If you are reading this you are either outside the United States, in a job that doesn’t get today off, or bored. If you are in either of the last two, I am sorry.

It was a fairly uneventful weekend for me, yesterday I spent too many hours consuming alcohol. I am forcing myself to abstain from drinking; it’s a whole weight-gain, prove I have some self-control thing. I will have to break my alcohol fast on Wednesday as I attend a mixer at the Georgia Beer Garden.

It is 9:00am as I type this and I already pushed the hipster mower around the yard (with my hangover), showered, and eaten pancakes for breakfast.

Paulie [eatl/ga]

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One Response to Laboring

  1. Steve says:

    I looked before you posted, and now checking back at almost 2PM.

    The Mazda is home! Amazing, once again, therentalcost more than the repair. Seems to be running fine.

    Saturday joined the hunt breakfast. Debbie didn’t ride as Phinney is still having a reaction to his annual shots he got las week. Drinks and dinner at friends around the corner Saturday evening. They just bought a lovely little farm and won’t be keeping their horses there! WTF, O?

    Spent some time at the pool yesterday. Followed by catching up on the Vuelta.

    This morning, rode a bit and met the hunt for breakfast. Beautiful morning.

    See you for lunch tomorrow.


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