My $4 Minute

During the past few years these used to be the days for which I waited. With the warm weather and early-morning sunrise I’d get up to the Perimeter Mall area and get a good twenty-five mile ride in prior to work. Yesterday I was up early like but instead of getting out on my bike I drove up to the LA Fitness in Atlantic Station.

My current workout routine is roughly one hour long, so I had no concern that the free parking window for Atlantic Station is two hours. However once you factor in walking to/from the club, shaving/showering, time spent wiping down equipment, and stretching my “one hour” workout took nearly two hours.

When I got back near my car yesterday and put my parking ticket into the machine I was pleased to see that I owed no money. I got into the M6, missed the exit turn, and by the time I turned around and reached the exit gate, where I had to insert the ticket once again, two hours and one minute had passed and I owed $4 in order to get out of the parking deck. DANGEN!

I have two options for going to LA Fitness in the future:

  1. shorten my routine to ensure that I can get completely done and out of the parking deck in the two-hour window
  2. go to an LA Fitness such as Decatur or Ansley Mall that has unlimited free parking

I would also be pleased if I could figure out how to make my back stop hurting. I hoped the stretching that I did post-workout would do the trick, but the pain I am suffering tells me otherwise.

One Burrito, Two Burrito
For lunch yesterday I walked over to the Woodruff Arts Center to see the food truck offerings at lunch time. I was unimpressed. In fact, though I may try again today, the novelty of food trucks, and their seemingly high prices, is waning for me.

Since I passed on the trucks i had the brilliant idea to walk over to Colony Square and eat some Mediterranean food from Cedars. I had eaten Cedars’s food about a month ago and was quite pleased. Lo and behold, when I got inside Colony Squar I was saddened to see that Cedars has closed permanently. This marks the third Colony Square restaurant to close shop in the past five months. I settled for a mediocre burrito from Moe’s.

Unless you call having dinner at El Myriachi while the skies open and dump rain on Kirkwood then I didn’t do anything big last night. I am not sure why I went for Mexican for dinner, perhaps it was to sit under a covered patio and make up for the sub-standard Mexican I had eaten for lunch.

ITP Flickr Pic
“My New Workspace” (Atlanta, Georgia, United States)
My New Workspace
Here it is, my new cubicle workspace. To give you some sense of scale the desk shown is four feet wide. I have plenty of space, and don’t think that I will mind having my back to the window. I took this photo from the work area of one of my coworkers, otherwise I might have turned the desk 90° such that this photo would have shown the back of my monitors.

Tonight’s Calendar Event
Tonight I will be going to Horizon Theatre for their performance of “How To Use A Knife”. This is the performance I mentioned and invited you all to join me, but unfortunately no one showed interest. Before the show I’ll have a beer and dinner at a local restaurant, where I go will depend on the weather.

Happy Thursday!

Paulie [eatl/ga]

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8 Responses to My $4 Minute

  1. Stacy says:

    Option 3. Don’t miss the Exit turn — ayuk ayuk ayuk 🙂

    I was interested in the play, just have other plans tonight. There’s a free ASO concert in the park so going to check that out. Probably get rained on! But that means I’d definitely be interested in future plays. It’s been, like, 18 years since we’ve done our brisket-at-Yacht-Club-then-play tradition. I’d like to bring it back!

    So is your workspace an open area then? Like, no walls between colleagues? Ours is a little of both really, depends where your space is. I think it’s kind of nice you have a wall. You could do stuff with that wall.

    • Yeah, it’s an open-floorplan office, so having the wall is actually a bonus. Plus, I realize that being in the corner means that no one can see my screens. 😁

      Enjoy the concert, hopefully the rain won’t arrive. We’ll get to a play together sometime in the future.

  2. Steve says:

    Yeah, I’m with Stacy- you apparently have it down to a science, so don’t miss the turn next time.

    From $4 to $1340!!! That’s what it will take to replace the front struts (you do them both, even though one was in fair shape) after my altercation with godknowswhat on 285 Tuesday night. I carefully drove to the repair place after a quick check that nothing was broken that I could tell. The mechanic showed me where both struts were leaking, but the damaged one from Tuesday was all but done.

    Debbie “joyfully” took me to catch the 05:30 bus this morning and will be picking me up as well. Thanks honey.


  3. Steve says:

    I had a suggestion from a co-worker to submit the claim to insurance. USAA was more than pleasant to work with and the wheels are rolling.

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