Happy St Patrick’s Day Eve!

Clearly the best part of seeing the play “Sheltered” last night was being to understand the one minute of German dialog. 😎 I kid, as is always the case, the best part was hanging out with a great friend. And, I had two such opportunities when you include yesterday’s lunch. 😁

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  1. Busy day today:
    – Waschsalon (now)
    – Work
    – Lunch
    – Work
    – Doctor to inquire about PI
    – Work
    – Exercise?
    – Dinner

  2. LOL!

    The woman who is working in the Waschsalon just complimented my folding skills. Ladies, I’m a great folder… 🤓😎

  3. Barbara says:

    I see on FB your friend Bonnie went to the Monday night hash. Looks like you may have created a new hasher.

    It actually snowed some last night, we will head over to Beaver Creek a little later, aunt Lois scored us some 50% off passes, and maybe some eqpt rental discounts. Need to find her in a little while, I suspect she’s still sleeping, this 2 hour time change had me up way too early.

    • She has been sampling each of the hashes. She was the person with whom I saw “Sheltered” last night, and we discussed her experience prior to the show. Apparently the turnout was sparse, but she had a good time.

      And I take no credit for “creating”a hasher. I merely explained the concept to her and she was all-in on giving it a go.

      • ITP Lurker says:

        You should take some credit. You explained it in a way that made it approachable. Granted, who you explain it to has to have a certain mindset, unlike your doctor. Regardless, it’s good that you have a new friend.

        You did take credit for your folding technique today, so you’re getting there. One step at a time. On, on. 🙂

  4. Steve says:

    Barb, you are definitely up early!! I hope some fresh is in your future. “They” say 5 inches overnight, but sometimes they exaggerate.

    It was nice seeing Stacy and you at lunch yesterday.

    Tomorrow is the puppy show and dinner/dance. I’m taking a half day today to set up and clean house!! We may have guests…

    Have a great weekend!


    • Barbara says:

      I’ve been awake since before 6, made myself stay in bed until after 7.
      Not sure how much new snow is at Beaver Creek, but there’s an inch or 2 here in Edwards at the condo.

    • I am not surprised, Barb’s body is still on Eastern Time.

      Many years ago I confused a hotel employee in Arizona by inquiring about a good running route at 4am local because I couldn’t sleep and wanted to beat the heat.

  5. Barbara says:

    Skiing was hard today, I guess I should ski more often then every 15 years.

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