Wasted Day And Wasted Night

Not with alcohol however…

I am feeling a lot better now that I was yesterday morning, though I can’t say that I am back to a full 100% yet. I still occasionally get what I call “fever bursts” where I get really warm, and sweat a bit, for a minute or two. If I were a woman I’d assume I were having hot flashes.

Due to tiredness and a lingering, pounding headache I didn’t accomplish much more than watching the final three episodes of Season 6 (BBC counting) of “The Great British Bake Show”. I also found out that there has been a seventh season, not available for streaming in the US however, and unfortunately know the winner before getting to see the first episode.

What I didn’t expect last night was a case of insomnia which kept me wide awake until nearly 2:00am until I finally crashed for the evening.

A New, And Probably Temporary, Relationship With Food
You know that I am bad with relationships, right. Well, recently losing nearly four days of my life to illnesses most likely caused by food has changed my attitude toward it, at least temporarily.

I have always been a “live to eat” person instead of an “eat to live” person. However, Sunday’s food consumption was one packet of fig bars, along with copious amounts of water and cranberry juice. I branched out a bit for yesterday’s consumption by eating one bowl of pasta with butter, and added a cup of tea.

I am going to attempt to follow a stripped down food lifestyle for awhile as a means of keeping my feet below me and saving a few bucks, at least until I can once again convince myself that food is not out to kill me. Who knows, I may lose a few pounds in the process as well.

Not What I Expected Times Two
While eating my one meal yesterday I decided to pop in the “Learn Basic German by DVD” DVD that I picked up from the library on Friday; it didn’t stay in my DVD player very long. Even if the video quality didn’t look as if it was recorded to DVD via a handheld VHS camcorder pointed at a movie screen, the content that I saw was nothing more than words/phrases on the screen which were read out in German with no other explanation as to their construction. This is not exactly the form of learning that works best for me.

In making my cup of tea last night I opened a new box of decaffeinated “Black Tea” from Bigelow that I bought because I am having troubles locating my favorite English and Irish decaffeinated Breakfast Mixes put out by Twinings. Because I am not one to pay great attention to packaging what I failed to read in addition to the stand-out “Black Tea” text was the subtle addition of “flavored with orange rinds and a special spice mix”. While I am not fundamentally opposed to flavored teas, it wasn’t what I was hoping to get.

I Understand That There Is A World Outside The Doors Of The ITP Estate
I’m hoping to feeling up to investigating said world. German classes are on break. I think due to my recent health problems I should wait another day or two before returning to LA Fitness. Food is not a top priority, so going out for lunch currently holds no allure. So my grand day out may consist of walking up to East Atlanta Village to mail my Georgia income tax payment. WHEEEEE! At least I’ll get some exercise in the process.

Hope yours is a great Tuesday.

Paulie [eatl/ga]

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18 Responses to Wasted Day And Wasted Night

  1. Barb says:

    the U-Verse drama is still ongoing – the appt that I had for last night, according to them, was never actually entered into their system, so, no tech ever arrived. I have such a hard time believing that, as Sonny (with a strong Indian accent) and & went over the details about it, with Allan’s cell#, my cell#, the fact that we need a tech that had some experience with CoAx vs Ethernet.
    New appt for today with a “senior” tech scheduled from 1-4pm.
    I am seriously considering switching to Xfinity if this doesn’t get resolved today. At least I’d get to save some money doing that, as their introductory deals are pretty good.

    And – the garbage disposal stopped working – so Allan gets to replace it today. Not a huge deal, but it is just aggravating, seems everything is breaking at the same time. really worried about the #3 thing, if things really do happen in 3s.

    • Good luck with everything Barb.

      When/If I ever renovate the ITP Estate I will not install a garbage disposal in the kitchen. I don’t find them to be terribly useful, and with the addition of a $3 metal strainer that keeps big things from falling down the drain I have nothing to “dispose”.

  2. Barb says:

    and Steve – if Thursday night works for you to get the bike, it works for us.

    • Steve says:

      Actually, Debbie will not be available, so I’ll come up with another plan- that might involve Wheelhopper on Sunday if you are so inclined.

      An easy ride last night as I waited too late to get in anything serious. I rolled past Debbie as I left and she said to be back before dark. To ensure that, I cut through the trails nearby which required a creek crossing. Winter is still not far away as that water was cold. I might have been able to ride through, but I think my feet would have still been in the water! I also didn’t want to risk crashing and going for a swim.

      I’m annoyed my HR monitor is still on the fritz. A new battery did not heal it, after replacing the broken strap. I’ll try another battery, but I don’t ever recall a “coin” battery being DOA.

      Richie Bros. auction tomorrow. I have some bids in on the timed lots, so I’ll see what happens.


      • Maybe it’s time for a new heart rate monitor? I’ve had my two give me temporary fits — stop recording, tell me my heart rate is over 200 bpm — but nothing that has cause me to consider ditcheing either (yet).

  3. Just paid my monthly health insurance. I still get irked having to pay an additional $20 because I am paying by credit card.

    • Barb says:

      $20 is crazy to charge as a convenience charge, if you mailed a check, it would be no charge, right? so dumb

      • I think if I mail a check or do a direct withdrawal from a checking account there is no additional fee. I could do either, but prefer the immediacy and benefits of paying by credit card.

  4. Steve says:

    $20 for a credit card? That’s a profit center for sure.

    The HR has a new belt because the clip broke. Up until that, it was working perfectly. So far I haven’t exhausted all the troubleshooting options to throw in the towel… yet.

    I may have made a mistake by telling Debbie about the auction. Now she’s gone shopping!

  5. I’m about to leave home base for the first time since Saturday. If you don’t see a blog post tomorrow you will know that I have failed my mission.

  6. Jenka says:

    That’s how most black tea/breakfast teas are flavored, it’s a standard British recipe.

    Environmentally speaking, using a garbage disposal is much better than throwing food in the trash. Trash is encased in plastic and goes to a landfill, while things that go down the disposal enter the sewage system and go through the treatment plant and eventually biodegrade. It’s not a huge difference, but considering the crisis situation we’re in regarding landfills, every little bit helps.

    • If only proper things were sent down the disposal I’d agree with you 100%. I’m more concerned about the City of Atlanta’s sewage system and its years of abuse and neglect than I am our landfills.

  7. Barb says:

    So- a trucker sent us a cookiegram. we love & hate that guy right now.

    • Stacy says:

      OMG! I want a picture! 🙂
      I know they’re not, but I am really hoping that the cookies are truck-shapped.

      • Barb says:

        Just a cardboard box filled with cookies.
        Not that exciting looking…….. except cookies!!!
        They are just 4 regular round cookies together, in little bags.
        4 cookies!!!! Luckily – 3 of us split 1 bag, the 4th cookie is here on my desk…….. looking very tasty & calling me to eat it.
        There is chocolate chip, white macadamia nut, peanut butter with chocolate & cinnamon sugar.
        We now really like Scott from Freightmaster.

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