[REDACTED] No one wants to read my whining.

Current Status: reading about Swift before walking over to the High Museum for the second day of the conference.

Tuesday Tale of the Tape: 209.6 pounds; so, I have that going for me.

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  1. Morning Detour: since the conference doesn’t begin until 10am, and while driving up Moreland Av I realized that I had forgotten to pack my lunch, I have stopped for breakfast at The Majestic. Sure, this is not great for my body, but perhaps this will knock my mind back on track.

  2. Steve says:

    So the conference is for iOS developers or more general?

    Chef Steve put on his toque, and made pork tender lions with a maple and onion glaze served over rosemary polenta, and a salad of baby greens and apples. The dressing was a mix of vinegar and mayonnaise. Very tasty all around.

    Games meeting tonight. Some of you in town folks are reminded of the St. Patricks Day parade which steps off at Noon Saturday. We will have a group, although I won’t be there. Come out and pretend to be Irish!!

    Still waiting on a lunch plan Barb…


    • Barb says:

      I have Thursday 3/22 & Friday 3/23 free- 2 days off to run errands, etc before starting the job on Monday 3/26.
      I can come into town, and Allan may or may not be able to join too.

    • This conference, Teki-Con, is about iOS development. This is its first year, and if the low turnout is any indication of the industry, it will also be its last.

    • HamWithCam says:

      Lunch plan?
      Eagerly awaiting details.

      In other news, Garge Door dude returned for some minor tweaking. As he was wrapping up he volunteered “Call me if you have any more problems. Oh, but not the next few days, as I will be in Miami….for a shoot.” For a shoot?! Turns out Garage Door Dude is a photographer and a pretty good one from the shots he showed me.

      Small world.

      73 de JG/HamWithCam

  3. ITP Lurker says:

    “[REDACTED] No one wants to read my whining.”

    There’s an art to it. It’s destructive to bottle everything up, as well as let everything out. Aim for the middle. It is YOUR blog, after all. We can choose whether or not to subject ourselves to it. 😉

    Nice work on losing weight. You’ve got some good momentum that you can ride for a bit.

    • True, but sometimes I regret putting things into virtual ink and this morning’s original post was one of those times.

      Thanks. This is turning out to be a tough week to exercise well, but I will take whatever I can.

  4. Barb says:

    So, Mary & TJ “stopped by” (aka walked across the street) to ask us if we were interested in going out to dinner.
    As the evening progressed, we come to find out it is their 52nd anniversary!
    I’m slugging Allan at dinner – you don’t know when your parents anniversary is????
    I know when my parent’s is……… October 13.

    • My parent’s was on 2/28, and if my math is right it would have been their 70th.

    • Barb says:

      my parents will be at 56 years this October – my oldest brother was born 11 months later – damn good Catholics.

    • ITP Lurker says:

      My parent’s anniversary is October 31. Coincidentally it set the tone for my scary childhood. They’re definitely a matched set, 53 years together and going strong, well at least they were when I last spoke to them 8 1/2 years ago.

      • HamWithCam says:

        8 1/2 years?!
        Reach out to your parents. Today. Life is all about having no regrets. Win, lose or draw, at least you tried.
        73 de JG/HamWithCam

        • If life is about having no regrets then I have already failed, because I have many regrets that cannot be rectified.

          • HamWithCam says:

            “It’s never too late to have a happy ______.”


            Funny, at the end of the day, all we have is what we think. Glass half full, glass half empty.

            You are the master of your domain, captain of your ship, make it so, “Make it a nice day…”, etc.

            73 de JG/HamWithCam

        • Steve says:

          Yeah, I’ve got to agree with HwC. I had a very heartfelt talk with my folks back in the late 90’s. It made a great difference in our relationship in their last years. I learned a lot about how dad perceived his life as a father and husband.

          • ITP Lurker says:

            My father has undiagnosed Asperger’s so he’s a blank slate. My mother a few years back sent me an email blaming me for stuff I did when I was 7 years old (I’m a day younger than Paulie). It was the best gift she ever gave me. She set me free. She wrote her shit down.

            Trust me, I didn’t get to this place lightly.

        • ITP Lurker says:

          No. Fucking. Way. Thank you for the sentiment though. My only regrets are not breaking free of them sooner.

          • Barb says:

            I can’t imagine what you have had to go thru.
            My Dad is has always been a grouchy old man, even when he was younger, but I’m glad we can at least get along. (well, most of the time)
            My mom is fine, but now that she is losing her short term memory, its getting interesting.

  5. Steve says:

    I’m not sure when my parents anniversary was, as they never celebrated it, that I was aware. I know my own (both!!)

    • Barb says:

      Speaking of anniversaries- we are debating having a party on 4/7 – Steve & Debbie’s (and the day after ours). That trip to the Masters a few years back may have been the best anniversary outing we’ve had.

      • Steve says:

        We could do Friday or Sunday, but the wrap party for the Games is on the 7th and I already had to pass on working Anniston to go to that- I have “awards” to present!

  6. Steve says:

    I’m off the 23rd, but could make the 22nd.

  7. Even after a couple of cups of coffee I am once again very sleepy. I wonder how much quality sleep I am getting throughout the night, probably not much, definitely not enough.

  8. Woo Hoo, I just realized that I get a paid day off on 3/30, aka “Good Friday”.

    • HamWithCam says:

      When I worked at “a local soft drink company” we got Good Friday off as a holiday. We had a tradition of going up to Dahlonega and…panning for gold. Dahlonega (Auraria) was the site of the first gold rush in the US, in 1829.

      Placer gold (deposited by water) is the heaviest naturally occurring thing in nature (aside from Uranium). So you find a relatively shallow spot in the river, locate some rocks (which trap the gold as floods wash it downstream), use a garden trowel to dig down through mud to get to rock, put a few scoops in your pan and pan away.

      All the elaborate swishing about in the pan is just “Hollywood”. Given gold’s significant weight, all you need do is add water and agitate everything to suspension. Any gold will immediately sink to the bottom of the pan. Scrape away the sand and rocks and you’re typically left with fine black sand, garnets, mercury (left over from ore mining operations), lead shot (from hunters) and…gold.

      I guess we did it 5-6 years in a row. All you really need is a garden trowel and a gold pan (duh), $6.83 Amazon prime.

      Interested in panning for some gold on Good Friday Paulie? <– John make joke.

      FYI: Gold is currently $1,320.05 per ounce.

      73 de JG/HamWithCam

      • Dahlonega was actually second…

        The first significant gold rush in the United States was in Cabarrus County, North Carolina (east of Charlotte), in 1799 at today’s Reed’s Gold Mine.[4] Thirty years later, in 1829, the Georgia Gold Rush in the southern Appalachians occurred.

        (source, Wikipedia)

        I learned this on an Urban Explorers of Atlanta tour.


  9. HamWithCam says:

    I stand corrected.
    I bow to Paulie’s superior knowledge of American gold rush history!

    Note to self, be sure to be on Paulie’s trivia team if the opportunity presents itself.

    73 de JG/HamWithCam

  10. Lunch break, soon to be followed by German homework time.

    Wish I had remembered my lunch, but at least this way I don’t go into the office.

  11. ITP Lurker says:

    Thank you, Barb. My mother’s opening act was to almost shake me to death at 10 months old. Well, I can’t *prove* it was her, but I have a couple pages of a medical record that show I had a subdural hematoma (bruising *inside* my skull), again at 10 months old. I have surgical scars as a souvenir. Of course, that was swept under the rug as a “birth defect”, “you were born with too much fluid in your skull”. I believed that until I eventually connected the dots in my 40s. It was the 1960s, so they were never made accountable. Someone would be in jail that happened today.

    Trauma is an ugly thing. My parents got shit on, so they shit on me. The cycle at least stops with me and my kids, to the extent that I can prevent it from leaking on them. There’s no way to understand the long tail of trauma if you haven’t experienced it. Plus it has an insidious way of making you relive it 0ver and over in disguised ways until you finally face it full on and process it properly.

    As you noted Barb, your mom was pretty good. That’s the case for many folks, one parent compensates for the other. For me, these two fed off of each other and my brother. I did survive then, as I do now. What doesn’t kill you does make you stronger, I’ll give it that.

    I am fully aware that either or both of them will die before I speak to them again. It’ll be a relief. If either of them would just simply acknowledge what they did, I’d take them back in a heartbeat. But they’ve proven time and again they won’t. Or perhaps can’t. Whatever. I contorted myself every way imaginable and was always found lacking, I could never please them.

    So, I’ve been there and done that on trying to connect with them. No contact is a far, far better place to be. I’m glad for all of those of you that have “normal” parents. That wasn’t in the cards for me. I’m not looking for sympathy, I’m just offering background on why I continue to lurk instead of out myself, because there’s much I have yet to get free of. I’m making progress though, bit by bit.

    • Barb says:

      That’s quite the story- I hate that you (or anyone) has to go thru that.
      My dad used to say he made only 2 mistakes in his life, getting married & having kids. But- over all – we had it better than many -we weren’t rich at all, but we had what we needed. Dad worked a lot & drank a lot, then 1 day just quit. We kids try to remember what exactly happened to make that happen, but we really have no idea. Sometimes I wonder what happened in the Korean War – as he has never talked about that.
      He’s 87 now – still grouchy as hell, but that’s fine – we are used to it.

      • ITP Lurker says:

        I’m sure that some unspeakable things happened during the war. And he was expected by society to just “get over it”. Later in life I would guess your father had a health scare that set him straight. Coping mechanisms like working too much and drinking too much work until one day they don’t. At least that’s my personal experience.

        I hate that your father wasn’t there for you. He probably did the best he could, but for some being a “good” parent was a bridge too far, especially it seems for that generation. Thank you for sharing a bit of your story, Barb. It means a lot to me.

  12. In other news, my left arm is starting to itch. Today would be the right time frame after a Black Sheep for poison ivy to start on me. It now seems possible that even though I took every precaution to avoid poison ivy that I may have encountered it and will suffer its wrath. 😡

    • ITP Lurker says:

      I got poison ivy all over my body from smoke once when I was a kid. My face swelled up so much I couldn’t see. Good times.

      • Yeah, unfortunately I have chosen hoodies for which my body was not ideally created. For instance, hashing when being highly allergic to poison ivy.

        • ITP Lurker says:

          Life is just twisted that way.

        • Barb says:

          I slipped/slid down 1 little hill a week and a half ago, and got a small bit of poison ivy on the back of 1 leg. it was such a nice day, I felt like I could get away with shorts & tall socks. ARGHHHHHHHH. Allan has a big bottle of predisone (or whatever pill it is for PI) so that is nice, no doctor visits needed.

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