Early morning lawn mowing…

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  1. …and in the office by 8:15am. Productive already!

  2. Steve says:

    As hot as it was yesterday, I’m not surprised there was no dew.

    Terri had a good run Saturday, despite walking the last 6 miles! The heat!!! John and Donna came down and visited and brought their VERY cute puppy Maggie to play with our kids.

    Sunday, Terri headed West after breakfast, I put new tires and tubes on the road bike and later dragged myself around 25 miles. It was so hot, I stopped in Luthersville on the way home! 3 miles from home!!! I was cooked. Debbie flew South to Ft. Myers late to go talk watermelons!

    The children got up with me this morning so I could get out of the house on time. They actually seem ready to go and aren’t resistant.

    In other sporting news, it’s Steve 1, Mice 0. There was another sighting this morning, so the game is still on. Perhaps that make the score tied.


  3. Listening to the find of the weekend, a bluegrass (?!?!) band called “Arkansauce”. They brought the barn roof down on Friday.

  4. Barbara says:

    Still in Iowa, it’s been overcast & a little rainy & cold. Hadn’t gotten to 70 yet. I didn’t pack enough warm clothes. But, I’m surviving.
    Aging parents is exhausting, they are doing ok, but will never admit they need any help. We are trying to devise a plan, but Dad won’t cooperate at all. So, things won’t be changing at all yet. We just hope my one brother doesn’t take advantage of them. (Besides living here). We think it will be ok, but he’s manipulative.

    Have had a good time with my relatives, catching up. My mom’s brother & wife were here from TN, we don’t see them enough.

    • Black Mountain was hot, I believe it was more than 90°F each day, but that might not be accurate. I mean, how can I tell, because much like in southern Iowa AT&T has no coverage there, so it’s not like I could have checked the weather.

      • ITP Lurker says:

        It was 85 degrees in Chatsworth yesterday, so Black Mountain was probably similar, especially in an open field. Glorious visit to Fort Mountain State Park. On a good day, you can see a hawk soaring by at eye level from the overlook. Yesterday was extraordinary, with at least 5 hawks soaring around at once. I usually only see one or two at a time. When they come close enough to the overlook you can see their beak. I highly recommend this park if anyone hasn’t been, and it also has camping sites and mountain biking trails. I can only attest to the hiking, there’s a variety of trails at different lengths and difficulties.

        • Been to Fort Mountain a few times, though it’s been more than five years ago now. Time flies..

        • Debbie Brady says:

          When we were riding our horses yesterday afternoon, we came up on a hawk that was intently devouring something it had caught. We rode about 8 feet away from it and it just shifted around to keep an eye on us. Cool to see one so close.

          Checking out earlier flights tomorrow and it looks like I’ll have to sit in a middle seat if I try to get home early. Turns out I could’ve left this afternoon, but it’s a new client so I didn’t know what to expect. 😕

          • ITP Lurker says:

            Yes, I almost hit a hawk with my car once. It was in the street, over the crest of a hill. I had to go around, it was all like “I’m eatin’ here!” I never imagined a hawk could be a road hazard.

            Then there was the time a hawk sat 8 feet from my office window eating a squirrel for an hour, bit by bit. I learned how a hawk eats a squirrel, one bite at a time…

    • Steve says:

      Will they send you copies of bank statements? “Just to double check”. It’s very hard watching your parents age and sometimes very quickly go downhill. Very hard conversations as well.

      • ITP Lurker says:

        Perhaps being alienated from one’s parents has a silver lining after all. Yes, I do realize how dark that thought is.

    • Yeah, it’s been difficult with my mother as well. She’s as stubborn as a mule, and you thought that I am difficult!

  5. Just walked up seven flights of stairs to put my prom tux jacket into my car only to realize that I didn’t have my car keys.

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