who follow me, that is if people still actually read Twitter. This class will be the last before I travel back to Germany at the end of June so I want to finish it with the confidence to tell someone that “I am pleased to meet them but I do not speak enough to their language to facilitate having a conversation and that I hope that I didn’t offend them by saying something erroneously.”. I bet that there is a German compound noun that expresses this in one word.

Make it a great Tuesday friend. I know that you can!

Paulie [eatl/ga]

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5 Responses to Same Face, Different Place

  1. Steve says:

    I keep hearing ads for “News in slow.. (Spanish, French)” but not in German. I think if they have that, it would really be helpful. And still, a non-pressure situation of conversational German would be the most help. Me being such an expert!!

    A quiet evening of catching up on “Madam Secretary” and the last stage of Paris-Nice. I’ll be damned if Contador didn’t almost pull off an upset by dropping the yellow jersey group with 50k to go and dropping all but one from the original break. I think he needed 25 seconds and only managed 23. Impressive still, after 7 days of racing.

    I ordered a replacement strap for my HR monitor and was all set to use it when riding last night, but the battery was dead. It’s hard enough to ride indoors, but with no speed sensor or heart rate, it’s really tough.

    Meeting Barb for lunch and dropping my Trek with her so Allan can replace the derailleur, chain and (I noticed last night) true the rear wheel. I guess when the chain wrapped the shifter up, it also torqued the wheel pretty bad. Those wheels have been rock solid from day one and have only needed a bit of truing once.

    Barb, I think it will have to be Willy’s today, as I forgot my co-worker was taking his wife to the doctor this afternoon, so I can’t be too long.

    Games meeting tonight.


  2. Barb says:

    I went to my strength & tone class last night at the Y – and then I too caught up on Madam Secretary, as well as some other various Chicago shows (Fire, PD, Med, Justice – can you believe there are 4 of them now?) Allan won’t watch Chicago Fire, but I like it.
    I really need to do our taxes.
    Steve – Looking forward to lunch – Willie’s it is – 1145 unless you tell me otherwise.
    (Paulie РWest Paces Ferry & 75 in the Publix shopping center by OK Caf̩, if you are out & about)

  3. I will be there. ***Paulie hurries to jump into shower***

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