Oh For Fuck Sake

This morning I woke up to see a charge on my other credit card that I can’t validate. This time around it’s a $24.99 charge for a “digital purchase” from Amazon. It’s complicated.

1. The cancellation of my first credit card has automatically bumped this second credit card to being the default payment method on some of my accounts.
2. I made a Kindle eBook purchase from Amazon the on Sunday, but it wasn’t for $24.99, it was for $1.99. Additionally, this purchase was made using credit that I have in my Amazon account.
3. I see no order for $24.99 in my order Amazon list.
4. I did make a $24.99 purchase yesterday, but that was with Apple, and that purchase was made using credit on my iTunes account so there should be no charge to this credit card for this purchase.

The charge is currently “pending” so I’ve put a request in to be notified when the charge is officially posted to my account so that I can review it then. If I cannot verify the charge I’ll have to file a fraud claim for this credit card as well. And if it comes to this I’ll have to time the claim carefully so as not to put myself in a state of possessing no valid credit cards.

It looks as if I’ll have to return to my strict credit card policy, having one card dedicated to online purchase, in order to stop these incidents (if possible). I simply cannot spend the time and effort tracking down these unknown purchases any longer.

Laundry, Work, German
All the while trying to figure out how to ensure the hip/leg pain is minimized.

Going to be a busy day…

Paulie [eatl/ga]

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  1. Oh, and I was a bad boy and went to Lucky’s at Emory last night. Unfortunately Lucky’s finally figured out how cheaply they were selling beer and upped their prices. Pity.

  2. Barb says:

    the 1st card with the small amount that you know you didn’t do – you may want to just ask the credit card company to cancel it & get a new one.

    my body finally adapted to west coast time, so waking up in the morning is harder than it should be.

    Mary & TJ leave for Girona tonight, should be interesting, as they are watching the kids ALONE, for at least a few days over there. Kaleb will get to be the Catalan interpreter. I’m sure the stories will be quite entertaining.

    • The process of canceling the first card was started on Sunday and I am awaiting a replacement. That brings me down to one credit card, the one for which the $24..99 charge appeared this morning.

      Since I will be driving to Raleigh on Friday I dont want to risk canceling the second card yet for fear of not having a credit card on a seven-hour drive — if nothing else I will be stopping for gas. I suppose I could pay cash for everything, my bank has many locations in Raleigh so getting cash is not an issue.

      • Barb says:

        when I got my new AmEx when they detected fraud, it was sent next day. hopefully you will get yours today.
        We use the Delta AmEx as much as possible, but do have a Visa for when that is needed.
        knocking on wood – but really, the credit card companies have gotten really good at detecting fraud and then getting you a new card right away.

        • The one that’s been canceled is a Visa, they predicted “3-5 business days”. The second card is a Delta AmEx. The Visa is required (now) for Costco, and it’s linked to a couple of other loyalty programs. I use the AmEx for all trip-related costs when I can, though many places in Germany don’t take it.

  3. Steve says:

    Sucks. Sorry. I really should be more aware of what my cards are being used for and have just one card for most things, but that requires planning and effort and I hate paperwork- either real or simulated- and that’s paperwork.

    A quiet evening, finishing a book then took care of horses. It was thundering in the area, but just a sprinkle of rain.

    I have Monday off and we’re going… somewhere.. for the eclipse. I had thought about hiking some AT, but Debbie shot that down. Next thought was up SC 11 that starts there near 85 and Lake Hartwell. Anyone have any ideas? No crowds, though that may be impossible.


    • My situation will be fine, this just adds more bullshit to my life…

      It will be hard not to be around crowds near the eclipse’s path. I understand that some communities are concerned about the influx of people on their roads that day.

    • Barb says:

      if you go up SC 11, get ready for some traffic.
      Hashers are going to Shady Lady’s place, right near Table Rock, I’m sure they can handle more people, the rego (I’m not sure if it is really any cost) is out on the FB.
      some hooligans are going to Murphy, NC I’ve heard.
      I have friends in Seneca, on Lake Keowee, and they are planning to not leave the house.
      JoAnna & Mike are going to Columbia, SC.
      Me – I’m working, but I’m getting some glasses from JoAnna, so I guess I can walk outside for a few minutes. OR, I’ll just watch it on TV

  4. Steve says:

    And a late report from home says Brownie took Phinney’s breakfast bucket (full) from the barn to the back deck, only spilling it when he set it down! That boy…

  5. Barb says:

    so – Allan goes to get TJ & Mary -and their flight is tomorrow.
    I KNOW she said it was today.
    so, now I get to take them tomorrow, as Allan is in a class.
    (some day he will learn to CALL & confirm plans before driving somewhere)

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