Mixed Feelings

The pain in my body these last three weeks has been like the tide, constantly coming and going. Today the tide is high with my left hip hurting a lot. My bicycle is in the M6 for this trip over to Auburn but I am now putting my chances of riding, even the 20 mile route, at less than 50/50.

In addition to having a sweet hotel room close to the ride’s start, another reason I will make this trip is to pick up my ride packet which has yet to arrive in the mail.

Also Less Than 50/50 Chance Of Making It
I met up with my friend Hank last night at the newly-rebooted Lucky’s in the Emory area. This location now has a limited menu, and an equally limited alcohol selection. The food was good, I had a burger of course, but everything else regarding the place seemed a bit off.

Apparently last night was trivia night, with a form of bar trivia that was new to me. In this version the point-value of each question was predetermined. I also disliked the high number of multiple-choice questions asked, including this one:
“How many flavors of jelly beans at there?” Four possibly-plausible answers were supplied, and the “correct” answer was “50”. What? The announcer then went on to say “jelly bean, not jelly belly” as if that were a sufficient explanation.

Nearly 100% Chance
I have heard that this Sunday will mark Sanitary Not’s 500th Black Sheep Hash. Yowzers! My count is around 110 and holding steady since I stopped being a regular hasher after Hip Injury #1 six years ago.

As you may or may not know, Sanitary Not is ITP-Reader Randy’s mother, and the woman who convinced me that I would make a good candidate for hashing waaaaaay back in 1999 at a hash happy hour held at Gravity Pub (RIP) in East Atlanta.

If I am back from Auburn, in relatively good stead, and can find where the end of the hash is being held, I will drop by and pay my respects. Hell, sitting on the ice for a down-down may make my hip feel a lot better. 😁

Have a great weekend friends!

Paulie [eatl/ga]

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10 Responses to Mixed Feelings

  1. bob says:

    I’m surprised they re-opened that Lucky’s. I talked to the GM of the Lucky’s in Roswell about how a bar could possibly fail in a college town and he said Emory students just don’t drink that much so they were not making enough money. I don’t imagine the reboot will be around for very long.
    Sucks about your hip, if the PT said it was just tight and you will not do any damage by working it maybe a 20 mile ride will loosen it up a bit. Good luck, it looks like a nice weekend to be outside at least.

  2. With the collapse of 85 I am glad it has (temporarily) reopened since I still have $50 in bar cash and no desire to try to drive to Brookhaven or Roswell now.

    I will most likely spin my legs tomorrow, whether or not I even attempt the twenty mile route is in question. I need exercise and a relatively easy bike ride would be good for my body in many ways.

  3. steve says:

    Go to Auburn with no expectations and you won’t be disappointed. I guess the days of serious college drinking is past, especially at someplace like Emory. I was always surprised Everybody’s couldn’t hold their location , as that should have been a staple.

    The drive up was lovely, the stop at Skyline in L’vL’ville was alright, but not as spicy as we like. The coney were good though.

    Our abode for the weekend is a beautiful townhouse in the old part of Frankfort. 14 ft ceilings, beautiful hardwood floors, really well appointed.

    Today, the ladies will go to the event and shop while Eddie and I go check the bourbon stockpile.


  4. Barb says:

    have fun in Auburn! just have fun!
    I haven’t been paying attention, I did know Sani’s 500th was coming up, but didn’t realize it is Sunday. May have to make an appearance as well, as Allan is working.

    We are going to some Escape Room thing this Saturday night out in Powder Springs, I guess it’s called The Bunker for a friend’s birthday. not sure about this new craze, but I guess we can try it once.

    • Stacy says:

      We talked about Sani’s 500th at dinner the other night. I’m thinking of going to it too, if we ever learn where it’s going to be. Sani is the reason why I ever went on a 2nd hash. πŸ™‚

  5. Tide has gone out, pain has turned to pinch and stiffness.

    Office is super quiet today, I have hobbled to Front Page News for lunch.

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