Wonderful weekend of hash camping, well, except for the rock that hit the M6’s windshield and put a crack into it while on the drive to Fort Yargo. I guess the weather forecasted kept many away as it sounded as if this weekend’s gathering was smaller than in previous years. That being said, twenty-seven showed up in Auburn, GA for yesterday’s Black Sheep.

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  1. Oh yeah, while not officially my 19th Analversary of hashing I ran my first hash on Memorial Day 1999. According to the internet Memorial Day 1999 was May 31st. However, due to three days of hashing and today’s weather forecast I am skipping the hash tonight.

  2. Steve says:

    A pretty calm weekend so far. Debbie was coming home Saturday evening from Bear Creek and saw kittens that someone had dumped on the road around the corner. We put out traps last night and caught one and went to breakfast this morning and caught a second one. They are currently in a cage in the man cave, awaiting a plan. More to catch.

    Rode 25 on the CX bike last night and I can feel it today. Would like to go spin today, but it is dampish.


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