A Weekend Of Missed Opportunities

Ah, another weekend when the thought of what I could accomplish completely outpaced reality.

Sleeping Paulie
Apparently there is a strong correlation between the amount I drink and the amount I sleep.

On Friday after work I met up with friends at Benchwarmers for a few beers. I followed that up with some Chinese food before returning home to pass out some time around 9pm. With the exception of waking a few times to pee, I was out all night.

On Saturday I met the same group of friends in the afternoon for a few beers at Twain’s. This time I returned home to eat some food, a couple of hot dogs, before passing out on the couch. By the time I woke up it was too late for me to want to go out and do anything else.

For my own sanity there was no drinking of alcohol yesterday.

There is one more step remaining in the transfer of my InterAmericas Hash registration to someone else. Once I complete the transfer I will attempt to set up a way to compensate ITP-Reader Barb for helping me sell my registration. Barb, you can choose a lunch or dinner for which I will pay. Thanks again.

I Think I’m Turning European I Really Think So
In the past month I have watched more cycling, rugby, and soccer than baseball and football. This weekend alone I watched a few Australian rugby matches, three German soccer matches, and some of la Vuelta Espana. I have become more interested in these games/events than the current baseball, or upcoming college and NFL, games. It’s as if something has happened in the past eight months that have had me more interested in moving from the country.

I don’t know who I am any longer…

And yes, I know Australia isn’t in Europe.

Just to make sure I could remember who I really am I ignored all needed house and yard work, and made a batch of jambalaya-like food to eat for last night’s dinner (and enough for three meals this week).

Backups, Backups, Backups
I finally got my ass down to the basement to attempt to do some work last night and was stymied by technology. On Thursday (Wednesday?) afternoon East Atlanta suffered another power outage which apparently lasted long enough for all of my electronics to consume the back up battery and turn themselves off. Last night I rebooted the “new” computer, powered on its media hard drive as well as Network Attached Storage, only to start hearing one drive go “click, click” pause “click, click”. Fuuuuudge (only this time I didn’t say “Fudge”). It turned out that the drive that went tits-up was the one in the external media drive, which theoretically has been backed up often, so I should be okay. Last night I copied all of the data data from the dying drive, just in case something didn’t get backed up.

To put a positive spin on this near-disaster, I am in the in the process of reworking all of the components of my backup strategy, so out with the old 3.5″ hard drive, in with smaller drives with higher capacities!

You Snooze, You Lose
I was considering flying up to Raleigh for my next visit to the Raleigh Royalty next month. When I looked into flights this past week I could buy at “economy” seat on Delta for $185. When I checked again last night the price had gone up $70. Dangen! Now I need to decide if I want to drive again, or have to pull the plug on this trip.

Hope your weekend was a fun one.

Paulie [eatl/ga]

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  1. Apparently I don’t know much about technology — I failed at my attempt to link a bank account to my PayPal account. Good thing it’s not required to receive funds.

  2. Steve says:

    A 3 day weekend and still have lots to do.
    Took the Brown man to see his Aunt Nicole (vet) to have his ear looked at. It’s been filling with fluid and we’ve been draining it, but it keeps filling back up. The first time we punctured it, he whined, and each time less and less. Nicole did it again and he didn’t make a sound! We have meds now.

    Rode the scenic route to the pool at Bear Creek Saturday afternoon. My cold has really kicked my butt, as 14 (and a flat) was all I could muster.

    There was much mowing of pastures on Sunday while Debbie rode with Saddles Sores. An attempt to run in the evening got me 1, count ’em, 1 mile!! And I saw my heart rate at 164! So much for fitness.


    • I don’t dare run these days; a mile is a super-long distance for me.

    • Stacy says:

      Aww poor Brownie! Question Steve: is it the inner ear or the earlobe? I hear the earlobe can be quite common and actually was with my kitty. I had it drained once, it filled back up, and then I had a surgery done where they keep a little hole open somehow to allow it to drain instead of filling back up again. Surgery is always scary (and poor thing was a buckethead for a couple weeks after), but it might be an option for a long-term fix? (assuming it’s the same thing of course)

  3. Barb says:

    I have my bank account linked, but I haven’t attempted to transfer any funds to it. I just left the money sitting in the pay pal account – and then used it to pay someone.
    and – you really don’t owe me anything – all I did was post on FB. I’m glad you got it sold……… seems its finally to the more selling than begging to buy on FB – so I was hoping you could still get rid of it.

    You missed a fun time at the new Sani house Saturday night- it was 90s hasher reunion with Holy Dick & Good Head & Sloppy Seconds & his wife. And of course Kev (formerly known as Daffy Dick).

    Wheelhopper was fun yesterday, Oops laid the trail from NorthPoint mall area to his house. I had forgotten how much I really don’t like riding at Big Creek, the trails are just too rocky & rooty & just not that fun. Had a cute young female out of town hasher from Syracuse – so the boys at the hash were trying to not stare….. !

    Chicken managed to keep our car keys (she bimbo’d and drove our car to the end) so that made for an interesting end to the hash – Butt Pipe gave Allan a ride home, to get my car and a spare key & come back. (you can imagine how thrilled he was with all that). Hopefully I can meet up with her somewhere today to get the key.

    • Sounds like your weekend was “interesting” on many levels.

      I received an email from PayPal that their attempt to deposit/remove a nominal amount to the checking account I specified failed. The $199 will sit in my PayPal account for awhile. However, the transaction is still not 100% done, I’m waiting on an email address so I can log onto the hashing tickets site and perform the transfer. I’m not surprised that this close to the event that the focus has shifted to people like me trying to sell. If I couldn’t sell it, I’d just eat the cost as a life lesson.

      Without your help I would have not sold the registration, so allow me to share my new-found wealth. 🙂 Besides, it gives me another reason to meet up for lunch or dinner.

      • Barb says:

        I did get an email from my bank about the small amounts from paypal – so maybe your bank thought it was fraud? I figured having a little money just sitting there in PayPal wouldn’t hurt anything, and then it worked out, I needed to pay out money.

        You should get the info from hashing tickets fairly soon, they are pretty on the ball about all the transfers. (from what I can tell on all the FB posts – people that whine – and think the hash mismanagement is there 24-7 to answer the questions)

        • I tried using Delta Community Credit Union as my bank, and they have funky account numbers. I’ll be dropping by the midtown location this morning to sort things out.

          I will leave the money in PayPal and hopefully will use it in the near future when buying something that requires the use of PayPal — like classes/tests at Goethe.

          I’m waiting on the buyer, who is getting an email address from someone else, to tell me to whom I should transfer.

          • Debbie Brady says:

            My vote (don’t you like how I claimed a stake in this) is for a lunch meet up. I’m finally freed up enough to join y’all somewhere.

            Just buy the ticket to Raleigh. You’ll spend more than $250 in gas, road food and time driving up.

            My Delta Credit Union account is linked to PayPal so it is doable.

            I’m covered in bruises and sore so I must’ve had a good weekend, ha. Went by in a blur.

          • Glad to hear you can join us, now we just need to finalize some plan for the near future. Barb, what happens in the shipping world post-Labor Day?

            Time is the only “big” cost for that trip. Gas is “cheap”, perhaps $70 round-trip for the M6.

            I figured I could link DCCU but I made a mistake, perhaps using the wrong account number, that’s why I am going to visit the nearby branch today.

          • Barb says:

            I’m busy post Labor Day – but I make myself take lunch breaks……..
            I’m meeting Leigh Ann at 1230 at the Arts Center Marta station to get the car key. Hope this works out.

  4. Another note: my hip seems okay, well, there is still some pain, but I’ve been here before. My fear is that once I start exercising again the pain will return. Time will tell…

  5. bob says:

    $250 is totally worth not sitting in my car for 14 hours in my opinion. Plus, you probably don’t need your car while you are up there anyway.
    I hated to miss wheelhopper! Specially since it started in my back yard. I spent the weekend in Greeneville watching 10 year old kids play soccer.

    Doing some logistic acrobatics this morning. I’ll be in Vegas for another conference and trying to meet my cousin in Moab to ride that weekend. Going to be interesting to schedule out everything.

    • I actually like driving, except for the traffic delays. I catch up on a lot of podcast/audiobook listening when I drive. And when I drive I am in nearly complete control of when I arrive/leave.

      While you are correct that I never drive anywhere when I get to Raleigh, $250 is only the cost of flying. If I fly I also have to pay to get to and from the Atlanta airport (maybe as cheap as MARTA), and will have to make sure that I can get to/from Raleigh’s airport on Delta’s schedule, which may involve getting an Uber/Lyft.

      The ball is in my court, and I will figure it all out this week.

  6. 10:30am and my new “boss” has just arrived at the office; I’ve been here since 7:00am.

    Small software companies are weird.

    • I am now exchanging emails with him — he literally sits next to me with no wall between us.

      Small software companies are weird.

      • Steve says:

        Now that’s funny.

        On our drive back from the eclipse, I was going to torture Debbie with Car Talk podcasts but forgot to bring the audio cable. She was so “sad”.

        And no, her bruises today are not from me, but her favorite horse, who was a bit of an asshole yesterday.

  7. Outside of Colony Square I gave a man walking directions to Silver Skillet (he has a short hike ahead of him). There’s something I did not expect to do today.

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