Burger Meister Meisterberger

It’s rare when I am not the first one to arrive at a meetup.

Early is on time
On time is late

So I was especially pleased to see that though I was arriving at The Imperial thirty minutes prior to the schedule meeting time I was pulling into the parking lot right behind ITP-Reader Stacy. 🙂👏🏻🙂 It was a further pleasant surprise to hobble around to the patio and see Intermittent-ITP-Reader Claire 😛 and Darryl already holding a table.

The “Pimento Cheese Smash Burger” at The Imperial was really tasty. Here is a photo of one taken and sent to me by Stacy:
Hulk Smash(burger)
That fried ball of goodness on top was filled with pimento cheese, bacon, green onions, and jalapeño; to put the “smash” into your burger you placed the bun on top and smashed the fried ball.

After a day of pseudo-exercise and consumption I was ready to go home and fall asleep, and that’s almost what I did. I managed to barely keep my eyes open until 9:30pm.

What, pseudo-exercise?

Prior to the burger meetup I had a physical therapy appointment. What could be better than physical they’re followed by a Sublime Donut? Nothing, except not doing physical therapy I suppose.

In an office filled with photos of known athletes and celebrities thanking the PTs, including one who misspelled “Brian” as “Brain”, I was twisted, stretched, and mildly electrocuted in order to get my aged body back to functioning properly, all for the “low, low” price of $120 since I had no script for PT and paid for this out of pocket. The PT couldn’t identify anything technically wrong other than some extreme tightness so I think that I will take the knowledge gained and the rubber strap given to me and self-therapy from here on out.

You know, I find it interesting that when I was checked out by Royster, and at physical therapy yesterday, my body really never hurt. No matter which way I am contorted I feel okay. However, as soon as I start walking, or by day’s end, my body hurts. It’s kinda like taking your car to a mechanic and not being able to have it reproduce a sound it was making I suppose.

Back to The Imperial for a moment… A funny thing happened while seated there, I saw the founder of the Urban Explorers of Atlanta, you know the group I was riding with when I tumbled, walk into the restaurant. Of course I hold only myself respufor my injury but I wanted to hobble up and say hello, but when I went inside I could not find him. Apparently he wanted to eat, but it was too crowded, and was in the erstwhile I searched for him. Oh well.

Tonight I will be eating another burger, but not as part of Atlanta Burger Week. Tonight I will be meeting up with Hank at the newly-reopened Lucky’s in Emory. From there I shall return home to do some German homework.

Have a fantastic Thursday.

Paulie [eatl/ga]

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9 Responses to Burger Meister Meisterberger

  1. Steve says:

    We’re packed and loaded for the wilds of Kentucky. Hopefully the weather will hold for a bit longer. We might be able to get into the house we’re renting tonight, but not sure. We ain’t driving this bus, just along for the ride.

    Apparently Gus kicked Mac at some point as he has a nasty gash on his leg. Dr. Debbie treated it and it looks much improved this morning.

    More from the road later.


      • Stacy says:

        What’s happening in Kentucky? Is it Derby time? Enjoy!

        • Debbie Brady says:

          Rolex Kentucky 3-Day Event basically a equine triathlon. We have a tail gating spot with friends for the cross country day on Saturday and pretty much ignoring the other 2 phases. You don’t have to be horsey to enjoy x-country. Steve and the other non horsey husband are doing some bourbon tours tomorrow.

          Shall we start a pool on how many times I’ll need to stop for a bathroom break between home and Lexington? Teeny bladder games.

  2. Barb says:

    That burger looks pretty tasty.

    Too much work this week for me – so boring evening.
    Got the cover on the camper – that is a pain in the butt to do, as the drain spouts on the corners stick out & rip the cover. (yes, I’ve now ripped it a few times).

    Tree guys are supposed to start today. I may swing by the house to see what’s happening a little later.

    Have fun in KY Steve & Debbie!

  3. Stacy says:

    Ha! Last night was kind of an anomaly, wasn’t it? All of us so early! That was quite nice. I really enjoyed myself last night. You’re not on the Books of Faces, but I posted the smashing burgers video on Twitter & ‘Gram if you want to catch it there.

    You’d think after that burger I wouldn’t be craving burgers for a while, but you’d be wrong. I’m craving one again! But today will be a dual lunch instead: company is providing us Chick-fil-A (to help ease our traffic woes some – no joke!) and a vendor is coming in and providing boxed lunches (Panera steak and arugula, yum). And HECK YEAH I’m getting them both. *grin*

    Yassir and I are going to get the Cabbage Pie burger for dinner tomorrow night if anyone feels like joining us there. “This burger is crafted with 5.3 oz brisket, short rib and chuck C.A.B Burger with Parmigiana, Provolone and Mozzarella on a Ciabatta Bun, and a side of house marinara.” Yes please.

    • Barb says:

      and where are you finding a Cabbage Pie burger? Sounds quite interesting.

      We are debating on going to the Red Brick Brewery tomorrow night, some hasher who I can’t remember his name (but he was The Dude at Halloween when we hosted the ending) has a band playing from I think it said 5pm-8pm.

      • Stacy says:

        On Atlburgerweek.com they have all the burgers/recipes listed for the offering there. I let Aron choose. Looks good though.

        I thought about Red Brick too (I saw it posted on the Atlanta hash website) but I’m already committed to seeing my friend perform.

      • And I will be in Auburn, even if I am incapable of riding.

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