Let’s Try This Again

I am blogging this morning from the Waschsalon. After what was an unsettling and rather frustrating day at the office I couldn’t convince myself to sit around doing laundry last night. Instead I went home and frustrated myself more as I attempted to write an application using the Swift programming language. I should know better than to have taken five weeks off between the last time I read about Swift and starting to use it.

Rethinking Laundry
Oh no, I’m not rushing to fix my decade-plus long laundry problems…

For years I’ve been sorting my laundry into three loads — white, color, and workout — the latter not getting an addition of fabric softener in the wash. Yesterday it dawned on my that since shifting to using Tide Laundry Pods (probably ruining my clothes and the environment at the same time) that my workout clothes were getting the fabric softener built into the pod. This led me to realize that I no longer needed to make this a separate load, and today I have two loads going — white, color. Now if I had only remembered to put the dark colored clothes that I wore yesterday into the proper bag this morning I would have executed this morning’s task to perfection. Oh well, it’s not like I won’t be back in the Waschsalon again in the near future.

Unexpected Lunch Guest
I needed to get out of the office for lunch yesterday and the weather was agreeable, so I did. At first I thought that I was going to require a beer with lunch so I wandered down to The Nook. When I had visited last week for dessert I noticed someone ordering a pile of tater tots covered in something, which looked delicious; The Nook calls them “Tatchos”.

Because of the cooler temperature I sat outside and relaxed, changing my mind about ordering beer with lunch. As soon as I placed my food order my friend Hank called me and asked me what I was doing for lunch. I told him I had just ordered at The Nook and that if he wanted to join me I could have my order delayed. And he did. It was good having lunch with Hank and having both of us fighting the urge to order a beer with lunch.

I ordered the “Mac Daddy Tatchos” meaning that my pile of tater tots were covered in mac ‘n cheese and ground beef. Unfortunately the description and appearance of the concoction were actually better than the actual taste. This disappointment is probably better for my health in the long run as I can’t see too many beneficial health benefits from eating the components of this concoction.

I’m Missing Plywood Presents
I’m not sure it ever came through loudly or clearly in this blog space, but I’ve been trying to better myself for as long as I can remember.

At this time of year, for the past three years, I’ve attended a conference called Plywood Presents. Plywood Presents is a coming together of people trying to make the world a better place, either by starting businesses or non-profit organizations. Mostly attended by the young (20s-30s), at 50+ I was an outlier (not an unusual role for me). It was at Plywood Presents that I first heard about Kind Bars, Edison Electric Bicycles , Refugee Coffee Co., and Redbeard Brand Beer Soap (which sadly closed up shop this past May).

Three years ago the conference was held in the Egyptian Ballroom at the Fox Theatre, the past two years were held at The Tabernacle. This year the event is being held at the Atlanta Symphony Hall, which meant that I could have parked at work and walked to the event!

Plywood Presents started last night and will be an all-workday-event today. The combination of not feeling comfortable with my work situation earlier in the year (and perhaps less so now?) to take a random Thursday off and the cost of the event (the ticket was somewhere in the $200 range) caused me to decide to skip the event this year. As a tease: tomorrow’s blog will divulge how I have been spending my expendable income in ways other than eating and drinking in bars.

RiRa, Take 2
After work today I will once again be loitering at RiRa. ITP-Reader Steve and I had a good time there last week, if you are up for a beverage please join me.

Happy Thursday.

Paulie [eatl/ga]

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16 Responses to Let’s Try This Again

  1. Stacy says:

    You’re much more diligent with laundry than I. I always just grab a monster machine and stuff everything I have in it all at once. These help: http://www.shoutitout.com/en-US/Products/Pages/shout-color-catcher.aspx No more separating anything! πŸ™‚

  2. Barb says:

    I’m so not prepared to go to San Diego CA on Saturday morning.
    Speaking of laundry – I need to do that.
    I need to find my email from Ultra Paturized (remember him?) about our deep sea fishing, to make sure I pack what I need for that.
    I need to pack, or figure out what I’m packing.
    I need to cancel our car rental – Amy had to rent a mini-van as their bigger car has been shipped to Guam, so we won’t need one.
    And- I need to clean the house- Felicia is going to stay at our house for part of the time we are gone.

    • Look at you globe trotting… πŸ˜‰

      Yes, I remember Ultra well. He was one of the first hashers I ever met.

      • Barb says:

        this one has been planned for ever, or shall I say lack of being planned forever. Just the dates have been on the calendar since last fall.
        Should be entertaining going fishing with him.
        Trying to decide if we catch fish, what to do with it. (price of getting it back to GA, etc.)

  3. Steve says:

    I’m of the opinion that the only time to worry much about color bleed is in the first couple of washings. And it also depends on the fabric.

    The mower and I are friends again. A loose battery connection was the problem. Debbie made a tasty pork lion for dinner.

    Guess I better pack. Flight to the left coast leaves at 2:30.


  4. Barb says:

    Where are you going this time Steve – work?

    • steve says:

      Starters class at the velodrome in LA. Wave when you fly into San Diego. And please give Ultra my regards. Very nice guy.

  5. Saw a bunch of Plywood Presents attendees walking to lunch. I am struggling a lot today, I wish that I was among them.

  6. Steve says:

    Sometimes you have to make choices. Being an adult is like that. There’s always next year (thanks Cubs).

    • Think I am less bummed about not being at Plywood Presents than I am about feeling of helplessness that I am currently experiencing at “XYZ Corp”. I am in Continuous Integration / Continuous Deployment hell and I can’t seem to work my way out of it.

  7. Stacy says:

    It’s 8am and I have no Friday ITP blog and I’m sad. πŸ™


    That’s my way of cheering you up by mentioning my morning is a little less bright without the ITP blog.

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