Managing Expectations

There’s a twinge of pain in the front of my left leg near my hip, apparently caused by my “exercise” yesterday which consisted of pushing a mower around and walking from my car to a store a couple of times. This seems to be Step 1 of the pain cycle that has been occurring for about a month. As you can well imagine, this does not please me.

Work Expectations
I was not the diligent programmer I wanted to be this weekend. On Saturday I made some attempts at learning the things that can keep me employed, but thereafter things fell apart. While I do realize the benefit of “shutting down” and “getting away” I wish that I had pushed myself to do more.

Sports Expectations
I have none. My Mets flat-out stink, my Gators looked pedestrian, and though the NFL season has yet to start I’ve already given up on the Jets. I suppose that I could look forward to hockey, not that the Islanders will be any great shakes, or continue to hope that my somewhat-randomly selected Bundesliga team of choice, Werder Bremen, can improve upon last year’s middle-of-the-table placing.

Meh, I should just convert my sports-watching time to software-development time.

Food Expectations
On Sunday afternoon I joined a group of friends for dinner at Barcelona. The meal was okay, but certainly nothing that I would consider running back for any time soon. At my demand after dinner we wandered to the basement of Beetlecat, which I believe is known as the “Surfers’ Den” for another couple of drinks. The young’ins were out in force, and the women of today certainly have no problem showing of their bodies — not that I was complaining. Finally we hoofed over to The Albert, a place that I have not been in years. I was pleased to find that they do not allow smoking, and that we five could find a table since it was not really late.

Yesterday I ate a massive plate of barbecued things at The Highlander. The plate of food, which filled me for nearly the entire evening, was $15 and well worth it, at least to me. I did fail in my attempt to be non-alcoholic, however. Oops. I guess the hangover to which I referred in yesterday’s blog wasn’t as long-lasting as I expected it to be.

This morning’s cup of cereal was moistened with unsweetened almond milk. Oh, I have no desire to abandon cow’s milk, but I wanted to experiment with the boxes of unsweetened almond milk by using them in the cereals which already contain too much sugar for my palate.

Is lunch still on today ITP-Reader Stacy? If so, you may dictate the place if you like.

Paulie [eatl/ga]

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7 Responses to Managing Expectations

  1. Steve says:

    A fairly quiet LD. With Debbie’s horse still feeling poorly, she went and “road whipped” the hunt, then I rode the scenic route over to join them. Our afternoon was spent napping, then a bit of mowing before the weeds took over the house.

    Our horses’ namesake was an idiot at the Tour of Britain, when he crossed a RRtrack with the gates down. He is now watching the race, being DQ’d by the race jury.

    Lunch is still on my schedule. I have a 1PM meeting to be back for.


  2. Individual Time Trial at la Vuelta, Froome should put the final nail in the coffin today.

  3. Steve says:

    Chinese Buddah, 100 10th St. 11:30

  4. Excellent Americanized Chinese lunch today with ITP-Readers Stacy and Steve. It was good to get in a little walk, though I wish that i had remembered to stop my timer when I arrived at the restaurant.

  5. Barb says:

    Way too busy, my coworker’s father in law passed away, so she’s out all week. She will be out on maternity leave soon enough, hopefully the bass will figure out we need to hire someone.

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