Heading back ITP. I assume you have all kept things nice and tidy in my absence.

While the M6 and I will be headed ITP I will be spending part of the long drive home trying to figure out where my life is headed. Wish I could say that I had satisfying ideas, but I can’t.

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7 Responses to 2018-02-05

  1. Barb says:

    I am with you on trying to figure out where my life is headed as well.

    Superbowl was actually fun to watch last night, since we didn’t care who won, only sort of wanting the Eagles to win.

  2. I’m on record as not being a Patriots fan. 🙂

    Lunching at a Chinese restaurant, not a buffet, in Anderson SC. Who am I?

  3. steve says:

    We’re back in the USSA! We don’t know how lucky we are….

    Should be in tonight before 9. Now sitting in Newark.

    Sunday was a riding day. 40 km, or 25 miles along a beautiful path with only a few road crossings. A bit cool for what I was wearing, but no rain. A stunning view of the Irish sea for a bit.

    Debbie got on the plane, but was ready to send for her dogs and stay. Me, not so much, but I could be convinced.


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