Double Booked?

Oh for fuck’s sake! Even with modern day calendering in my pocket at all times I have managed to double book myself tonight. I have signed up for a two-week German grammar class, of which I will miss the second week because I failed to consult my calendar and see that I will be on my way to Germany next Wednesday, and last week I RSVPed for the Alliance Theatre’s “Salon and Happy Hour” tonight. Given the close proximity of the two events, if they didn’t completely overlap I would be able to pull off the double play; but they do, so I can’t. Dangen!

I called the Alliance Theatre and unRSVPed for their event.

A Plan For Germany Is Starting To Form
Yesterday I booked two nights in a private room (with shared bathrooms) in hostel in Heidelberg. Why Heidelberg? Well, because I hear that it’s nice and it is on my path from Düsseldorf to Vienna. Now I need to figure out what I want to do while I am in Heidelberg.

I will have two more days available before I need to be in Vienna. I know that I will be traveling by train to another city before heading to Vienna, but am not sure to which city I will be traveling. München (Munich) is a possibility, but I may want to save that for a longer-term visit in the future. Besides, if I go to a smaller town I will be forced to converse in German.

I Braved The Rain To Buy A Rain Cover
After leaving work, doing a strenuous workout at LA Fitness in Ansley Mall, and getting a pre-vacation trim of the hairs, I headed up I-85 to REI to buy a rain cover for my backpack. For some reason I feel as if I am going to encounter more rain during this trip to Germany than I did in the previous two. I will be bringing a rain jacket, and now that I have a rain cover for my backpack I should be okay. In the worst case I can also buy an umbrella while I am there. It seems almost obscene that I paid $35 for the rain cover made by the same manufacture of the bag I own, Osprey, but if it’ll keep the water out of my bag then it’ll be money well spent.

The Case Of The Fallen Poop
When I was going to put on my daily backpack the other day I notice that it had bird poop on one of the straps, on the inside of the strap! For the life of me I couldn’t figure out how this happened. When I was doing laundry I noticed one of my shirts still had a matching bird poop mark. The only thing I can surmise is that I must have been struck on the shirt with poop, never noticed this, and transferred some to the inside of the backpack strap by putting it on. Ewww.

Make it a great Wednesday!

Paulie [eatl/ga]

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8 Responses to Double Booked?

  1. Busy busy morning. So busy I wasn’t sure that the blog post was complete for the time I set it to auto post.

    Eating a bowl of cereal, waiting for a 9:00 meeting at “XYZ Corp”.

  2. Barb says:

    busy morning – periodontist appt at 11am – always fun to get my teeth cleaned there………

  3. steve says:

    Day 2 of geek fest. Yesterday was good, except for the last speaker, whose native Italian made his English so fast, I couldn’t understand him. Since I was sitting in the 4th row, I decided to stick it out… probably a bad move.

    Dinner last night at a place that started in 1933. SSandwiches with slaw and FF’S piled on the sandwich. I ate it, but it was odd. Rain last night, hopefully it holds off so I can get another run in today.

    Speyer is not far from Heidelberg and has a very old cathedral. Worth it.


  4. ITP Pro Tip: it’s hot and humid outside, going for a walk after you eat lunch is a dumb idea.

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