I Forgot To Write Last Night, Again

These days afternoons mean a sore and tired hip and leg on the left-hand side of my body. Because I walking without the aid of a crutch or cane there is still a considerable hitch in my giddy up and by day’s end I feel it.

Ein Neuen Waschsalon
After clarifying which laundromat is used by ITP-Reader Stacy I decided to give it a shot last night. Like its predecessor in Chamblee Midtown Wash is conveniently located between work and home. Though it’s a little more expensive than it’s predecessor, partially I am to blame, it’s still cheaper than driving all the way to Chamblee for the purpose of washing clothes.

My financial blunder occurred when I split my huge load of darks into two loads, placing each in a machine that charged $4.50, instead of realizing that i could put it all into a single ginormous washer that only cost $6.75. Live and learn…

There are other benefits for going to Midtown Wash, the machines take credit cards, they are implementing a rewards program, it’s clean, and someday I can meet up with Stacy and have dinner/drinks while doing laundry.

After getting home I managed to make some pork and beans for dinner, labor through putting away all of my clean clothes, and talk to my mother on the phone for awhile, before passing out at around 10:30pm. So much for getting my German homework done.

As is the norm on Tuesdays tonight is German class night. I am going to attempt to get ready for class in the ninety minutes that I will have between the end of my work day and waddling across Peachtree to Colony Square.

Make it a Super Tuesday.

Paulie [eatl/ga]

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8 Responses to I Forgot To Write Last Night, Again

  1. HamWithCam says:

    This just in, UGA Womens Gymnastics head coach Danna Durante fired after five seasons. Film at 11:00…


  2. Steve says:

    So which Waschsalon was this? I just got an email from American Haircuts they are opening an outpost in Ansley Mall. Seems smart.

    As the weather was clearing last night, instead of getting some exercise, I decided to light some fires. Sadly, there was too much moisture to overcome to get things started. I was using my starter of choice- a propane torch, and even with dry hay as a fuse, there was no joy.

    We (I) caught up on Liege-Bastone-Liege last night. I had avoided coverage all day so I could enjoy the replay. Some of this is in prep for AToC, as I like to be able to identify jerseys without a lot of effort.

    I also managed to sleep through the puppy needing to go out last night! Score!


    • It’s called “Midtown Wash” and sits near the corner of 6th/Argonne.

      Hmm, more competition for my hairstylist in Ansley Mall. This might be “interesting”.

      I am not a big enough cycling enthusiast to be able to memorize all of the new teams, team name changes, and kit color/design changes. I know “the big boys” and that’s about it.

  3. Steve says:

    Well, it’s a World Tour event now, so most of the teams will have some presence.

  4. Barb says:

    I think Kevin might be coming to the states for the AToC (what does the A stand for?)
    I heard that he was some grumbling about what races he was working, some here in the states, which means more time away from home for just the travel, which means even more time for Katrina to play single mom.

    Nothing interesting in my evening, but a phone call this morning told me the trees will start coming down tomorrow! We’ll be officially broke for a while once we pay that bill.

  5. Steve says:

    A is for Amgen, who makes a lot of their money making EPO!! Irony.

  6. Stacy says:

    YES! Definitely yes to laundry and dinner/drinks. Have you made it to Torched Hop yet? I can’t remember. They have delicious food (as well as tasty beers). We shall plan this!

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