Maybe it’s the loss of an hour, but I am tired this morning. However, it’s a good kind of tired because this weekend I was a busy man.

On Friday I drove to the old work neighborhood and had dinner with a bunch of old coworkers.

On Saturday night I went to Drunken Unicorn for an excellent show.

Yesterday, given the weather forecast, it was determined that attempting the BeltGrind was a bad idea. Those of you on the Book of Faces know that in place of that I accompanied my friend Bonnie on her first Black Sheep Hash; hope her husband doesn’t find out she had to sit on the ice with yours truly… Even though we were out for over two hours, and DFL (due to a plethora of reasons), she seemed to have a good time. I guess the proof will be whether or not she returns my text messages this week. 🤓🙂

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  1. Oh yeah, I also cooked a vegetarian chili on Saturday afternoon:

    Before, After

    And an Instant Pot Chili Noodles dish with tofu instead of chicken for dinner on Saturday night

    • I also acquired two nice cuts, which will no doubt eventually become scars, on my right shin from accidentally hitting a large rock trying to climb up a muddy embankment.

  2. Barb says:

    well – MC is so concerned about your future relationship with Bonnie- that she deleted her comments on FB – so when the divorce lawyer starts searching, there will be no real evidence……..
    She makes me laugh.
    Sorry I missed trail – but I was being constructive at home, did our taxes. Not pretty, gotta pay the Feds again. I know why we have to pay, its just annoying.

  3. Stacy says:

    In completely unrelated news, this was the #1 song 30 years ago today:


    Yep…. you’ve all been rick-rolled.


  4. Steve says:

    Only a little sore all day Saturday at the road race in Brooks. The prescription was to sit as much as I could… that ain’t happening at a bike race.

    Sunday, drove out to Snellville to celebrate a friends 75th birthday. A surprise party at Provino’s. Good, but not as good as I remember, but those little garlic rolls are still great.

    Dragging at the time change, or maybe because we got in pretty late last night.


    • Isn’t dangerous to throw a surprise party for a 75-yo? Just saying…

      • Steve says:

        He’s a pretty young 75.

        We’re old friends. His wife sits next to me- they moved from Atlanta to Savannah 2 years ago and she says “I hate Savannah.. we’ve started looking for a house in Clarksville”. WHAT? You always wanted to live on the beach?? “None of our friends are there, it’s nothing but rednecks (Trump supporters).” I’m not sure Clarksville will be much different, but it is above the gnat line.

  5. For the next couple of days I am “on assignment” at a conference called Teki-Con. Originally billed as being held at Center Stage we are in the considerably-smaller Hill Auditorium in the High Museum. I guess ticket sales weren’t as good as was hoped.

  6. Stacy says:

    Weird. I can’t reply to your comment above, Steve. Maybe Paulie has comment limits on a thread?

    In any case, yes, definitely in my wheelhouse. I was a junior in high school in 1988. 🙂 Though I tended more toward big hair bands (and, of course, Duran Duran), I did appreciate me some Rick Astley too.

  7. Barb says:

    so -quick trip to Discount Tire in Smyrna (right by The Battery) to get a plug (I thought) for a screw in my tire. Looks like they gave me a whole new tire – so glad I paid for the lifetime warranty on the tires.
    I really like those guys -they are very nice, and I was out of there in 30 minutes.

  8. Technical difficulties at a tech conference, go figure…

  9. Finally catching my second wind (or perhaps my first) today.

    Unrelated: my adopted German soccer team is playing right now. It’s a huge (winnable) game for them, and I am trying to avoid seeing the outcome until I can watch the game tonight.

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