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  1. Looks as if I am about to become THE mobile team at “XYZ Corp”, the person to who I report resigned yesterday.

    Note to self: start preparing to interview again ASAP

  2. Steve says:

    Well that’s… interesting. You can look at it as a warning or an opportunity. And the nice thing is- you get to pick! Sell you vision to management and ask to let you run with the ball, or start looking for somewhere else which might be as convenient, flexible and close to me to have lunch!

    The Ben Hilton is getting closer to being DONE! Just the Kitchen is left to pack up tools and pain and whatnot, and clean.

    They just don’t make things worth a damn anymore!! Dad installed a central vacuum system in that house in prolly 1976 (??) and I was happily using it yesterday when it decided to stop. I went into the basement to check and there was the distinct odor of burnt motor. Ugh… Only lasted 40+ years- and Sears doesn’t sell a replacement motor any more!! Damnit.


    • ITP Lurker says:

      *Nothing* is ever easy. With that said, I wouldn’t give up the fight so easily. There’s gonna be a dude somewhere on the Internets with the part you need.

    • It may be a bit of both. I have requested to chat with him before his final day on 1/5, but he is OOO all this week. I am bothered more that I may have put myself in a lurch by not aggressively preparing for the day that I move on (either by choice or force); I guess those preparations start today.

      Life Priorities:
      1. Improve health
      2. Prepare for “next”gig, even if that doesn’t occur for a while
      3. Learn German
      4. The rest of everything

      Sears barely exists any longer, never mind a replacement motor.

    • Barb says:

      Do they still make/install the central vacuum systems anymore?
      I haven’t noticed one of those in years & years.
      Good luck getting it fixed, might just have to buy a regular vacuum cleaner.

      • And I the listing sell the central vacuum as “conduit for Cat-6 cabling”.

      • Steve says:

        I found several online last night, but it does seem a shame not to get this one running, though it certainly won’t be a deal breaker. I think when the floor guys came through they wore it out. OK, plus 40 years of service and the floor guys.

  3. Oh yeah, yesterday I saw they plan to build fourteen (!) condos on May Av very close to Flat Shoals for “$500s-$600s”, and that’s not the monthly rent! Maybe someone would like an entire fixer-upper home for $400k? 😉

  4. Barb says:

    Got the WI beer delivery dropped off at the house from Cheese Spread last night. Was only about 3 or 4 cases, shold fit in 1 cooler -not even 100 beers.
    BUT- its gonna be COLD on January 1.
    Not sure how that will work at the end (NOT MY HOUSE), as I don’t know how they can get any extra fire pits, etc.

  5. One bit of humor in my world today, I keep thinking that it’s Monday. 😂

  6. Unrelated: I watched an awesome documentary “The Barkley Marathons: The Race That Eats Its Young” on Netflix last night. It was filmed in 2012, and though I didn’t see any hashers we know, I did recognize one name “DeWayne Satterfield” from the ultra-running world.

  7. Well, if I lose my job I will definitely need to stop eating out; it’s expensive (especially when a beer is included).

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