An Unprepared Return To German Class

Tonight I start German B1.4 and I am wondering where the last two weeks during which I was going to study daily in preparation for tonight have gone. At least I’ve gotten a lot of other things done, right?

Derailed Going Through My Books
Yesterday I started the KonMari method on my books. You’d think that this would be a very easy process because all I needed to decide is whether or not I truly thought that the book in question will be of use to me in the future, but it was not.

In one of the books I found a Father’s Day card, obviously not written to me, when it fell out of the sleeve of the book. In another book I found this message about which I had forgotten:

First Christmas
Given that this was our only Christmas together, she was unfortunately wrong about this.

I’ll attempt to go through my books again today.

I have to say that this house cleaning has been a cathartic experience for me. Today is trash day for my street so by tomorrow I will have an empty recycling bin that I will start filling again.

Baseball Is Back
While doing my chores yesterday I listened to the Mets game through the MLB app. Oh, they beat the Braves. Listening to a day game on the “radio” was a great way to spend my day. I actually attempted to listen to the game on a real radio, well, my ancient Rio Cali mp3 player that has and FM tuner in it, but failed. One of the humorous things that happened when I went to use the mp3 player was that it had a technology podcast on it, from 2005!

My Blog As My Memory
Over the weekend I watched one of the newly-released comedy special from Dave Chappelle on Netflix. At the end of the episode I started thinking back trying to recall if I ever saw Chappelle perform back in the olden days. I remember going to The Tabernacle for a comedy show with my friends Stacy and Andy. I remember Stacy being pregnant and wearing a t-shirt that said “It’s not mine” on it. I remember having second-row seats. But I remember nothing about the performance.

My lack of long-term memory is not a new revelation for me. See also: the nearly fifteen-year-old note I found in the book yesterday.

However thanks to this space I was able to find out that I blogged about seeing Chappelle on June 19th, 2006.

Good times. Good times.

Make it a great Tuesday, at least we know the weather in Atlanta will cooperate today…

Paulie [eatl/ga]

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  1. Steve says:

    Awww.. that note from Jeannie was both sad and sweet. And I think Debbie and I both had Rio Cali’s and I think the one that has some of the only copies of some music is deceased.
    As I ride Marta to and fro, I’m listening to podcasts. It started as a way to catch my missed NPR shows, and the CarTalk reruns (still funny) and I’m slowly expanding. A new one is “Tell Me Something I Don’t Know.” A game show/information/comedy show. I’ve also picked up Neil DeGrass Tyson’s “Star Talk” and a spinoff sports show of his.

    I had slept through the end of the first half of the game last night and decided to go to bed- felt pretty good about the Zags chances. Oh well…


    • The note definitely made me pause and wonder.

      I was pleasantly surprised that the Rio Cali worked when I put a new battery into it, but was unpleasantly surprised when it couldn’t tune into either FM radio station supposedly broadcasting Braves baseball. The reason I didn’t recycle the Rio Cali recently was because I thought that it would make the perfect FM radio on the go.

      I have decided that I will try taking Marta to and from work starting next week. Actually, the plan may be take Marta to work, and then walk back to my car depending on the weather on a given day. Given the cost to park in Midtown, I’m not sure if the new company offers a discounted parking pass, I was considering taking Marta again even before the I-85 collapse.

      Not being a basketball fan I had no desire to watch the game last night. This morning I saw that UNC was the winner.

      • Barb says:

        I barely knew who was playing that BB game.
        I did see the day before that South Carolina won the women’s title, and UConn lost in the semi finals. UConn I think hadn’t lost a game in something like 10 years.

        • Steve says:

          Over a hundred games I think. I was surprised when I heard the matchup in the final didn’t include them.

  2. HamWithCam says:

    After 30+ years in the same house, a couple of years ago, we moved (to another house, still City of Decatur) a block away.

    Much sorting, much packing, much stuff.

    When I got out of Georgia Tech (GT alumni never say graduate), I could put literally everything I owned in my car. Most of that was (very old school) stereo gear, some records, a handful of clothes and a few books. And a Mad River whitewater canoe on top.

    I’ve made up for it in the years that followed. The curse of disposable income.

    Who remembers Oxford Book Store? For us, it used to a weekly destination, sometimes more often. Books, books, books. Over the years, we’ve bought shelves and shelves of books.

    Sorting through them was not what I’d expected. Somehow, over the course of 30+ years, all my dreams (as played out in these many books) had either been realized or….discarded.

    We never got around to building that dream house, high up in the trees or taking up many of the hobbies that seemed so appealing at the time we bought that particular how-to book.

    But many dreams were realized; “What to Expect When You’re Expecting”, “Whitewater Guide to the Colorado River”, “Backpacking Yellowstone”, a bunch of how-to woodworking books and a nice collection of first editions by favorite authors.

    Moving, sorting, boxing is a great time to revisit books, why you bought them in the first place and their current value to you. I discarded virtually all the “pretty picture” photography books. The photographs therein were simply awful. What was I thinking?! I distributed boxes to various “Little Libraries” around Decatur.

    We still have many (many) books. Most still in moving boxes in our far too large attic, of our far too large house.

    Looking forward to OK Cafe on Thursday.
    (Paulie, I am presuming you will keep a headcount?)

    Here’s a link to the Ingress game (iOS version) in the Apple APP Store:
    (Choose Resistance!)

    73 de JG/HamWithCam

    • So far the headcount is two (you and me), but Barb will let us know on Thursday morning and Steve has to find out about Debbie’s followup appointment. Anyone else interested can pipe up here. 🙂

      • Barb says:

        I am a most likely, 95% yes for OK Café.

        John – Allan is a serious book collector as well – but so far I don’t think he has any in boxes, but we do have lots of book shelves. I seriously don’t know what we will do with all those books someday. Allan is hoping his brother’s oldest (who is only 10 or so now) will want them someday. We will see……

  3. Also, I got to see Sagan’s crash at the Tour of Flanders from Sunday — pretty spectacular and seemingly avoidable takedown. I know it’s best to ride the gutter over the cobbles, but jeez you need to protect yourself (and those behind you) better than that.

  4. Barb says:

    wow – that note from Jeannie brings back memories – and now I wonder what she & Amy Todd are up to. Amy popped up on FB when she went to Ireland (or maybe it was Scotland) with some pictures, we said we would get it contact when she got back. Guess what hasn’t happened. Not even sure if Jeannie is on FB anymore.

    Dave Chappelle – I’ve never listened to much of his comedy, should I?

    Allan & I are hoping to attempt a road bike ride tonight after work – with Spring Tune up less than 3 weeks away, I guess we ought to ride a few times before that.
    Good thing STU is more of a social event……….. right????

    BTW – Sal owns her house now, no co-owner. Allan is going to go over & help her change some locks tonight or tomorrow night.

    • I need more time in the saddle, but my right knee pain has hindered this. I am signed up for Tony Serrano this Saturday, that will prove my readiness. Also, I may not get to STU until late Friday given that it will only be my second week at the new job I’m not sure how keen they’ll be if I take off that day. Damn work!

      Chappelle was much better “back in the day”. Barb, you left a comment on that blog post saying that you were offered a free ticket but did not go. LOL

      I saw Amy Todd a few years ago when I was going to a PT in Dunwoody for the tendonitis in my foot; she worked there as a PT. I’ve not seen nor heard from her since.

      Congrats to Sal!

      • Barb says:

        Did you read the band Saturday night at STU is a Allman Brothers tribute band? Not sure how excited I am about that, they are not a band I really like. Franklin sure is promoting them.

        • I saw that and thought “Ugh, that’s certainly a Franklin pick”. I thought Franklin’s goal was to get young people into BRAG events, Allman Brothers were popular when young people’s parents were young people. Oh well, I’ll have fun regardless as long as I stay away from the hard alcohol. 😉

  5. Stacy says:

    I don’t think I know who Jeannie is. I’m not sure I really knew you then (I only started hashing Sept. 2002). But I agree the note is sweet. Bittersweet, but sweet. I have a lot of old memories with exes tucked away in journals I’ve kept, but don’t think I have anything left FOR me. (I think women are better at that kind of thing most of the time?) It’s neat you found it. Is it written directly in the book? I’ve come to acquire many used books that have little notes in them to others. I like to imagine stories of those people’s lives. Maybe someone else out there will do it for you and Jeannie if they end up with this book.

  6. Debbie Brady! says:

    I have to be in Decatur at 1:20 on Thursday. Is that doable after lunch at OK Cafe? I’m guessing it would be very tight. I’m going to try to change the appointment to the morning.

  7. Georgia DOT expects I-85 repairs to last ten weeks. I think that’s aggressive, but I know that people will be working around the clock to get it done.

    • Barb says:

      DOT doing the project – no way.
      a private contractor (like the one building the I-75 express lanes) -it could happen.

  8. Steve says:

    10 weeks? I think they’re smoking crack!!

  9. Barb says:

    just flipping radio channels as I drove to lunch (I know, how old school, listening to the radio) and I heard a phone interview with Chief Hatcher – the incident commander for the fire. I met him when Allan worked with him when he was still a Captain. He did a great job of not taking any real credit, just saying they were doing their jobs, and they could hear the noise the concrete makes when it is failing & also, just knew it could happen, so they got everyone out. And he gave the cops credit for getting all the cars out of there. Interesting 10 minute phone interview.

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