Another late post due to sleeping late and being slowed down due to what is now becoming chronic pain in my left hip/leg.

ABC – Alec Baldwin Created
The famous line “ABC – Always Be Closing” does not appear in the Mamet play “Glengarry Glen Ross”, it was created by Alec Baldwin for the movie.

On Friday night I ate a good dinner of a self-selected charcuterie board of pickles, pickled beets, deviled eggs, and bread and then a fried chicken sandwich with a salad, before seeing the play. Of course I also had beer. As I always do when I realize that I am drinking from a chipped beer glass I notified the server when I returned the pint glass to him/her. “You probably should retire this glass.” I tell them with a smile as I show them the chip. On this occasion the waitress thanked me, and notified me that my second beer was on the house because I was such a diligent customer. Cool! For her generosity I added some extra money to my already-somewhat-generous-standard tip.

My first trip to Pinch ‘n’ Ouch was interesting. The theatre is tiny, with a capacity of no more than fifty. In attendance on Friday night were a lot of really beautiful/handsome people, apparently acting students of one of the play’s actors.

With only two, very-sparsely decorated sets “Glengarry Glen Ross” is a perfect play for a theatre company of Pinch ‘n’ Ouch’s size. By and large the actors, and actress, performed their parts very well and I had a good time.

Estate Bound
With the exception of a trip to a grocery store on Saturday, lasting all of fifty minutes, and a trip to the QT on Scott Boulevard in Decatur to get gas and cash, I spent all of Saturday and Sunday at the ITP Estate. While I really wanted to do things outdoors on Saturday I couldn’t because my hip/leg refused to allow me to move about without significant pain.

The pain was lessened yesterday, but my confidence that it wouldn’t return was low, so I remained at home.

Oh well, at least I saved some money.

Compromised Position
As I was a lazy bum all day yesterday, spending the entirety of my morning and early afternoon watching Silicon Valley and YouTube videos I was alarmed to see a $10 credit card charge appear on my I assumed it was the charge from one of the (too) many services to which I subscribe, but quickly realized that I was incorrect. I looked at the notification and with a little online digging found out that the charge was for a parking lot near the office of “XYZ Corp”, a parking lot in which I do not park.

After contacting my credit card company they confirmed that the charge occurred at 2pm yesterday, when I could certainly affirm that I was not at that parking lot, and their transaction stated that the card was present for the transaction. After digging the card from my wallet I confirmed to the agent that it was impossible for the card to be present because it was in my possession.

I used this card twice on Friday, once at lunch near the office and once at dinner near the theatre in which I saw the play. I also used the card once on Saturday to purchase some groceries at a local grocery store. I shan’t name names for these businesses since I don’t know if any of them are the culprit, or if they are innocent. Of course the card could have been compromised at any time, but these were the most recent uses of this specific card.

Last night I made a list of all of the things, subscriptions, auto-pays for which I use this credit cards. Hmmm, this might be a great time to pull back and save a little more money by canceling some of these.

Hooray For Y’allywood
My commute to “XYZ Corp” was slowed today by the throng of workers getting ready to film something down the street. I have no idea what will be filmed, and frankly am not all that interested to find out. Unless of course they have a need for a middle-aged, white male who increasingly walks with a limp and a pained look upon his face to be their lead actor…

Paulie [eatl/ga]

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15 Responses to Grimaced

  1. HamWithCam says:

    We had a “bang up” time shooting Saturday at the Wilson Shoals WMA shooting range. I was bested by my brother-in0law in our traditional “closest to center” competition. I got almost near dead center, and another close to it. However, Steve prevailed with a perfect dead center shot as his last of best of five. Dang it. There goes bragging rights. At least I beat my “upstart, good at everything” 21 YO nephew with perfect eyesight!

    Apparently, a tree has fallen across powerlines on Clairmont. All lanes blocked. Fortunately, Lamont runs between Clairmont and Scott, so we have a back way in/out. News helicopter circling overhead. Our house is the “egregiously large brick thing”. That’s me in the front yard waving.

    Oh, in other news, I single handily “shocked the world” Sunday. Jan decided she wanted to try OK Cafe…for breakfast, which we did. I decided to go “way off the reservation” and ordered (and heartily consumed) a hamburger, fries and…chocolate shake. At 9:30am. For breakfast. Jan is still in shock.

    Good times.

    73 de JG/HamWithCam

  2. Stacy says:

    I was wondering why you didn’t mention where you ate until I read further. You had me at “deviled eggs” and then with lovely service to boot, I was hoping to learn where.

  3. Steve says:

    A 3 day weekend and way too short! A few highlights- breakfast at the cafe, where we were joined by Steve the “huntsman” for the fox hunt. A very funny guy and always has the latest dirt. Went to Debbie’s mom’s where we began the process of taking their woodshop equipment. This load contained a 14″ bandsaw, a scroll saw, and a sanding station. Debbie’s nephew has a car he’s working on in the building, so navigating around it was a challenge. Also a challenge was the sheer weight of the planer, which we decided even if we could get it out, we could not load it into the truck.

    Saturday, a quick 20 miles on my road bike then Meg and the kids came down and we hit the pool, followed by dinner at the barbcue joint.

    Sunday was chore day, including mowing, getting hay and setting up some of the new tools. Managed to watch most of the last stage of the Colorado Challenge (thanks Paulie!). 3 out of 4 stages were snakebit by weather, which means the repeater was down, which meant no pictures from TV motos. Sunday was a nice day so good coverage.

    Friday and Saturday… big time bike racing comes back to Atlanta! Friday evening in Hapeville and Saturday morning and afternoon in Grant Park. BE THERE!


    • Paulie [eatl/ga] says:

      Be warned, the NBC Sports App is probably going away as a consequence of the credit card fraud.

      Wish I could be at the Grant Park criterium, but alas I won’t be ITP that day.

  4. Barb says:

    greetings from Marietta.
    vacation is over – such a bummer to come back to work.

    my guess is the credit card # was stolen a while back, it takes a little while for the thieves to make a fake credit card.
    Last time it happened to me, someone used my card & number at a CVS for over $900. AmEx called me right away on that purchase.

    • Welcome back, Barb.

      I’m jumping through the hoops over a $10 charge, but if it worked for them once (and I paid) they’d use it again so I kinda have to take care of this now.

      Oh, I have decided to sell my InterAmericas Hash rego. Do you think I should put in on the AH4 website? [edit: may be fruitless but I just added to the thread on the AH4 website] Do you know anyone looking for a rego?

  5. ITP Lurker says:

    My contribution to the community this week: thoughts on renting a Relay bike. First off, you shouldn’t set up an account until you actually need a bike, because you get charged $3.50 plus tax, which covers a 30 minute ride but expires within 24 hours. Bike is heavy, I felt like Fred Flintstone pedaling away on it. I was going from Colony Square to Grant Park, so I picked up a bike in Piedmont Park and took the Beltline. Stopped in at Trader Joe’s and made the rookie mistake of not hitting Hold to keep the bike reserved. This can get treated as dropping off the bike away from a hub ($2.00 fee), and also means the bike could get snagged by another renter while you’re away from it. Bike basket was great, holds a whole bag of groceries nicely. Bikes have 8 gears, and not much range between them. Plus the bike I had kept seeming to slip out of gear. It appears I paid $4.20 for the ride, plus possibly a $2.00 fee for not holding the bike when I stopped at Trader Joe’s. The bikes aren’t convenient enough (yet) for me to pay $10 or $15/month for a plan, but it was good today in a pinch and to experience the service. Even though these bikes are branded as Relay Bikes, you have to download the Social Bicycles app to book one. You do get a $1.00 credit for starting a rental with a bike that was left away from a hub, and the app shows where said bikes are at a given moment.

    • Good information. Thanks!

      I downloaded the app but did not go through with account setup because I decided that I wasn’t going to ride that day and didn’t want to figure out all the ins and outs of their fees.

      Due to the fact that I own a bike, and have well-chronicled problems thanks to the fall I took on one this year, my interest in Relay Bike has been low, but not non-existent. Grant Park seems to be the closest Relay Bike station to EAV, so there’s that problem for me as well.

      There seems to be a lot of interest in the program. I am curious to see how well they do in the winter months, and how well they maintain their fleet of bicycles.

      Thanks again for the input.

      • Steve says:

        I’ve been tempted to just hop on one and ride for lunch, but I think I’ll wait until it get (a lot) cooler.

  6. Realizing how “lucky” I was not to be experiencing this pain when I went to Germany/Austria because I wouldn’t have been able to walk everywhere as I did. Feeling as if I had been healed by July is why I am so confused/depressed by the resurgence in pain a few weeks ago after working out.

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