Somebody’s been drinking. At least I walked to the breweries.

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  1. Steve says:

    I hope you took your jacket, because I think it’s about to be cold when you get back here (if you come back).

    Sushi dinner to celebrate the first day of Debbie’s new job. All good. She’s excited and so am I.

    Bumped into LeighAnn (Tastes Like Chicken) at the hardware store in Decatur yesterday. Said she was living in East Lake and walking to work. Not to air dirty laundry on the blog, but what happened to her and Gentry? (or is that old news?).

    Today we have a meeting to plan out next years goals and objectives, making sure they align with our strategic plan for the Bank. Oh. Boy.


    • Barb says:

      Steve – where ya been???
      Chicken & Gentri are way old news – they broke up at least a year ago, I think longer than that. she stayed living in his how in EP way too long, moved into an apt in East Point or College Park, had a crazy landlord, and now lives in some hasher rental house (with other hashers) in DeKalb.
      She was very excited about having a real full time job with benefits again.

      Mary & TJ came over for dinner last night – they are heading back to Colorado to hopefully get the countertops done at the condo. I just said it needed to be done by March. We are FINALLY planning a ski weekend. Vail & Beaver Creek, here we come! It’s been at least 10 years. the condo is only a small 1 bedroom, and a loft with bunkbeds. Kevin Beebe has already claimed a bunk, and I think his buddy Rock. We aren’t sure if concierge extraordinaire Uncle Dan will still have any connections for discounts – he has quit his job just recently. (they are moving to Crested Butte next year, and he isn’t poor)

      • Steve says:

        You know I stay so plugged in to the lives of other hashers (present company excluded)!!

        What dates are you thinking about? I’m already booked for a race that first weekend of March.

        • Barb says:

          St Patrick’s Day weekend – thinking fly out Wed night or Thursday morning come back Sunday night or Monday. I want to fly direct to Eagle, but of course that’s just 1 flight a day & pricy. Not sure if we want to deal with Denver & a car or shuttle.

          • Steve says:

            Debbie has already advised me we’re going to the Hunt (not really a) Ball on the 17th. Dinner and dancing to a good band at the Bear Creek Farm. Since it’s so rare she dances, I have to get it while I can! 😉

    • ITP Lurker says:

      Oh shit, I thought the whole point of this blog was to air dirty laundry. My bad. 😉

  2. Consulted the forecast before leaving, unlike when I moved away from Florida I will be prepared for this journey.

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