Was difficult remembering to use “04” for the month.

Really fun weekend of hashing, even if the love for Easter made it difficult to find an open on-after restaurant yesterday.

The fun continues tonight! For a mere dollar (USD) you can show up at 7pm(ish) and run my trail starting at:

Dekalb Memorial Park
353 Wilkinson Drive
Atlanta, GA 30317

It’s a Moonlight Hash, so it should be doable by hashers of all shapes and sizes.

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17 Responses to 2018-04-02

  1. Stacy says:

    Totally great weekend. A birthday celebration with a friend on Friday out at Pea Ridge in Decatur — highly recommend, btw. It was weird being over that side of town again; I used to live on Lawrenceville Hwy. years ago but don’t get over there much anymore. It’s so bizarre going back and seeing all the things that have changed!

    Did the Easter Egg Art Hunt Saturday… didn’t find an egg 🙁 (boo!) but it was still fun. Fun hash yesterday! Picked up a few little leg scratchies and a pink nose from the sun, but otherwise came out fairly unscathed.

    A friend wants to know if there will be basketball viewing at the end tonight? aka: are we ending somewhere there may be TVs? Michigan v. Nova starts at 9:20p.

    • I tried to pick a place whose focus would not be on the game, to try and make it a little easier for use to get service. That being said I did see a television when I went there to sample the food at lunch after scouting on Friday.

      And to show how much I don’t follow basketball, I have no idea who is playing in the game.

  2. Steve says:

    Monday is a HASHING Day, you bet you azz it is!

    I hope my head remains steady, as I spent most of Sunday still as I could be as my head was spinning. No. Fun.

    Saturday evening, celebrated a friends birthday just around the corner. Live band, food truck, bartender, an amazing birthday cake that looked like a guitar (the birthday boy is currently touring with Michelle Malone in support of her new CD).

    All in all, a pretty quiet weekend. Should have gotten out on my bike Saturday… oh well.


  3. I hit another deep pothole driving into work. It wasn’t wide, but made a hideous sound as the front tire rode through it.

  4. Barb says:

    Haden (my trainer) is trying to make me do things from all my crazy notes from last week – I’m getting there, but damn, its hard not knowing what I’m doing automatically.
    Not sure about tonight yet – need to talk to Allan, to see how he feels after riding the bike yesterday.

  5. Starting to get nervous about tonight’s trail. Weird, it’s not like I am laying it love. Perhaps because it’s been so long since I laid a trail?

    • Stacy says:

      Laying it love would be a trick indeed. 😉
      (Yes, I can read through typos. But your typos kinda make me smile sometimes.)

      I lay more than I do. My tip would be that you can never have too many hash markings.

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