Some nights are good night; last night was not.

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  1. Steve says:

    Sorry you had a rough night. Care to elaborate? Lie down on the sofa, Ja?

    There is a new dog on my list, and she technically isnt ours. The neighbors dog, Lillie, was on patrol most of the night and wanted everyone to know it. I know she woke me up at least 3 times with her barking. Ugh. Ollie was a good boy, mainly because he had no chance to be bad while locked in his box.

    Pulled the trigger on boots yesterday. My plan was to wear them today, but with proper socks, they are too small. Back to the store…


    • Barb says:

      bummer on the boots – I wear a 10, but I bought 11s for my hiking boots.

    • Going through a rough patch mentally and physically at the moment. Nothing really that I’d like to put out in public.

      Note to self: schedule a physical and a meeting with a specialist to deal with the rest.

    • HamWithCam says:

      I wear (relatively tight) thinner liner socks, to wick away inevitable perspiration. And thicker outer socks, typically wool. The inner/outer layering provide a frictionless surface…so no blisters. Been doing this for years (and years), no issues. Source: REI.

      Some folks break in new boots using a variety of tricks (pouring in hot water, walking in boots, after soaking, etc). IMHO, no substitute for simply wearing them, sweating, repeat. Miles are miles.

      Hiking boots have gone all high-tech Gortex, fancy-smancy the last 10-15 year. Trendy, cute, pricey and your feet still sweat and get wet when it rains. Quality leather with several regular coats of “Sno-Seal” is the way to go. Apply like shoe polish. As long as water doesn’t get above the tops, you’re good to go.

      So Ireland? Wet/cold?
      Have you considered “LL Bean Maine Hunting Boots”? I’ve had a pair for over 30 years, great for rain/cold. Comfortable enough, depending on how far you intend to walk. Go for just over the ankle length. They run a size large, so go “size-1”. I need “wide”for a perfect fit. And guaranteed (and repairable)…forever. Really.

      73 de JG/HamWithCam

  2. Barb says:

    The big news I heard last night is Cowtippers is closing at the end of the month.
    Is that why you are sad? (I’m joking, I hope last night wasn’t that bad)

    We did basically nothing – watched Jeopardy, and I was almost as smart as the 3 people playing.

    Tonight – if all is on time – I (or we) will go to the airport to get Wet n Dry, she’s back after about 2 months over in SE Asia. Oh to be retired………

  3. For a positive spin, I finally made it to Torched Hops. The beer and vegetarian* food was good.

    * I unknowingly ate one fry that had bacon, and two slices of pizza that had pork which looked like fried eggplant. Whoops!

  4. Steve says:

    It’s been so long since I did much actual hiking… these need to be waterproof and easy to clean (being in horse muck potentially). HwC, I do like the idea of 2 pairs of socks- done that on long runs “back in the day”.

    • Barb says:

      I started wearing “toe” socks INJINJI brand when hiking (or walking a lot)- they sell them at REI (and I’m sure other places).
      I have a toe or 2 that just likes to rub & then I get blisters and then I am unhappy.
      LOVE these socks.

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