All The Fails

Apparently my mind and luck are already on vacation.

Delivery Fail
One of the things about which I wanted to write yesterday was the failure I suffered with a book I delivered. Sometime back I mentioned how Amazon deliverers were leaving things on my front stoop instead of by the kitchen door. Well, it happened again. This time the book, which was shipped in a cardboard envelope was sitting on the stoop when I arrived home.

Because the company didn’t provide Amazon with shipping information I never received notification of the package’s delivery. For all I know the package had been on the stoop all day Tuesday, since I didn’t think to check when getting home that day.

Well, if you live in Georgia you know the amount of rain we’ve been getting recently, far more than a cardboard envelope could possible fend off. The paperback workbook was soaked. Fortunately for me I was able to place it in front of a box fan all night Wednesday, and when I woke on Thursday it was much drier and hadn’t warped too much. I complained to the company but expect no restitution.

Whale Fail
I have been given a ticket to the Georgia Aquarium that needs to be redeemed by the end of June. I left “XYZ Corp” early so that I could go to the aquarium and wander for a few hours alone, taking pictures of the animals.

After fighting traffic, and winning, I encountered failure when I saw that the aquarium was closing at 5pm. Turns out yesterday was one of the two days in June that the aquarium closes at 5, instead of the regularly-scheduled 9pm. The only positive was that because essentially entered and immediately exited the parking lot, which now costs $12, I didn’t have to pay anything.

ITP Flickr Pic
Fail. I was hoping to provide some cool shots from the aquarium today.

Wallet Fail
With new-found time on my hands I decided to drive home, and then walk up to Midway Pub and spend the $12 parking fee saved on some beer. I was smart enough to pack a large umbrella, but not smart enough to ensure that I was carrying my wallet. I discovered this just before the waitress delivered my first beer.

“Will you please hold that for me? I forgot my wallet and have to walk home. I live only three blocks away.” I said apologetically. I hoofed it home and thankfully found my wallet in the M6, and then back to Midway. Of course it started to rain on my return trip, but with my big-ass umbrella I didn’t care all that much.

Field Day Fail?
“XYZ Corp” is having its annual (?) field day today at Piedmont Park. Why do all of the companies for which I’ve worked choose late June for these events?

Fortunately it appears as if the rain is going to hold off for one day, but I can only imagine that the conditions of the park are going to be muddy, muddy, muddy.

A Moment Of Success
I am using the mobile blogging rig again today and finding it to be an incredibly capable rig. Though the keyboard is cramped I am able to type (English) much more easily than with the onscreen keyboard.

Hope you have a fantastic weekend. I have no clue as to what I am going to do, other than prepare for vacation of course.

Paulie [eatl/ga]

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4 Responses to All The Fails

  1. Steve says:

    Good Morning from the orifice. It would have been really handy to have today off, as that alarm was not welcome at 04:50, but it is what it is.

    I’m no longer an Uber virgin! After lunch, I wanted to go ahead and get to the airport so I could get on an earlier flight (considering the weather in ATL). I went outside and started to load the Uber app, and a driver pulled up and honked and no one responded. I spoke with him, but he just happened to be making a delivery, not a pickup. When I got the app loaded and filled out, it said a driver would be there in 2 minutes, and not the one I spoke to! I had a nice ride with Jennifer in her Nissan Pathfinder and it was a really nice experience. About 65% of a taxi fare, so worth it.

    The wife and all the dogs were happy to have me home- even Lola, who wasn’t scared.


  2. One more fail I forgot to mention – trying to create a Mail Hold using an iOS device last night. Whoever coded the site must never use an iOS device. I had to use a computer browser to create my Mail Hold this morning.

  3. Barb says:

    dinner was at Leons Full Service – not a bad place at all, but not sure it would make it on my go back to spots. there are too many other restaurants to try in Decatur.

    busy as hell again today……..

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