Even more BRRR! I’m over it.

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  1. Barb says:

    its supposed to get up to 40 today.
    It will be balmy.
    and – I think Sunday 60!
    Wheelhopper is up in the north ITP world of Alpharetta Sunday.

    Roads were pretty ok this morning.

    • I haven’t ventured outside yet — one of the joys of being able to work from home! I will go outside a little after lunch time to ensure the car battery is functioning, otherwise I’ll be calling AAA for a jump and/or battery replacement. I’m headed to Buckhead tonight for a play.

      I hope to be on two wheels this weekend, given the predicted weather, but probably not for Wheelhopper.

    • I also plan to make myself some mac n cheese for lunch — another benefit of working from home. Now, if I could only carve out some trainer time as well…

      • Barb says:

        you can never go wrong with mac n cheese.
        We plan to be down in your ‘hood tonight- Chattahooligan ramble that has turned into a bimble – so just some socializing & drinking. at Holy Taco.
        We have to pickup TJ & Mary tonight (I thought it was last night) at 9pm or so, if the flight is on time- so some socializing in East Atlanta is almost on the way.

  2. Steve says:

    I made it into the orafice after the sun came up. We are still “essential staff only”- everyone else can work from home. That would be lovely if I could…

    Last night, I brought the neighbors dog in to spend the night. Lily was such a good girl. I just barricaded her into the laundry room with some baby gates and she didn’t make a mess or bark at all. 14 degrees this morning and she would have been pretty cold where she sleeps in the man cave.

    Speaking of the man cave, it was 35 degrees in there, so I brought my bike and trainer in the house as it was too cold to ride out there. Slapped some cleats on the new shoes and rode for a half hour.

    Debbie made it to Ft. Lauderdale and will be pitching her company to the new group this afternoon. They are the only company pitching, so we think it’s a done deal- if they decide to go this route.


    • Given my current assignment I am actually more productive working from home (fewer distractions). I expect to head into the office tomorrow. I also hope to resume exercising today/tomorrow.

  3. Barb says:

    question on Lily- the neighbors don’t bring her in? she sleeps in your man cave? I’m confused.

    • Steve says:

      The neighbor has been working “a lot of overtime”. And I haven’t seen his truck in a couple weeks. We’ve started feeding her, as she was starting to get skinny back in the fall, when we seriously thought the neighbor had just left.

      Such a sweet girl.. you want a nice dog? I can hook you up.

  4. Bo Bikes Bama registration opens today. It’ll be on April 28th, and I am considering doing it again.

    2018 — Paulie Returning To Cycling!

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