Waschsalon… This morning I am making an attempt to wash out four hashes from my clothes.

Most excellent weekend for me.

Yesterday’s hash was a surprisingly good one, given that it was an “orphan” hash. The start and end were Constitution Lakes, neither a new start nor ending, but good hashing territory close to the ITP Estate.

No hashing for me tonight, two days in a row is plenty. Besides, tonight I need to cook myself a nice dinner and do my German homework.

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  1. Breakfast was a bagel and a half from my stop at Emerald City Bagels on my drive to the Waschsalon. Obviously I am not giving up on carbs today. 🙄

    Surprised not to have any post-TdF sadness. Maybe it’s because I spent so much of it in Canada where I could not watch, but I just didn’t get into it this year.

    • Barb says:

      I didn’t watch any of the Tour this year – the whole Team Sky thing & the asthma & inhalers just make me wonder about the newest way to beat the tests. Mary & TJ gave us as many updates as we needed.

  2. Barb says:

    who was the hare yesterday?
    I had a 2 pool day yesterday, hung out early with some friends before Allan has to head to Chastain for the Counting Crows (he said it was basically sold out) and then over to Breaststroke’s for a quick dip & some conversation.
    Not sure if we will make the hash tonight, but I like that she has announced it is a order your food at the start & she will bring it all to her pool for the hash ending.

    • It was a “straw hash” and whether or not he rigged it Busted Cherry was the hare. He was never snared so he laid the entire (near) four-mile trail. I think there were six of us who ran trail. Though it wasn’t the intended ending we circled in the parking lot of Constitution Lakes.

      In addition to needing to do other things tonight’s trail description of the evening is os one of other reasons I will take the night off.

  3. Barb says:

    how was the Hedon trail? Did HN make you go thru swamps?

    • Smallish turnout for Hedon trail, many friends of EM and Head Nurse though. No swamp, my feet stayed dry thanks to seeing a narrow section for the one creek crossing.

  4. Steve says:

    Good morning from New Orleans! A successful weekend of work (blech) and ready to come home. Sorry I wasn’t able to run HN’s trail, but I thought I saw there will be trail back in Newnan this coming weekend?

    I was able to meet up with the Tech Director of USA Cycling last night, after he posted a picture from ACME Oyster House. He is here for the National Assoc. of Sports Officials conference, which I completely forgot about. Not that I was going…

    Ready to be home. Paulie, I have a souvenir for you…


    • Souvenir? Woohoo!

      Sunday’s Black Sheep is “Catch The Crabs” starting on Tanglewood Road, Newnan. I will be in attendance, knowing well that my feet won’t stay dry that day. 😉

      • Barb says:

        we may try hard to make it to the “Catch the Crabs” hash…….. not sure what all is on the agenda next weekend.

  5. Stacy says:

    A good weekend here, nothing really exciting though. Saw an old friend Friday night who was passing through town and we got our drink on a little bit. Actually, an ex but an ex-in-good-standing — we like those. 🙂 Sunday I went (GASP!) to Dunwoody for a brunch. A place called “First Watch” which was really good but didn’t serve alcohol. 🙁 What’s brunch without a bloody anyway? Then I got all adultish and actually got my emissions done early. The last two years I think I went ON my birthday. I don’t know why, but it’s always so painful for some reason. Add in a binge-a-thon of Orange is the New Black and there’s my entire weekend.

    I see another really slow boring week at work ahead of me… . Still trying to enjoy it while I can because it will get busy here SOON. But these dead days are friggin’ killing my motivation to do anything.

    • ITP Lurker says:

      For me, waiting until the last minute to get emissions done just amplifies the drudgery of the experience. I missed out on it this year because I saw the machine after I’d paid for my tags by mail, but there are now tag ATMs around town:


      I’ll definitely make use of one of those next year. The less total time that I can spend dealing with governmental compliance, the better.

      • Stacy says:


        Lurker! I didn’t know these even existed! Thank you. I will definitely be checking it out.

        • Barb says:

          I got my tags (online, a month early)) after going to the tag office near me in Marietta. IT was was a freakin madhouse. I knew about the kiosk, but I wasn’t going to fight my way thru all the millions (a slight exaggeration) of people to find the Kiosk.

        • Stacy says:

          Okay, sidebar…. I was just on the DMV site looking into personalized plates (CHZNPS would be fun) but um….no. Way too expensive for no good reason. However! In reading the rules for personalizing your plate, I came across this on what you can’t do and now I’m giggling:

          “The following combination of letters and/or numbers: hate, h8, ha8, hat, haytr, aytr, anti, ante, suck, suk, blow, or 69.”

          I mean, it also says stuff about curse words and alcohol and whatnot, but I find it amusing that these are the actual words spelled out. And aytr? Really?! SMH

          • My philosophy on license plates is to give the government as little money as possible so I will never have a personalized plate, nor a plate that identifies any organization.

          • Stacy says:

            I’m with you there, Paulie. $35 EACH YEAR? Like, I get it for having to make a special plate. But once you have the plate, why are you paying it each year again? (I’m talking about just a vanity tag, not a charity one) Nope, no CHZNPS for me.

            As for renewing, I guess I’ll just be doing it online again and wait for the sticker to come in the mail. The Fulton Co. kiosks aren’t anywhere convenient.

          • ITP Lurker says:

            Stacy, I’ll bet there’ll be more of these machines around next year. For me at least there’s one in the Glenwood Kroger in Grant Park.

            And yes, I’m not giving the government a penny more than I have to, so no special plates for me either.

          • Barb says:

            $35 a year is why I got rid of my Share the Road tag. I’m cheap.

    • Steve says:

      I hear good things about First Watch, but haven’t been in one yet. Done with meetings and sitting at the airport killing time. The wifi is better this week. I don’t know what was happening last week.

      • Stacy says:

        It was very good, but honestly? No bloody? *sigh*
        That and as Paulie commented on my IG – the name is weird. Sounds more like a home protection service (or credit monitoring!) than a restaurant.

        • Debbie says:

          I agree that the name is weird, but omg the French toast is off the charts good. It’s a really good thing that we don’t have one nearby.

          My weekend was uneventful. I collected all my horse clothes to be laundered and repaired. Not looking forward to the bill, but I’ve put it off for 2 seasons and they’re getting funky. 🤭

          Visited my mom who is regressing in her recovery because she’s not doing any exercises. I fussed, but she’ll ignore me. Next step is threatening her with having to live with my sister. I hate being the bitch in all this, but she won’t do anything about it unless she’s pushed … still may not.

        • ITP Lurker says:

          Yeah, it’s kind of funny, on their web site they say this:

          A: Since the majority of our customers are not sailors, pirates or sea-farin’ scallywags, we seem to get this question a lot. A “first watch” is a nautical term that refers to the very first shift of the day. And if you ask us, it’s the best shift of the day. That’s because come the crack of dawn, we’re slicing and juicing fresh fruit and vegetables and whipping up our French toast batter from scratch, just for you.”

          Conversely, Merriam-Webster says the first watch is from 8:00 PM to midnight, which squares with my faint memories of being in the Navy many moons ago. So the name is a bit amusing to me. I knew that’s what they were trying to riff on. Oh well, that’s their story, and apparently they’re gonna stick to it.

  6. Not sure if anyone else in the Atlanta Metro realizes this, but it is warm and humid outside. The heat, humidity, blister that cropped up on one of my pinky toes, and a lack of consistent running got the better of me. I quit running at the end of the third mile (oh no, I didn’t run three miles and then quit I jogged/walked three miles and then quit) and walked back to the office.

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