I picked the wrong night to take I-20 home because a huge accident on I-20 brought traffic to a complete halt for over twenty minutes and messed things up for everyone. I guess I should be thankful that I wasn’t involved in the accident.

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  1. In better news I heard that it looks as if my friend Dave will finally see his dream of opening a brewery come to fruition. Word on the street is that his Beer Republic will open in Lawrenceville later this year.

  2. At the Waschsalon this morning an the attendant is using most of the dryers. Dangen! This is what I get for not being here when it opened this morning.

  3. Steve says:

    AS I had the doctor’s appt. yesterday, I drove and parked in the bank. Now that Juniper/Courtland is FUBAR’d at GSU, I let WAZE take me home. I ended up all the way over on Moreland and got on 20 west there. After that, it was a breeze. And the app had a bit of a meltdown on the way to the doctor (on N. Dec near DeKalb Industrial) when coming up Covington Hwy, I cut through Avondale to see the old ‘hood. Amazing how little has changed there.

    A run last night… I know I always say I need to do it more often, and I still do!


  4. Barb says:

    I went out to check out the Jimmy Buffett concert tailgating after work – not sure if anyone reading here remembers my friend Wendi – Cyberslut – she came in town with a friend for the concert. (she moved to TN 10–15 years ago, back home once she got married). It was the usual parking lot craziness. Note to anyone going to a concert in Alpharetta, if you park in Lot A – walk around to the other side (near Lot C) to go thru the gates. The lines were LONG on the lot A side, but no lines on the other side.
    I did not go to the concert – JB doesn’t get $150 a ticket from me.

    TONIGHT – grocery shopping & packing for STU – I have to work until 1200 tomorrow, Allan has the whole day off. Sal dropped off her bike for us to haul, her little car can’t handle everything. AND – she casually mentioned a dog took her out at the Tony Serrano ride. I’m like – WHAT???? And – she broke her helmet? She wants Allan to just check over her bike.

    • Super busy day/night for me. I have to work, grocery shop for STU, get the bike off the trainer and ready to ride, go to Variety Playhouse for the Ty Segall show. I am working from home tomorrow, so I may delay the shopping and/or bike prep until then.

      Sal mentioned the dog and crash to me at your house. Wonder why she didn’t mention it to you until so recently.

      • Steve says:

        Took her out AND cracked her helmet? Ouch! That’s one of my worries when I’m out riding alone- some rogue dog on some lonely road. At least at an organized ride, there are plenty of folks to help.

      • Barb says:

        I guess I wasn’t nearby when she told the story. I told her to send a email, FB note, Insta post to Giro to thank them for having a good product. Maybe she’d get a discount coupon in return. maybe.

  5. Debbie Brady says:

    At the airport waiting to do my Global Entry interview. Appointment was 25 minutes ago, not sure what the point of scheduling is if they are taking first come, first served for walk ins. Grrrrr, making me grumpy this morning. I have a luncheon downtown at noon will be really grumpy if I have to come back.

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