Last night’s Moonlight trail had a certain deja vu quality about it, as it reused a section of the trail that I laid a few weeks ago. We ended at the new Grindhouse Burgers on Memorial, which is rather loud. I had eaten before going to the hash, so I had one beer and a few fried pickles supplied by another hasher.

Today was supposed to be a Waschsalon day, but I am not feeling motivated.

Tuesday Tale of the Tape: 211.0 pounds (-1.2 from last week’s weigh-in)

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  1. Barb says:

    You are such a hasher these days!

    I need to start getting ready for STU, but after work I’m going to go meet some friends before the Jimmy Buffett concert. I guess Verizon amphitheater doesn’t really allow tailgating, they don’t open their gates until 6pm. So, the Parrotheads are meeting at Miller’s Ale House on Mansell for the afternoon. Drive from the new office shouldn’t be too bad, so I will go have a beer. I refuse to pay $150 for Buffett, so no concert for me.

  2. Barb says:

    BTW – here’s the food plan for STU.
    Thursday night – I’m going to do some Mexican shredded chicken, bring some taco ground beef, and have a Mexican spread. Chip in a few bucks, (or not) for that if you are interested.
    Friday night – we are going to grill, I’ll bring some burgers. I can bring some for you, or bring your own meat (or veggie burger).
    Saturday night – Allan wants to do brats, dogs, and chili.
    We will have plenty of that to share.

  3. I’ll supply my own (fake) meats for Thursday and Friday and will gladly partake in Saturday’s feast. I’ll chip in a few bucks for Thursday so that I can eat some of the fixings for tacos. Thanks! I’ll also bring snacks and sides to share.

    Bob, do you prefer High Life or PBR?

  4. bob says:

    I’m in for Mexican and will chip in $$. I’ll have my grill too so can help out with cooking Friday and Saturday. I’ll bring stuff too, I don’t think anybody will go hungry.

    I’m a High Life guy Paulie.

  5. I’ve come to the conclusion that if I do my job at “XYZ Corp” effectively then I will be making my job redundant. Interesting…

    • ITP Lurker says:

      The world won’t end when you do. I did that 20 years ago, became fully self-employed, and haven’t looked back. I left of my own choice, but had streamlined my job so much I was flat out miserable babysitting what remained of it.

  6. And I quote Steve who has apparently gotten on the WordPress “naughty” list… 😂😂😂

    “Back from the doctor… he said my more frequent bouts of vertigo could be weather related. Has a specialist to recommend.

    I finished off the newly contained part of the back yard last night- apparently just in time for a new horse this weekend! A very pretty boy named… Leroy! (that may change). The horses were so excited when Debbie let them out they ran/ were chased into the next pasture before the chasers gave up. Bad dogs, bad dogs, whatcha gonna do?


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