On my discouraged walk home from Elder Tree after the United’s loss (though I was gifted a United scarf last night, so that was great) I had to Google to “remember” the name of the Echo Lounge. Sad that I forget such trivial knowledge from my own past…

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  1. Fun fact: the German language had adopted the verb googlen, which you may have figured out means “to google”. It tickles me when I hear that someone hat gegoogelt when he/she has googled something.

  2. Steve says:

    But not yet “Der Google or Das Google”?

    After the vet, I camped out at the Luthersville library for the afternoon. I tried working from the parking lot, but didn’t have enough signal. I think it was my laptop, as previously I worked from my iPhone as a hot spot.

    My 20 mile ride last night was great until 2 flats in the last 3 miles. I guess I didn’t check the tire after the first one, as the second one was slow enough to make it all the way to our road, at which point, there was no way to ride a very soft tire on a gravel road.

    Received another call yesterday from our mortgage lender congratulating us on putting our house on the market. Unfortunately, they are referring to the building behind us that shares the street address. Wonder how many more calls I’ll get?

    House cleaning tonight prior to the arrival of Sleazy Rider (Terri) for some sort of ultra on Saturday at Bear Creek.


  3. Barb says:

    Bonnie’s picture of you with the scarf made me laugh – I was thinking, he has a scarf? Then she told me they were giving them away.

    I had to learn some soccer rules, just didn’t understand why the goalie got a red card – but I guess it was a legit offense. It was fun watching the game with a bunch of people that are paying attention.

    I am all packed, we both just need to get home from work & head to the airport. I wonder where we will dine tonight, in which terminal………….

    • Stacy says:

      Safe travels and have fun, Barb! 🙂

    • They were only giving scarfs to people wearing United clothing, which seems odd since you’d think they’d want to make converts out of us who weren’t. Oh well. Bonnie was nice enough to give me the one they gave to her.

      Have a great trip.

    • bob says:

      Barb, that red card was legit. The player shifted at the last second so Guzan missed the ball and got him in the ankle with spikes up. You get anybody with spikes and it is automatic red card. If he would have gotten the ball at all he may have just had a yellow.
      Awesome game to watch, very physical, they were knocking the hell out of each other! Tough loss though but they played the West division first place team.

      • While warranted, the red card completely flipped the momentum of the game. At least that’s the way it looked on tv as I drank beer and wore my new scarf. And I learned this morning that the replacement keeper is a emergency subusince the United’s backup keeper is injured; I thought Christensen (?) played very well given the circumstances.

        • bob says:

          Yeah, I believe they just signed him this week too. Crazy to be put in a game that soon.
          And yes, totally flipped the momentum. The ref made some REALLY bad calls too. One of the goals the player was WAY offside and the ref didn’t review it. That was the death nail.

  4. Dropped off jacket purchased yesterday at dry cleaner – it needs some sprucing up – and noticed it has a mismatched button on one of the sleeves. Poop! I know no one else will notice, but I paid $10.50 for it! 😏

  5. After eating a decadent Sublime doughnut I realized that I have not exercised in two days. Oops! I may have to force myself to mow the lawn tonight, now a weekly task because I am still using the push mower that I bought last year.

  6. And in more exciting news: I may be booking not one, but two summer vacations – one to Edmonton, one to Stuttgart – today!

  7. Barb says:

    I just can’t figure out the people here at this place.
    We aren’t that busy – but I was told by a co-worker (not the boss) that we need to be careful on the internet – as they monitor the usage.
    I’ll see if someone (like a boss) ever says something to me.
    I am getting all my work done. I’m asking people if they need help. I just don’t understand what these people do all day……..

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