I’m Hatching Plans

The thought that I am hatching plans should startle and scare you, well, at least it should do so to me. Progress is being made, details will appear here as milestones are met.

Yesterday my new hangars that I ordered from Amazon arrived. Unfortunately they were placed outside my front door, fortunately I got the box before any other enterprising individual had the chance. These are the hangars I purchased:
Jeronic 12 Pack Slack Pant Hangers Skirt Hangers With Clips, Clear. Why? Because I have devised a system of putting a complete cycling kit into a clear baggie, and then clipping that baggie and hanging it. When I go for a day, or multiple days, of cycling I simply have to unclip the appropriate number of baggies to take with me. Brilliant!

Time Is A Funny Thing
I have been out of work for nine months. About a month’s worth of that time I traveled, the other eight months have been available for improvement. Where did that time go?

With two weeks of liberation available I am going to crank hard to accomplish some tasks that need to be done in the ITP Estate, especially since free weekends are going to be scarce over the next few months.

A Very Productive Day
Yesterday was a very good day for me. For the first time in too long I mounted the bike trainer in the basement and rode for an hour. During my hour I watched an episode of Chef’s Table, and a portion of an episode of The Mind Of A Chef.

Showered and ready to go I loaded up the M6 with a shitload of dirty laundry and did wash at the lavanderia next to Lee’s Bakery. After laundry I ate a lunch of a Bahn Mi sandwich and a bowl of Pho. I was not hungry for the remainder of the day.

Being in that neighborhood I walked across the street and parking lot and did a little shopping at Aldi. I picked up a few staples as well as a bottle of cheap prosecco.

Upon returning home I took a hard nap before putting away my laundry and groceries.

The early evening was spent cleaning out part of my basement and loading up the M6 with things that will be going to Goodwill today.

Just Like Old Times
When you read this I am most likely OTP. WHAT? Yeah. I have a bunch of tasks to do today, many of which must or can be done in the Perimeter Mall area. So just like the olden days I have returned to my old working grounds.

Today I will (or have done depending on when you read this):

  • workout at LA Fitness
  • dump a carload of things off at Goodwill
  • give a bag-load of wire hangars to my old dry cleaner
  • buy a few needed things at Target
  • take old, valueless, obsolete Apple products to the Apple Store in Perimeter Mall for recycling (I’ll also get to see the new store that has opened there since I left Echostar)
  • buy a few new shirts at Macy’s that I can to wear to work
  • do some banking

I will also be eating lunch in the area, Taco Mac? Chuy’s? Who knows.

If I can pull all of this off on my appointed schedule I should be able to escape the Perimeter Mall area before traffic becomes insane and return home to make myself dinner and relax for the rest of the evening.

Paulie [eatl/ga]

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17 Responses to I’m Hatching Plans

  1. Slight change of plans. Due to the fact that I’m fighting oncoming allergies today thanks to the emergence of pollen, and that I don’t have a desire to fight the traffic up to the Perimeter Mall area, I’m going to work out at a different LA Fitness first, and then make my way to Dunwoody.

  2. Barb says:

    Dunwoody – Perimeter Mall area – aren’t they basically the same thing traffic wise?

    Last night I met up with an old FL hash friend who I don’t think I’ve seen her in person since before we were married. (that would be more than 15 years ago next week!)
    We went to play trivia where Aron was hosting, and have some pizza. We didn’t do too bad with just the 2 of us, but had no chance of winning, so we bet it all on the final question and of course blew it.

  3. HamWithCam says:

    (Because you are such a stickler for grammar, etc.:)
    “Yesterday my new hangars that I ordered from Amazon arrived.”

    So, what sort of airplane did you get?

    Make it a nice day es 73 de JG/HamWithCam


  4. steve says:

    New hangers? You are living on the edge!

    Arrived within a minute of the scheduled time for Debbies appointment. Not bad considering the distance and traffic.

    We had a picnic last night. Odd, but it was all for the magazine. I haven’t seen the pics on a large screen yet, but I hope they are good enough for publication. Just thinking we could have called you to shoot the spread, had we actually planned better.

    On the way here this morning, I got a call from the help desk. Not odd, but they brought me onto a call with my coworker Sam, who had request network support! Maybe he wasn’t clear he needed National support. We thought it was funny. I thought I hung up the call, but Sam called me a few minutes later on.my other phone to say the line was still open. I hope I didn’t say anything incriminating.

    I’ll report on Debbie s surgery as soon as I know something.


    • The hangers are game changers! Cycling kits all together, out of drawers, and ready for use in a moment’s notice.

      Hangars are game changers too, just in a different way. Γ°ΕΈβ„’β€š

      • Barb says:

        the fact that the hangers are giving you such joy…… you are learning!!
        I personally love rummaging thru the drawers trying to find what I want. HAHAHAHA

  5. Apparently Goodwill doesn’t accept plastic hangers. Who knew?

  6. steve says:

    The patient is done and all went well.

  7. Forgot to mention how crowded LA Fitness was, at 9am on a Wednesday. Clearly I don’t understand America’s workforce anymore.

  8. And allergies are kicking my today. I am very tired and sluggish. I am eating lunch and thing that I will bag the clothes shopping. Thus far I have worked out, gone to Goodwill, dropped off stuff at the Apple Store, and am at Taco Mac. I will go to Target and dry cleaners and then point the M6 ITP.

  9. romanlily says:

    Glad to hear about your recent developments. Great job. That plus your newly Kondo-ized interiors seems to mean that things are looking up. Cheers.

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