Snow on a Friday makes Atlanta a more interesting place to live. Hope your weekend was good.

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  1. Stacy says:

    Snow made me giddy! 🙂 I left work about noon Friday and thankfully didn’t have to deal with idiots or bad traffic at that time. Curled up with some wine. Went for a walk later; made some snow angels. Saturday went to Piedmont Park just to take pictures — there were wee little snowmen everywhere! SO adorable! So yeah. Happiness in the Fox household.

  2. ITP Lurker says:

    Traffic was GLORIOUS on Saturday. Roads were dry, I made it from Grant Park to near Ansley Mall to Ellsworth Industrial (West Midtown) and back to Grant Park in 45 minutes. Circuit was to pick up and drop off kids at a Top Golf birthday party. It reminded me of how splendid traffic was during the Olympics when everyone panicked and left town. More snow days (as opposed to ice Armageddon days) like that, please.

  3. Barb says:

    I left work at 4:15 – the traffic jams were almost gone -took my usual 10 minutes.
    We never lost power all weekend -but it did flick off & on a dew times.
    But – we lost internet & TV – horrors!!!!!
    Allan has a million movies on a hard drive – so we could still watch that- and of course the phones work on LTE – so we survived. Almost had to read a book!
    I did bake some cookies too.

    Hyox party was a Hawaii theme – it was fun – we learned to Hula dance. I was just buzzed/drunk enough to get talked into that.

    Black Sheep was the perfect Black Sheep (for me) — no cold water crossings!
    Out at Yellow River – just a nice hike in the park. They had basically no snow -so it wasn’t muddy at all. circle was at Sani’s – her backyard was too wet, so we did circle in her carport. Allan got his mug.
    Then we went to dinner at a Chinese ramen place on Buford Hwy for Dean’s birthday. It was quite tasty, and watching the guy make the ramen noodles thru a window was crazy cool.

  4. Steve says:

    Left the office Friday about 1 and was still home by 2:30, which is just a bit slower than normal. Went to check on a friends horse at Bear Creek after dinner Friday. Backing out from between the paddocks in the dark, I didn’t realize the road curved as I was following the fence in my mirror. Backed into a culvert and had to call a friend who lives on the farm to pull us out. No damage but my pride. Also tried to go shopping but smaller stores were closed- WTF, O?

    Lazed about Saturday (not quite 2 inches total)

    Sunday managed to get a bit of work done at the Ben Hilton, despite about 5″ of snow on the ground. The truck decided it didn’t want to start and had to call my sister, who brought a legacy charger/jump starter (thanks Dad). $188 new battery- the third in 3 months. I should get a Christmas card from O’Reiley Auto Parts.


  5. Sitting in company-mandated training today. Ugh.

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