Just A Quickie

After yesterday’s information drop there is not much to say today. Oh, since it appears as if I will be remaining in Atlanta I’m considering hiring people to work on the ITP Estate. You know, kitchen and bathroom renovation that would have to address plumbing issues. Nothing big.

In all seriousness, I am thinking of this but am stymied as to where I start looking into people who can provide estimates for the work needed.

Until then I will continue to clear out the house of items that are not sparking joy within me. It’s feeling great to get rid of things, like I am able to manage my life again.

Other Miscellaneous Updates
I have decided that I will not be spreading too much information about my new gig in the blog. I will share information in person, but am going to be guarded in this space. Also be warned that as a new employee I will not have much time for this space, so updates/comments throughout the day will be rare.

The gift card that I ordered from my credit card company using rewards points finally arrived. I now have $100 to spend at Amazon. This would have been helpful last week when I spent $40 on items, but I’m sure I’ll find some way to spend it.

I’ve finished the first two, of three, seasons of Chef’s Table. For me it’s inspirational viewing as I will most never likely eat at any of the restaurants highlighted.

Looking at my calendar I see that in a week from Saturday I will be doing my first 50k bike ride of the year, Tony Serrano Ride. Um, even with all of the exercising I have been doing this year I am not sure that I will be ready for it. Oh well, won’t be the first time that I go into an event unprepared.

Today is laundry day, and I will be changing things up a bit. Today I will be washing the comforter (not a euphemism) so I will be going to the laundromat next to Lee’s Bakery. Any guess as to where I will be eating lunch today? CRAZY CHEAP SANDWICHES! 😀

Make it a great Tuesday.

Paulie [eatl/ga]

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20 Responses to Just A Quickie

  1. Steve says:

    I think it’s wise not to air the work laundry in this not very private space. I hope the new job is a huge success and they soon learn how talented you are.

    After a bit of indoor riding, I fought the good fight with the impeller at the bottom of the auction spreader. My theory is, if I can get it removed, I can then remove the hopper and work on the control surfaces. So far the impeller is winning, despite 2 crow bars (not to be confused with Kro-bar) and some torch time. It is a recalcitrant SOB.

    Tomorrow’s blog reply will come from the wilds of Decatur, while I wait on Debbie’s surgery to complete.


  2. Barb says:

    Allan & I were talking – you need to sell the ITP estate & move to a condo in midtown, once you know that this new gig is right for you.
    We really think you would be so much happier, not having to deal with the house & all the crap that goes with it. Plus, walking to work? How awesome would that be???

    Allan replaced our carbon monoxide/propane sensor on the camper yesterday – hope it works for the campout – but to be sure not to scare the crap & wake everyone up, we may just shut the propane completely off at night, until we know it works correctly.

    BTW- can’t remember if I mentioned this here – TJ gave us a shitload of cycling clothes, tshirts, and other things from all of his years of getting these sort of things.
    We had a garage sale at Wheelhopper Sunday, got rid of a few jerseys, shorts, etc. but didn’t even make a dent in it. I’ve got a whole box of stuff for Dean (he likes the bright yellow Mavic stuff). I made Sally take a Team USA skin suit – she isn’t sure about that!
    Steve – we’ve got quite a few bib shorts that may fit you, if you need a pair. I wish I liked bibs, but damn it – you can’t pee without getting undressed.
    Only thing bad about most of it – its all smaller sizes, even if it says XL. I really wonder about the people that decide on how to size cycling clothes.

    • Condo in midtown sounds good, but really expensive.

      • Barb says:

        hell – just rent an apartment? Then you can leave & move to Germany when the time is right?

        There has so be some sort of deals on all those condos they keep building in midtown – who can afford them? And – after you sell your house, I’d guess you will have some profit $$, maybe not as much as you’d like, but you will have some. Your neighborhood is desirable, even if you don’t think it is.

  3. Barb says:

    as for a contractor – talk to Surly or Stupid. They could steer you in the correct direction. I know Surly said he is booked up for about 2 months out these days, but he knows people. I actually think Gentri does some of that stuff these days too.

    • Stacy says:

      I was going to recommend all of those three people ^^ Barb did. Also, this is the exact reason I like social media. Have gotten many recommendations that way (including a great doctor I now love!). I know Phil and Georgia (Idaho) both had a lot of work done on their homes lately and both look gorgeous – maybe reach out to them too?

  4. Steve says:

    Free cycling clothes? You bet!

    I’d say both Surly and Stupid are worth waiting for. I also can’t disagree that you might be happier in a condo, especially if you could walk to work! That would be pretty cool.

  5. Huh, it appears as if defining the lavanderia as “the one near Las Lortas Locas” is no longer sufficient as there is a “new” location of the tortas shop in the same small strip mall as Lee’s Bakery.

  6. Now I am surprised at the number of people eating at Lee’s bakery at nearly 2pm.

  7. Barb says:

    An old FL hash friend (itchy bitch) is in town on business, I think we may go bother Yassir at his trivia game tonight. If anyone wants to join us, its at St Angelo’s Pizza on S Atlanta Rd in Smyrna. And Paulie – she is married (to a Scotsman), in case you were wondering. I haven’t seen her in person in at least 10 years, maybe longer. But – thanks to FB, we are still buddies.

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