It’s only Wednesday and it’s already been an unsettling week for me. To add to my dismay I am still experiencing pain in my daily life. Sure, it’s “only been” three-plus weeks but the shooting pain when turning my hip/leg/knee in many ways, or the constant pain I experience later in the day, doesn’t help my mood. I am walking better, faster, but with still a noticeable limp and pain. When I walk I constantly pay attention to my stride, so that I don’t develop a permanently altered one. I keep expecting to wake up and have the pain be gone, but so far I have not been that lucky.

ITP Flickr Pic

“Balloons Over Colony Square” (Atlanta, Georgia, USA)

Balloons Over Colony Square

These balloons are part of the art installation currently in Colony Square.

On May way over to Colony Square I tried, and failed, twice to order dinner from Tin Drum before German class. I found out why I was unable to place an order via the Tin Drum app, that location is now closed. Another Colony Square restaurant bites the dust…

Like A Shark I Need To Keep Moving Forward
Since I don’t sleep much I have been getting to “XYC Corp” early, and before many of my coworkers. I am starting a new life-improvement plan I am calling “Swift at Seven” in which I will study the Swift programming language at 7am each day. Clever name, right? I need to stay “employable” since it appears that I will also need healthcare the rest of my life.

Speaking Of Healthcare
The bills associated with my seemingly-innocent accident three-plus weeks ago are starting to arrive. This will add another level of pain and suffering for me.

Happier Hump Day.

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5 Responses to Unsettling

  1. Barb says:

    Allan officially is done with the lieutenant process – they finally came out with the list. Out of 153 that passed the test – Allan was #10! He should be able to stay where he is at Station 16, but with the COA Fire Chiefs – who knows for sure. And – who knows when they will start assigning people to their new positions. His Captain at his station was #1 on the list of I think about 80 people.

    We celebrated with a pizza on the deck – it was a nice night. We go all out, don’t we/

  2. Steve says:

    Sorry I’m just checking in. I spent all day pressure washing at the Ben Hilton- that and pulling up poison ivy. My sister also made an appearance… actually worked on cleaning out one of the beds. Back in the orafice tomorrow and Friday.

    I’m very surprised about Tin Drum. CS must have seriously raised the rent, because they always seemed swamped at lunch. Can’t imagine any of those places picking up much dinner trade.


    • Most of the fast food restaurants in CS close early, before 7pm. I think it’s a combination of relocating due to CS renovations and perhaps the threat of higher rents when the renovations are complete.

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