The Last Hurrah

I’m keeping this short today because it’s my last day of “freedom”. Also, things related to this space will change drastically next week; I may not be able to blog as routinely, and I certainly won’t be commenting and responding to comments as thoroughly as I have. Such is the life of a new employee I suppose.

Half Day Of Awesome, Half Day Of Sleep
I was a machine for awhile yesterday. With the exception of going to LA Fitness I did everything else on my early agenda.

I had an enjoyable lunch at OK Cafe with ITP Readers Barb, Steve, and John. As you can see from this photo I opted for a healthy lunch:
OK Cafe Lunch
as long as your definition of healthy follows in line with Ivanka Trump’s definition of “complicit”. I ate the chicken fried steak, fried green tomatoes, a baked sweet potato, and a corn muffin. It will come as no surprise that I wasn’t very hungry last night.

From lunch I dropped off Steve at his office and then fought my way to the lavanderia in Chamblee.

Once done with laundry I drove down to Brookhaven where I went to Costco. In cleaning out my briefcase recently I found nearly $30 in Costco money, which I promptly spent on Gatorade, cranberry juice, fig bars, and cans of chicken breasts.

My desire for productivity ended in Costco. It was around 3:30pm and I decided to drive straight home to avoid as much traffic as I could.

Upon returning home I started watching Netflix and promptly fell asleep for a few hours.

You’d think that a multi-hour sleep during the afternoon would make it impossible for me to go to sleep, and you would be partially correct. I finally gave in at 12:30am.

On My Last Day
Shortly I will be headed to Kroger to buy some groceries for a dinner that I will be making tonight. I will be taking this dinner over to Betsy’s to hang out with her and Gary, and hopefully finally watch the final episode of Top Chef.

Rumor has it that I will be riding the Tony Serrano ride tomorrow. I’m not thrilled about how cold it will be tomorrow morning however. If I intend to ride tomorrow I need to get the bike off the trainer and tune it up for a ride.

Rumor also has it that I will be riding on Sunday, this time with Urban Explorers of Atlanta on their “Battle of Atlanta” tour. This is the tour that literally rides down my street! The only downer that has occurred with this ride is that the agenda has changed so that lunch is now a picnic in Grant Park. Though I’ve picnicked often as part of dates, I’m not a fan of picnics, especially if I have to carry my lunch on a bike for a few hours beforehand. I may just opt out of the picnic portion and do my own thing. We’ll see.

Okay, that’s all the time I can budget for today. I will attempted to write a blog on Sunday night so that you will have something to read during my first day at “XYZ Corp” on Monday.

Have a great weekend all.

Paulie [eatl/ga]

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30 Responses to The Last Hurrah

  1. I was going to breakfast the Waffle House by Kroger, a symbolic and delicious symbol to end of things in my life, but just decided to save money and calories by eating a short stack of frozen pancakes instead. Yum!

  2. Stacy says:

    Regarding the picnic: is there anywhere nearby the park you can swing through right before? Picnic doesn’t necessarily have to be food from home. I’ve picnicked quite proper with Taco Bell before.

    • Probably, I need to check to agenda. Worst case I could stop in Dakota Blue, though I wasn’t impressed with their food the one night I ate there last year. It’s a shame that we are not riding past Nick’s first, I could picnic with a gyro.

      Also, I think lunch in EAV was advertised when I signed up. Perhaps the Ride taking place on a Sunday changed the organizer’s mind.

  3. Barb says:

    My half a chicken pot pie & the mac n cheese were excellent for dinner last night. I rarely eat my leftovers the same day, but I needed to make room in the fridge for party food for tomorrow night.

    I attempted to be productive, since the party official start time is 2pm, I don’t have all day Saturday to prepare. I should have enough plates, napkins & plastic ware, and those sort of things. Borrowed a table from Sal (yippie, Marty didn’t take it – maybe we will store it for her….. LOL)
    I made some dessert, peanut butter bars, for the party, as well as boiled the potatoes to make some potato salad tonight or Saturday morning. Still need to make Waldorf salad tomorrow (got that idea from the OK Café menu, as I have apples at the house)

    I NEED TO RIDE MY ROAD BIKE. But, still haven’t done it. Maybe Sunday.
    Spring Tune Up is gonna hurt.

  4. HamWithCam says:

    Knock ’em dead Monday at “XYZ Corp.”
    I look forward to a full report…

    Pro tips:
    – “Early is on time, on time is late.”
    – “Under promise and over deliver.”
    – “Think straight, talk straight.” – Arthur Andersen

    I hope everybody has a swell weekend (before the SHTF traffic-wise, Monday).
    73 de JG/HamWithCam

    To Steve: Could you take a few smartphone photos of my “fine art” gracing your halls? Many thanks. I am HamWithCam at Gmail dot com.

  5. Stacy says:

    I think I have figured out what “XYZ Corp” might be! And if I’m right, that can’t be any more convenient for your German classes in the evening, can it? I’m so pleased for you! I honestly felt I got my life back when my commute was shortened.

    And how much of a geek am I? I got tired of being a ghost so lookee there. My picture shows up now. 🙂 (it’s a slow morning at work….)

  6. Steve says:

    After our enjoyable lunch yesterday I return to the office to discover the photographs of John’s hanging on the second floor which was quite a thrill.

    As I’m busy heading to a bike race today, anniversary dinner last night was sushi at our favorite place in Newnan. Despite eating too much at lunch yesterday I suffered through and enjoyed the delightful fish.

    Enjoy the beautiful weather this weekend. Best of luck with the party Barb.


  7. Steve says:

    And just heard from the chief. Her flight was cancelled so she’s driving… from St. Louis!

  8. Since it’s still a novelty I’ll mention that I am now commenting from my home office. I am about to install Apple’s latest operating system on my aging MacBook Air. Sure hope that I don’t regret this decision, even though I have to in order to use the latest development suite from Apple.

  9. I just used a hand truck to move a large bookcase from my basement to the street. I going to miss having this physical ability when I am old.

  10. My bike is now ready for tomorrow, but am I?

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